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May 27, 2010

Idol Chit Chat: Two Years in a Row, "Idol" Gets It Wrong

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People, what is with you "Idol" voters!?  Once again it seems the teenyboppers took over, got suckered in by a cute smile and their own over active hormones.

How else can you explain Lee DeWyze's win over Crystal Bowersox for the American Idol crown?  Just like last year with the win of Kris Allen over Adam Lambert, American got it wrong.  The best singer certainly did not win. 

And yeah, yeah, I know you're saying, but Megan, it's not a singing competition!  It's a popularity contest!

But even as a popularity contest, how the heck did Lee win?  Not only is he not half the singer Crystal is, like most of the contestants this season, he's boring.

He stands up there with that guitar and barely keeps me from yawning. And when it comes to his off and on voice, U2 should ask for their song back after DeWyze butchered "Beautiful Day" on the final night of competition.

A lot of the finale was a parade of former top hit makers singing with some of this year's Idol contestants.  And I do mean former!  They were grayer, had pot bellies and maybe a little bit of botox, but there they were:  Alice Cooper singing "School's Out," Hall and Oates doing a retro medley, Michael McDonald singing with Mike Lynche and Joe Cocker of all people singing "You've Got A Friend."

Then there were the two remaining Bee Gees.  I gotta tell ya', they both looked worse for wear.  Kids, this is what hard living will do to you when you age, so pay attention.

The best Idol matchup was Alanis Morrisette singing with Mama Bowersox.  The fact that Crystal matched Morrisette note for note on "You Oughta Know," was a testament to her huge talent.

Also on tap were Christina Aguilera and Janet Jackson.  Both had on similar skin tight outfits that didn't allow for their microphone packs.  In fact Aguilera's had the wires hanging out of the back of her bustier.  A real no no during what should be a first class production.

There was also comedy, William Hung joined Mr. Pants on the Ground himself, Larry Platt, in a rendition of his "15 minutes of fame" hit.  And man, that Larry has some moves for a guy his age.  Right on Larry!

Since these were his last moments on "Idol," it was a Simon Cowell lovefest for a lot of the night.  Paula Abdul came back to razz him in person.  Even better, there was a wonderful moment when almost all the previous "Idol" winners came out on stage and sang together in tribute.  There was Kelly, Fantasia, Ruben, Carrie, Taylor, Jordin and Kris. 

Then a bunch of other "Idol" contestants joined them.  Like my Beatbox Baby, Blake Lewis, blast from the past, Justin Guarini, Bo Bice, and Ace Young.  No Adam Lambert, but he's probably out on tour making more money in a day than Kris Allen will in a career.

Mark my words, it'll be the same for Crystal.  A year from now, Lee DeWyze will be a footnote while Crystal will be rockin' the record charts.

Congratulations Lee...and an even bigger congratulations to Crystal!


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