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September 28, 2009

When It Comes To "The View," Thank Goodness for Whoopi Goldberg

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Summer TCA Tour - Day 3

I had a dream about Whoopi Goldberg last night.  I dreamt that she was on the cover of all the magazines on a newsstand and because I was going to write about her, I had to buy them.  Just as I realized I was running out of money, I woke up.

The dream was obviously a subconscious kick in the butt because I'd been planning a post about Whoopi since "The View" came back from summer vacation.

Now Whoopi and I don't agree on everything, but today's episode was yet another example of how she's often the only voice of sanity around that Gabby Girl table.  Especially when controversial topics come up.  Like a couple of weeks ago during the Obama/Carter/racism debate.  Or the ongoing health care debate.  Or today's discussion about director Roman Polanski being arrested in Switzerland on that 1977, having sex with a 13-year-old girl, charge.  The US is planning to extradite him, even though the girl he had sex with, now a woman of course, wants the charges dropped.

While Sherri Shepherd was jumping up on her moral high horse and Joy Behar was cracking cheap jokes, guest host Melissa Gilbert and Whoopi were the only two trying to discuss the arrest while using actual facts instead of conjecture.  If you listened to Sherri, you would have thought Whoopi wanted all 13-year-old girls to be drugged and have sex with 40 something men.  But as Whoopi tried to point out, she has a 14-year-old granddaughter so, Sherri, please!

Resident republican, Elisabeth Hasselbeck is missing in action as she takes care of her new little conservative, Isaiah Timothy Hasselbeck, but Whoopi's often had to tangle with her too. Joy, at least makes sense most of the time and you can tell she's read more than a cookbook.  But Sherri and Elisabeth--man, sometimes you have to ask yourself if either one of them has ever picked up a book that wasn't written by God or Jackie Collins.

When Barbara Walters is on the show, Whoopi has it even tougher because Babs is constantly interrupting.  I keep waiting for Whoopi to jump right down her throat one day.  I wish she would too, because it would make great TV.

When it comes to republican-types, Whoopi can be more republican than anybody about taxes.  She hates having to pay income taxes, plus all the additional taxes on phone bills, utility bills, and cable bills.  But at least when she rails against taxes, she's not like, "I don't want my money spent on the great unwashed masses," she's more like, "spend the money on people who need it, but show me where it's going and don't nickel and dime me."

Sounds reasonable, doesn't it?

She's a show biz trooper too.  How tough must it have been for her to do the show the day after her friend Patrick Swayze died?  She spoke sadly about him, and then went on with the show.

So next time you're watching "The View," keep a close eye on Whoopi.


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