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April 16, 2010

Beautiful "Ugly Betty" Bows Out: 10 Things I'll Miss

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Can I just tell you how much I loved "Ugly Betty?"

When it was funny, it was really funny and when it was sweet and touching, it was sincere. 

"Ugly Betty" ended its series run this week and it did it on a high note.  Betty took an amazing magazine job in London, said goodbye to her friends and former enemies at Mode, opened herself to the possibility of a relationship with Daniel and confidently looked toward the future.

Here are 10 things I''ll miss about the show:

  1. America Ferrera:  The lovely, sweet, marvelous, wonderful America Ferrera who gave Betty such heart.  This girl's a star.  We're gonna see her again and soon.
  2. Vanessa Williams:  She was the evil, yet sometimes vulnerable Wilhelmina Slater.  Her relationship with Marc, her feud with Claire Meade, her attempts to forge a relationship with her daughter:  all great stuff. And every line said with delicious glee.
  3. Claire Meade: Played by veteran soap actress Judith Light, I still laugh when I think of her on the run after escaping from jail with her cellmate, Yoga.  They hid out in the Hamptons.  I laughed 'til my sides hurt.
  4. Marc and Amanda:  So shallow, so superficial, so, so...you name it!  This gruesome twosome started out as Betty's worst enemies but even they couldn't resist the Betty Suarez charm.  In the process they also grew up.
  5. The Suarez Family:  They were the heart and conscience of the show and how nice was it to see a normal TV Latino family?  And they were funny.  How about that trip back to Mexico to visit the wacky relatives?  And the psycho immigration social worker who had a crush on Ignacio?
  6. Daniel Meade:  From playboy to Betty's boy!  Betty always kept Daniel grounded and it wasn't until the very end that he realized just how important she was in his life.
  7. Suzuki St. Pierre: the host of a tabloid fashion show that was all gossip, gossip and more gossip.  Who could forget his delicious commentary when a video of Wilhelmina Slater shoving an old woman out of a taxi (the very hot right now Betty White) went viral on the internet.  Suzuki's big secret?  When he wasn't his flamboyant self on the air, he was a normal husband living in the suburbs. 
  8. The Sets and Costumes:  One reason this show worked so well was because it never took itself too seriously.  The wonderfully kitschy sets and outfits, straight out of 60's pop art mixed with visions from an Andy Warhol nightmare, were funny set pieces that made the Mode offices live and breathe.
  9. The Soap Opera-ness of It All:  From Daniel's "dead" brother who came back as a live sister to Claire's long lost son, this show reveled in the soapy-ness of life.
  10. The Reality of It All:  But despite the soapy-ness, they did reality well too.  Like when Justin's father was killed in a store robbery and Hilda fantasized he was still alive.  Or when Betty had to let Henry go so he could be with his son.
A fun show, a good show.

Goodbye Beautiful Betty!  We'll miss you!

Photo courtesy ABC TV


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