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January 28, 2010

The 25 Best Moments of "Lost"

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All right Losties, it's here! 

The moment we've all been waiting for -- the return of "Lost" for its 6th and final season beginning February 2nd on ABC at 8/7c.

In honor of the big event, I thought it was the perfect time to review where we've been before we move forward.  Or backward, depending on what the island is doing.<--break->

I spent the last few weeks watching the show from the beginning to pick out my 25 best moments of "Lost."

Here they are:

1.  Walt Is Taken from The Raft By The Others - "Exodus" Part 2 (S1)

There's a scene in the mini-series "Roots" where the daughter of slave Kunta Kinte is sold away from her parents because she knew how to read.  We see the tied-up, screaming girl being carted away in a horse-drawn wagon as her mother helplessly runs after, screaming her name. 

Walt's kidnapping by Tom and the Others was just as emotionally wrenching and terrifying.  It's still one of the most harrowing scenes I've ever experienced watching a TV show.

It's pitch black on the open ocean when Jin, Sawyer and Michael think they and Walt are being rescued.  That's when one of the Others, Tom, says ominously, "We're gonna have to take the boy."

The ensuing mayhem and gunfire leaves the raft in flames, Sawyer shot, Jin trying to save him and Michael in the water screaming Walt's name as the Others' boat pulls away with his son.

It's a stunning, signature moment in the series, and Michael was never the same again.


57th Annual Emmy Awards - Arrivals

2.  Jack Tells Kate They Have To Return To The Island - "Through the Looking Glass" Part 2 (S3)

This was the game changer. The moment that turned what was a marvelous series into a classic. This was the moment that we realized: The Jack with the very bad fake beard was in a flash forward, not a flashback  The Losties had been rescued, but now Jack wanted to go back to the island.

There was so much in this episode to love, it was hard to pick one moment, so you'll notice this list has a couple more.

3.  Charlie Dies - "Through the Looking Glass" Part 2 (S3)

Charlie's death is tragic and heroic. He saves Desmond's life, warns the Losties: "Not Penny's Boat," and insures they can get a signal to the freighter so they can be rescued.  RIP, Charlie.

4.  Desmond Makes A Christmas Phone Call To Penny - "The Constant" (S4)

In "The Constant," we really learned the true time-traveling powers of the island.  Desmond popped back and forth between the past and the present faster than you could say "Eloise." The only thing able to anchor him? A phone call to the love of his life, Penny Widmore. 

His constant.

The final "I love yous" between Penny and Des were sweeter than sweet.

5.  Michael Kills Ana Lucia and Libby - "Two for the Road" (S3)

One of those amazing "Oh, crap!" moments. For most of Walt's life, Michael was trying to keep his girlfriend from taking Walt away from him. So when the Others kidnap him from the raft, Michael cracks. He sells his soul to the devil -- or rather, to Ben -- to get Walt back. 

He finally gets Walt back and off the island, but at a terrible price. RIP, Ana Lucia and Libby.

The 63rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press Room

6.  The Plane Crash and Aftermath - "The Pilot" Part 1 (S1)

I'm cheating, because this is really several moments in one, but I don't care. When they talk about quality television, this is it. It's amazing filmmaking for the small screen, with all the iconic images we've come to associate with "Lost:" Shannon standing and screaming at the top of her lungs, Charlie walking around in a daze as flaming debris drops all around him, Jack and Hurley scrambling to rescue a pregnant Claire from exploding wreckage, Locke lying on the ground, amazed that his legs work. 

The eventual flashback to the violence of the plane crash is enough to make the bravest flier think twice about ever getting on a plane again.

7.  Locke Goes Out the Window - "The Man From Tallahassee" (S3)

They made us wait a long time to find out the answer to this question, but when we got the answer, what a doozy! The question: How did Locke end up in a wheelchair? The answer: The Man From Tallahassee, aka Locke's con artist Daddy, shoved him out an eight-story-high window.

61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

8. Jin Forgives Sun For Her Affair - "Ji Yeon" (S4)

This was the episode where the "Lost" writers faked us out, making us think Jin was running around with a stuffed panda as a gift for his new baby. But, alas, it wasn't to be. It was also the episode where Jin tells Sun he understands why she cheated on the man he used to be and he forgives her. When he then asks her if the baby is definitely his, Sun starts crying, Jin starts crying and I start crying. Great stuff.

Jin and sun

9.  Juliet Dies - "The Incident" (S5)

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Josh Holloway was robbed of an Emmy nomination for this scene. For a character who for most of the series was in love with Kate "Freckles" Austen, to see him happy with Juliet in 70's Dharma-ville was very nice -- which made it all the more tragic when he couldn't save her from the magnetic pit of hell.  RIP, Juliet. We think.

10.  Ben Gives The "If I Was One Of Them" Speech - "The Whole Truth" (S2)

Little did we know when we heard this little speech by "Henry Gale" to Jack and Locke that it was a preview of the many manipulations to come from good old Ben. 

"Henry," supposedly explaining why he's not one of the Others, plays on the division between Locke and Jack. He pours out some Dharma flakes and says if he was really one of the Others he'd have sent Ana Lucia, Sayid and Charlie to a secluded spot where his friends could ambush them and trade them for him.  But that's why it's a good thing he's not one of "them." 

He finishes with a wide-eyed expression asking, "You guys got any milk?" Michael Emerson? Riveting.

11.  Jacob Finally Shows Up - "The Incident" (S5)

Who or what the heck is he? Why does the other guy want to find a "loophole" to kill him? Why did he go to Kate, Locke, Jack, Jin, Sun and Hurley before they ever got on the plane? All questions that should be answered in Season 6.

12.  Daniel Does The Island Time Experiment - "The Economist" (S4)

This is where we find out that time on the island and time off the island are two totally different numbers.

13.  Bernard and Rose are Reunited - "Collision" (S3)

Because he went to the bathroom at the wrong time, Bernard and Rose were in two separate halves of the plane when the crash happened. When the Tailies meet up with the Losties and Bernard and Rose see each other for the first time since the crash -- sniff, sniff, pass the Kleenex, please.

14.  Locke Doesn't Go Walkabout - "Walkabout" (S1)

Poor Locke works for a box company and dreams of going on an Australian walkabout adventure. Problem is, when he shows up in Australia, all ready to go, the tour guide turns him down because, wait for it -- off the island Locke can't walk. He's in a wheelchair. 

A devastated Locke yells at the tour guide, "Don't tell me what I can't do!"

15.  Sawyer Kills Tom - "Through the Looking Glass" (S3)

After Sawyer, Hurley and Juliet save Bernard, Sayid and Jin from Tom's clutches, Tom says, "Okay, I give up." Sawyer looks at him, picks up his gun and kills him.

"That's for taking the kid off the raft," says Sawyer.

Hurley says, "Dude it was over, he surrendered." 

Sawyer says, "I didn't believe him."

2010 Winter TCA Tour - Day 4

16.  Jack Decides Not To Save Ben's Life - "Whatever Happened, Happened" (S5)

Jack decides to go make a sandwich instead of trying to save Young Ben's life after Sayid shoots him. Good on you, Jack!

17.  The Oceanic Six Greet Their Loved Ones - "There's No Place Like Home" Part 1 (S4)

All in slow motion, the Oceanic Six exit their plane and see their loved ones. Jack hugs his mother, Hurley greets his, and since no one's there for Sayid, Hurley then puts his arm around him and introduces him. Sun greets her mother much more warmly than she greets her father. That's a sign of things to come.

18.  Ana Lucia Kills Shannon - "Abandoned" (S2)

Poor Ana Lucia. She just couldn't catch a break to save her life. While she's leading the Tailies to the Losties, they're surrounded by "the whispers." Unfortunately, she's got a gun, and she panics, killing Shannon in the process. RIP, Shannon.

19.  Hurley and Miles Debate Time Travel - "Whatever Happened, Happened" (S5)

So Hurley and Miles sit around and debate stuff like, if Ben got shot as a kid, why doesn't he remember being shot as a kid? And if Faraday met his mother, why doesn't he know his mother is who she is and not who others think she is? And ... it's enough to make your brain cells pop.

20.  Hurley To The Rescue In the Volkswagon Van - "Through the Looking Glass" Part 2 (S3)

What's there to say? Hurley comes to the rescue and saves the day in heroic fashion.

21.  Nikki and Paolo Bite the Dust - "Expose" (S3)

Two characters no one, and I mean no one, cared about or liked bite the dust in the most awesome way possible. It's a modern-day "Twilight Zone" episode. Rod Serling would be incredibly proud.

22.  Dead Locke Comes Tumbling Out - "The Incident" (S5)

This was big. Here we think Locke is roaming around the island leading the Others and Ben to Jacob, when we discover it's really that other guy. You know, the one who told Jacob that one day he was going to find a "loophole" so he could kill him. And man, did he!

We know that because poor dead Locke comes tumbling out of the coffin container from the plane.

23.  Mr. Eko Gets His Name - "The 23rd Psalm" (S2)

In the opening flashback, Eko is playing soccer with a bunch of kids in Nigeria when guerrillas approach. They're recruiting, and they try to force Eko's little brother to shoot an old man. Eko jumps in and does the job himself to protect his frightened brother. So the guerrillas name him "Mr. Eko."

24.  Hurley Announces Ethan Wasn't On The Plane - "Raised by Another" (S1)

Hurley's census discovers Ethan was never on the plane with the Losties. I haven't watched William Mapother, aka Tom Cruise's cousin, the same way since. He'll always be creepy Ethan.

25.  The Losties Pop Back and Forth In Time - "Because You Left" (S5)

Sawyer and Juliet and the remaining freighter gang of Miles, Faraday and Charlotte get bounced back and forth through time. At one point, right after two violent bounces in a row, Sawyer can't stand it anymore and yells, "Oh, come on!" 

So those were my best moments. I surveyed some of my fellow BlogHer CEs about their favorite "Lost" moments, and here's what they said:  Gina loves anything involving Sun and Jin, Elisa "cried my ass off" when Bernard and Rose were reunited, Heather was in tears when Charlie died, Zoe loved when Kate and Sawyer were being kept in cages, Honeybeast loved, "giant, ghost Walt," and Leslie loved pretty much any scene involving Ben and a rabbit.  Heh.

But Nordette was the biggest convert. After resisting stories about "Lost" being a great show, she finally watched the first season on her cable's on-demand. She was hooked. 

Next thing I knew I was at the Blockbuster renting every season and watching until I got to  the end of rentals and had to buy a season because it wasn't available any other way. And so I bought it and watched and then had the DTs until the show returned with new episodes.

My name is Nordette and I'm a Lostaholic.

Finally, if you've read this far, you're enough of a "Lost" fanatic to enjoy the following video.

What do your think were the best moments from "Lost?" Do you agree with mine?  Let the debating begin!

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