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September 13, 2009

US Open '09: Serena Loses It In More Ways Than One

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Serena lost it.  She lost her temper and because of that, she lost her match.

Now honestly, she might have lost the match anyway because her opponent Kim Clijsters was out playing her and was a couple of points from winning with the score, 4-6, 5-6, 15-30.

That's when, on a second serve, Serena was called for a foot fault.  That made the score 15-40, match point for Clijsters.
Serena started to go back to the baseline to serve and then let fly verbally at the line judge who called the foot fault.  Depending on what mics you listen to, it sounds like Serena told the woman she would like to shove a tennis ball down her f*cking throat.  Or something to that effect.

The line judge went to the umpire and the umpire gave Serena a point penalty.  That's what cost her the match.  Serena got the point penalty because earlier in the match, after losing the first set, she got a warning for smashing her racket.

After a warning, you lose a point, then a game, and then the match.  Serena lost a point.  It was too bad it was on match point.  Game over.

Oh, by the way, the foot fault call was wrong.   But since there is no challenge system for foot faults, Serena was out of luck.

Serena ignored it all during the post match press conference, refusing to say what she actually said to the line judge and basically brushing off the whole thing.

Bottom line, Clijsters is a great player and doing amazingly well for someone who was off having a baby the last three years.  She was beating Serena on every level and though Serena may have pulled it out in three, God knows she's done it before, you do the crime, you do the time.

She screwed up by chewing out the judge, she got penalized and she took it like a woman.  She still didn't do nearly the kinds of stuff some of the men do, and over the years, she's held her temper surprisingly well considering some of the stuff that's happened to her on court.

So congratulations to Kim Clijsters, she won it fair and square.  Oh and she'll probably pound Caroline Wozniacki in about twenty minutes during tonight's final.


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