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May 05, 2009

10 Things "Lost" and President Obama Have In Common

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Last Wednesday was President Barack Obama's 100th day in office and it was also the night ABC's "Lost" aired itsLost logo 100th episode.  White house

Both events got me thinking about the similarities between "Lost" and our new president.

So here are 10 things "Lost" and President Obama have in common:

  1. Similar Origins:  "Lost" is shot in Hawaii.  President Obama grew up in Hawaii.
  2. Limited Runs:  "Lost" will end in 2011.  President Obama's administration will end either in 2013 or 2018.
  3. Multicultural Casts:  "Lost" has blacks, whites, Asians, and Others.  President Obama, as the first black POTUS has blacks, whites, and Hillary Clinton.
  4. Fresh, New Storytelling:  "Lost" broke new TV ground with it's flashback/flash forward storytelling technique.  President Obama broke new political ground with his flashy Twitter tweets and campaign websites.
  5. Knowing The Value of Consensus:  "Lost" had Jack telling the crash survivors, "Live together or die alone."  President Obama is telling the country, "save together or default a loan."
  6. Some Serious Spending:  The "Lost" pilot was one of the most expensive ever produced for television.  President Obama's recovery plan is spending money faster than the dollar machines in D.C. can print it.
  7. Collaborating with Former Opponents:  The crash survivors on "Lost" had to collaborate with the evil Benjamin Linus to get off the island.  President Obama has had to collaborate with Hillary Clinton.
  8. People Were Skeptical At First:  There were a lot of doubters that a show about crash survivors on an exotic, mysterious island could be a success.  There were a lot of doubters that a black man from an exotic, mysterious island could become president.
  9. Critics Demanding Answers:  Many viewers got frustrated with "Lost's" lack of answers to plot questions.  Many politicians got frustrated with President Obama's lack of being able to say when he could clean up the economic mess it took about 20 years to create.
  10. Mysterious Oracles Who Don't Make Any Kind Of Sense:  "Lost" has Jacob.  President Obama has Rush Limbaugh.

So tomorrow night when you watch "Lost's" 101st episode, just remember all the things this excellent show has in common with our excellent 44th President of the United States. 


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