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August 20, 2010

The Upcoming "Lost" Auction: My Favorite Items

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LOST_Cover01 If you're a Lost fan you might want to mortgage your house and place a couple of Computerbids on items at this weekend's Profiles in History auction of Lost props, costumes and set pieces.

The auction takes place August 21st and 22nd at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California and you can view the items up for sale in the online catalog on the Profile's in History's website. 

Some of the notable items up for sale are pieces of wreckage from Oceanic 815, CamaroDharma jumpsuits, Hurley's winning lottery ticket, and the island's time shifting magic wheel.

Some of the really big ticket items are things like Hurley's red Camaro, 40922
the Dharma Volkswagon van, the Swan door and the infamous Swan computer.

And if you're partial to Locke's wheelchair, you have a choice of his original chair from the season 1 or the what was left of the chair that Desmond ran over while Locke was in it, near the end of season 6.

If I didn't need a place to live and decided to cash in my valuables and bid on some items, the ones I'd go for would be:

Dress Sun's wedding dress.  The way wedding dress prices are these days, it'd still probably come out cheaper than something from Kleinfelds.

Faraday's journal where he writes about Desmond being his constant.  Just imagine, I might be able to make Faraday journal some great physics discovery if I read his notes carefully.

Sawyer's letter to the man who murdered his parents.  Anytime I was feeling vengeful, I could use the letter as inspiration.

Season 2 production artwork. These drawings include diagrams of the Swan station, the Tailie's beach camp and Eko's church.  If in my next life I decide to become a set designer, why not learn from the best?

The original pilot script signed by J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof.  Why not own the one item that represents where it all began?  Not to mention, to date, the most expensive pilot ever filmed for television.

Talk about inspiration.

Photos courtesy Profile's In History


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