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January 15, 2011

I'm Shutting Off TV for a Week: The Final Day - What I've Learned

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Bigstock_TV_7528196 Well my No TV week has finally come to an end.

On my final day, I once again got to the library to do some research and then after work, I read my non-school related book before going to bed.

So what was the overall result of my TV tune out?

Did I do everything I set out to do?  No. 

But did I do a lot of what I set out to do?  Yes.

Let's go over the checklist I had in my original post:

  • Doing research/interviews for a couple of article ideas, and sending out queries.
    • I didn't send out any queries but I did get to the library and did some research.
  • Reading a couple of non-school related books.
    • I finished one non-school related book and started another.
  • Cleaning that dark corner of my house that's been neglected for the last six months.
    • I cleaned one bathroom and paid and filed all the bills. I didn't get to the dark corner, but that's coming.
  • Reorganizing a closet or two.
    • I didn't reorganize the closets, but I did put one in order.
  • Letting my mind breath.
    • I definitely did that.  During all those silent moments in the house--when I wasn't reading the cereal box over breakfast or listening to music--I let my mind breath.  I did a little mediation--nothing crazy, mind you--but just enough to clear my head.

Most importantly, I shook things up.  In some small but important ways, I took myself out of my comfort zone and worked toward accomplishing some of my goals.  Now that I'm on a roll, I'll try to keep the TV off a little more often, play Farmville and Cityville a little less, and give myself a little more time to let my mind breath.

But first I have to watch wall to wall coverage of the Australian Open over the next two weeks.  Go Rafa!



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