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May 27, 2009

"Idol" Chit Chat: My Close Encounter with Adam! And Did AT&T Help Kris Allen Fans Cheat?

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  Adam Lambert sighting, NYC

Don't hate me, but be very, very jealous.   Why? 

Because I had a close encounter with Adam Lambert and even exchanged words with the glam "American Idol" runner-up! 

I know I overuse the word cute--but he's so cuuuuuute!

His eyes are much more piercing in person and he's got that same lanky swagger that he does on stage.  He was wearing a white jacket and grey t-shirt and had on his famous black stud earrings. 

My encounter happened right after he'd completed an interview during his recent whirlwind press junket to New York.  I watched as he did the interview and once done, I squealed louder than the teeny boppers surrounding him.

I then wangled my way into his elevator and gushed some stuff about how I've been listening to "Mad World" non-stop--which I have--and how I'll be first on line to buy his album--which I will.  I didn't bother to tell him he should have won because, hey at this point, who cares?

He laughed and said how he loved recording the song.  The elevator ride was all too short and as I said goodbye, I also said he was the most exciting thing to happen to "Idol" in a long time.

He thanked me and then he and his entourage were gone.  I couldn't help but smile to myself at how he seems to be enjoying his role as America's most famous runner-up.


Was The "Idol" Vote Fixed?

In other, less exciting "Idol" news, the New York Times had a story that said employees of AT&T, the official texter conduit for the show, helped groups of Kris Allen fans send multiple texts for their favorite "Idol." 

Now Adam Lambert fans are ready to storm the executive offices of AT&T looking for executive heads to spike.

This afternoon, Fox and "Idol" producers responded:

A Fox spokeswoman declined to comment on the margin of victory that Mr. Allen held over the runner-up, Adam Lambert. But the Fox statement dismissed the possibility that the Arkansas parties had influenced the outcome of this year’s finale.

“We have an independent third-party monitoring procedure in place to ensure the integrity of the voting process,” the statement said. “In no way did any individuals unfairly influence the outcome of the competition.”

Still, it's a hot topic in the blogosphere.  Andy Dehnart of the blog Reality Blurred puts a damper on the conspiracy theorists:

AT&T admitted that it provided phones and free “power texting” to Kris Allen fan parties in Arkansas for the finale. But whether or not those actually affected the vote and led to Kris’ victory isn’t clear—and, let’s be honest, will never be. And while we’re being honest: pretty much every season the loser claims a conspiracy that caused their person lose.

Meanwhile, ABW at Diary of an Anxious Black Woman has a very interesting post about why she thinks Kris Allen beat Adam.  Her theories involve how the judges and the producers of the show position the contestants throughout the competition with their selective critiques or lack thereof.

But bottom line?  American voted and it's over until next year.

"Mad wooooooorld......mad world......!"


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