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June 18, 2012

Back to Blogging: The Google Reader Purge

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Part of my recent return to blogging meant cleaning out my Google Reader.  I was looking forward to that as much as I was looking forward to pulling out weeds in my backyard, but I knew if I was going to get back to authentic blogging, I had to get back to authentic blog reading. 

And that meant a ruthless, no holds barred, purge.

I hadn't even opened my Google Reader for the past three years so when I first saw that 10000000+++ number, I nearly closed it again.  But courage was the order of the day and I got to work.

It was a lot like clearing out the three month old pile of mail on my counter:  tedious, time consuming and a pain in the butt.  After awhile though, I got into a rhythm

Click, read, purge...click, read, purge.

I even downloaded the Google Reader app to my Droid so that I could purge on the go.

Any active blogs that didn't capture my interest with the first couple of lines was unsubscribed.  I don't even know how many blogs I started with on my list, but the first night I purged at least 30.  Some no longer covered issues that interested me.  Some were just too much link bait and too little blogging.  Some had stopped publishing as far back as 2009.

Of the ones that stopped publishing, some had goodbye posts. Others just disappeared with no goodbye, no nothing.  Though that made them easier to purge, there was something sad about those, like a good neighbor that moved away with no notice.

Happily, some favorites hadn't disappeared but simply moved.  I was pleased to see Reel Sistas still up and running.  The Angry Black Bitch is still angry and still black.  Lady Gypsy is getting married in a month and has a board on Pinterest about it.  Mrs. Grapevine is still hard at it, as is The Black Socialite.

The Black Socialite recently wrote a post about why she stays committed to her blog. That post is exactly why I had her in my reader in the first place.

Now I never read all the posts on every blog in my reader, but I did scan the headlines when I could and liked to at least touch base with the ones I didn't read everyday.

As far as the purge, I'm down to about a hundred subscriptions and counting.  


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