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February 03, 2010

"Lost" Has Returned! Sniff, Sniff... (Spoilers)

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Michael Emerson and wife Carrie Preston at the premiere of the final season of Lost

"Lost" has returned and it's terribly good and terribly sad! 

Good because the premiere jolted us back and forth like a ping pong ball and made us question everything we know about our intrepid characters and the island world.

Sad because it's almost over!  Only fifteen more episodes before the end.

Look at these pictures from last week's screening in Hawaii of the Season 6 premiere, "LAX" Parts 1 & 2.

The cast looks happy.  Hurley, Kate, Jin, Michael, Ben, and Ben's wife--who plays on "True Blood" by the way.

They don't feel our pain, our loss, our devastation at the thought of no more island mysteries.

Oh the humanity!

But just for now, I'm going to try and concentrate on the time we have left.  Those special moments that only "Lost" can bring us. 

Sniff, sniff...

Let's start with last night's big premiere.  We picked up right where we left off with that bright flash of light after Juliet cracked the H-bomb open with a rock.  And Jack's plan worked!

Or did it?

Oceanic flight 815 doesn't crash!  Doc Jack, fugitive Kate, cocky Sawyer, businessman Hurley, crippled Locke, druggie Charlie, pining Sayid, Shannon-less Boone and an adorable Bernard and Rose, all land at LAX.  It's incredible!  It's momentous!  It's groundbreaking!


That's because Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley, Jin, and Sayid are still on the island.  Right after the bomb exploded.  And the only thing that changed is daytime turned to night.  And they're in 2007.  We think.

No they are, they are, because Richard and the others on the beach saw the flares the other Others shot off when Hurley told them Jacob was dead.  So they are in 2007.

But Jack's plan didn't work!

Or did it?

Juliet's dead--but wait, she's not dead!  She's trapped under the rubble and Sawyer and the others dig her out...only long enough for her to really die.  This time in Sawyer's arms with his kiss on her lips.  Awwww.

Sayid's also dead, or close to it, but a dead Jacob appears to Hurley and tells him Sayid can be saved if the Losties take him to the famous Other temple.

Hurley agrees and when they take Sayid to the temple, the other Others put in him some magic water that makes him comes back to life. 

What do you want to bet it's Jacob come back as Sayid, kind of like the Big Bad came back as Locke?

Oh and by the way, the Big Bad is also the smoke monster.  The producers promised us answers and by God we're getting answers!

Jorge Garcia at the premiere of the final season of Lost

Okay, so meanwhile, Jack's at LAX, Oceanic's lost his father's body, they've also lost Locke's case of knives and Kate's on the run again, this time in a hijacked taxi with Claire.

Also meanwhile, Ben realizes he's been duped by the Big Bad when he comes out of the big foot and sees the real Locke stone cold dead on the sand.  Richard realizes too late that something terrible is happening because the Big Band himself comes out of the foot and clocks him one.

Uh oh.

Finally, Sawyer asks Miles to ask dead Juliet what she was going to tell him before she really died.  Miles agrees and is shocked to hear Juliet say, "It worked."

Uh oh!

So if the explosion worked and everyone's in LAX going about their crazy business as if there were no crash--and there wasn't--what the heck are the Losties still doing on the island!?

My guess, parallel timelines. Even though it's 2007 for the Losties on the island--we think--it's still 2004 for the Losties that landed.  What happens when those Losties get to 2007!?

My head hurts.  That must mean "Lost" is back and I love it!

Harold Perrineau at the premiere of the final season of Lost
Evangeline Lilly greets fans at the premiere of the final season of Lost


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