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November 22, 2010

Airport Body Scan Travel Tip: Suck it Up

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A Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent conducts a pat down search of a passenger arriving for a flight at Denver International Airport less than a week away from the Thanksgiving holiday on November 19, 2010 in Denver.   UPI/Gary C. Caskey Photo via Newscom

For everyone who has a problem with the new body scanners, or pat downs at the airport, I got three words for you:  World Trade Center.

Every news outlet that does a story on the complaints from the public about the new security procedures needs to show pictures of Lockerbie after Pan Am Flight 103 blew up. 

Or the disintegration of the World Trade Center, or the smoldering Pentagon, or that black, smoldering pit in the middle of a Pennsylvania field that used to be United Airlines Flight 93.

Better yet, accompanying all the video of guys telling screeners "don't touch my junk,” they should also show interviews with a relative of someone who died on September 11, 2001, or was blown to smithereens over Lockerbie.

The other popular complaint is that the sweet little old lady can’t be a terrorist.  That nice looking older man can’t be a terrorist.  That little girl carrying the doll can’t be a terrorist.

Well listen up.  Don’t you think the real terrorists are paying attention?  Don’t you think they might put a bomb in a little girl’s doll?

Ever hear of a guy named Timothy McVeigh who, before he became the most notorious American baby killer ever, looked like he could be on the cover a GQ magazine?  A regular Mr. Normal American. 

Except not.

People, you don’t want to go through security?  Drive.  Take the bus.  Take a train.  Walk.

See because the problem is, the minute some whack job with an agenda gets past the TSA screeners and blows up a plane is when these same people are going to be screaming about why something more wasn’t done.

Time for the media to remind the American public that these rules and regulations didn’t just come out of thin air.


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