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May 06, 2009

"Idol" Chit Chat: Adam & Allison Rock The House

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American idol

Last week we lost Matt Giraud, but that was only right since America and I agreed--again!

This week was rock and roll and they had Slash, formerly of the band Guns and Roses mentoring the Idols.

Now I gotta tell ya', I don't know nothin' about Slash.  I never listened to Guns and Roses and most of that heavy metal crap was just noise to me.  Having said that, listening to Slash play guitar told me the man's got skills.

Best Of The Night:  Adam Lambert.  So people, what else is new?  The producers of Idol should just start recording his album now so it can be ready to drop the night he wins.  I hate "Whole Lotta Love" by the way, but not when Adam sang it.  Once again, a take no prisoners, fabulous performance.

Worst Of The Night:  Kris Allen.  And again this week, he wasn't that bad.  I think "Come Together" was an excellent song for him and he gave it his all.  It's just that he's like a steam engine in a race with bullet trains:  totally out run.

Wish She'd Picked A Different Song:  Allison Iraheta.  Not that she sang "Cry Baby" badly, because I thought it was pretty good, but I wanted to see her rock out kinda like she did in her duet with Adam.

Best Moment Of The Night:  Speaking of rocking out with Adam, after they finished their blow the roof off rendition of"Slow Ride," they shared this awesome hug on stage.  You could tell they were both like, can you believe we're up here with the lights and the band and all these people rockin' out!?   Talk about a genuine moment.  It was great.

Best Slasher Film Scream:  Danny Gokey.  Simon stole the words right out of my mouth when he said Danny's screaming at the end of "Dream On" sounded like something from a "Friday the 13th" movie.  Personally I thought he should play the lead in a movie called, "I Know What You Sang Last Summer."

On a totally different note, can someone tell me why Simon doesn't jump down Danny's pants about the stupid glasses and the pin striped vest on rock and roll night!?  Let Allison put one fashion foot wrong and he's all up in her grill--as Jamie Foxx would say--but Fashion Pokey Gokey gets nothin'!

Could it be--sexism?


Should Go Home:
  Kris Allen

Will Go Home:  Kris Allen

Let's hear it again for Ricky Minor and the band that just won't quit!


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