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November 02, 2009

Slip Sliding Away on "The Amazing Race"

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Mika_canaan It's only fitting that after coming back from a week of travel, my first post should be about a travel TV show, "The Amazing Race."

And though I know I'm a week behind, can we just talk about Mika and Canaan for a minute?  You know, one of those "newly dating" couples the Race is so fond of.

Mika was the 22 year-old from Hazard, Ky, whose fear of water and heights kept her from going down a six story water slide known as the Leap of Faith, in Dubai.  Because Mika couldn't bring herself to close her eyes, think of England, and fling herself down the chute, she and boyfriend Canaan were eliminated.

Problem was, while Mika was flapping her floaties in terror for a good 25 minutes, the Globetrotters had time to catch up.  Once the Globetrotters arrived Mika and Canaan had 2 minutes to take the plunge or else they had to make way for Flight Time and Big Easy.

During those 2 minutes, the Globetrotters played a little dirty by telling Mika if she was really scared, she shouldn't do it.


See, fear or no fear, that would have been enough to get my angry, scaredy cat butt down that slide in 2 seconds flat.  And for a minute there, I thought the Globetrotters' plan might backfire.  But no. The 2 minutes flew by and so did Flight Time and Big Easy.

Poor Canaan did everything but fling the girl down the water slide himself, even though I'm pretty sure there's something in the rules that prohibit flinging your girlfriend down six flights when she doesn't want to go.

Finally, out of pure frustration, he went down the slide himself and left the tearful Mika to walk down the stairs in shame.

Mika and Canaan are supposedly still together, but I gotta tell ya', if they are, Canaan's a better person than I am because that's stretching forgiveness just a little too far.

Maria_tiffany At least this week's wacko elimination happened because both team members cracked under the pressure, not just one.  While in The Netherlands, The Poker Girls, Maria and Tiffany fell into a classic "Amazing Race" trap:  they wore themselves out trying to do one detour choice and then couldn't complete the other.

You honestly can't tell me that the two of them couldn't have completed the farmer's golf if they hadn't exhausted themselves trying to hit the bell on the high striker before doing the farmer's dance.  Even though I didn't like them so much, it was too bad they had to go our that way especially since by all rights, Brian and Ericka should have been the ones to go home. 

After Brian took a ridiculous amount of time getting his Mercedes in gear and after Ericka took a ridiculous amount of time counting the bells in Martinitoren and then after the two of them took a ridiculous amount of time figuring out they were supposed to use bicycles to get to the detour choices, elimination should have been their reward.

But the Poker Girls helped them out by not even finishing the detour, so despite a 30 minute penalty for not using the bikes, Brian and Ericka were still in the race.

I have to wonder if the Poker Girls had been able to at least finish the detour and gotten to the mat, if this might not have been a non-elimination leg.  It's long past time for one, but obviously they would have to ditch it if Maria and Tiffany didn't even finish the leg.

C'est la vie.   

Photos courtesy CBS


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