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September 25, 2010

Anticipating "The Event" (Spoilers)

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Jason ritterI watched the pilot of The Event, and I gotta say, I'm ready to see more.  The show tries to be a cross between 24 and Lost and even the first scenes, just like in 24 and Lost, take place on a plane.

Also like Lost, the show flashes back and forth to tell the story.  However unlike in Lost, the flashbacks are enough to make your head swim.

Despite that though, the pilot was a success.  It was suspenseful, I was interested in the characters and I was tantalized enough to want to know what The Event is.

Here's the plot in a nutshell. In flashbacks we see Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) and his cute girlfriend Leila Buchanan go off on a cruise.  A couple of days into the Leila disappears.  At the same time of the disappearance, the girlfriend's Dad, played by Scott Patterson (Luke Danes of the Gilmore Girls), Mom and little sister come under attack at their home. 

The next thing we know, cruise ship personnel are telling Sean they don't even have he and his girlfriend listed as being on the cruise and Sean has to escape the clutches of the authorities.

Meanwhile, in the present, Sean has pulled a gun and is trying to get into the cockpit of the aforementioned plane.  Evidently he wants to stop the pilot.

Also in the present, the President of the United States, a very well preserved Blair Underwood, is having a birthday party for his son at the presidential retreat in Miami, Florida.  He's also planning to relase some prisoners--that we know little about--and that his chief of staff, played by the wonderful Zeljko Ivanek (recently of True Blood and Damages fame) totally disagrees with.

The party is broken up when that same plane Sean is trying to turn around starts to head straight for the presidential retreat.  A warning goes out and the secret service try to get the president and his family out of there. 

But suddenly, it's too late.  Here comes the plane.  And who's piloting?  No less than Luke Danes!  Er, I mean Leila's father, Michael Buchanan!

Just when it looks like the Vice-President of the United States is going to get a bump up in pay, the plane disappears.  Right into thin air.  Gone. 

I didn't see that coming.  And I like that.  Here's a little preview from next week's show.

Photo courtesy NBC


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