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April 14, 2009

"Idol" Chit Chat: Born To Be Adam & It's Time To Dump The Fourth Judge

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American idol

"Idol" is starting to jerk us around and I for one don't appreciate it.  Last week the show ran over time and many viewers missed Adam Lambert's wonderful performance of "Mad World."

So this week instead of telling the judges to snap it up and keep the show moving, the "Idol" brain trust decided to have only two judges comment on each contestant. That meant viewers and contestants didn't get to hear the best judge, Simon Cowell, comment on all the contestants. 

How stupid was that?  Very.

A better solution would have been to fire the lame, new fourth judge.  She who will not be named is a total waste of time and adds nothing, absolutely nothing to the show.  And now that she's deprived me of Simon's comments for Anoop, Marc and Kris, I want her gone even more.

But on to more pleasant things. 

America and I are, wait for it...four for four!  Last week I said Scott MacIntyre should go home and America sent Scott MacIntyre home. 

Now for this week's show.  Quentin Tarantino was tonight's mentor and the musical selections were from films.  First observation, Quentin's losing his hair.  Second observation, he gives great musical direction.  Third observation, he's looking more and more like Frankenstein every day.

Best Of The Night:  Adam Lambert.  "Born To Be Wild" was a song born to be performed by Adam.  He channeled his inner Jim Morrison and lit that stage brighter than any of those mega wattage stage lights.  He was fab-ul-ous.  Face it people, this kid's singing on a whole other show.  And damn, he looked hot tonight. 

Kudos to the smokin' band as well.

Worst Of The Night:  Kris Allen.  He benefited the most from Simon not commenting on his performance 'cause man, Simon would have ripped that mess apart.  Didn't know the song, didn't know the movie, didn't care.

The Great Girl Hope:  Allision Iraheta.  Can't stand that song from "Armageddon," but she sang her little heart out of it.  And it seems she's sixteen instead of seventeen like I said last week.  That makes her even more remarkable.  Though the fake red hair is starting to bug me now.  Simon said she's "the girls' only hope left in the competition right now."  Well, duh.

Bryan Adams Tribute #1:  Anoop Desai.  "Everything I Do, I Do It For You" is one of my favorite movie songs.  It made buckets of money for Bryan Adams and was the best part of that horrific tragedy known as "Robin Hood, Prince Of Thieves."  Anoop didn't demolish it nearly as much I expected and Quentin directing Anoop to rough up the lyrics--"Die for you, cry for you"--was hysterical, and correct.

Bryan Adams Tribute #2:  Marc Giraud.  I like "Have You Really Loved A Woman" even more than "Everything I Do, I Do It For You."  Unfortunately, Marc made a sweet and beautiful song sound like a sour and ugly dirge.  It was totally the wrong song for him and that performance could put him in trouble this week. 

By the way, "Don Juan DeMarco" is a sweet little movie starring a marvelous Johnny Depp as a mental patient who thinks he's Don Juan. This was after "21 Jump Street" and before the pirate movies.  Rent it, you'll be glad you did.

At Least She Looked Youthful:  Lil Rounds.  What can I say?  Wrong song choice, wrong song choice, wrong song choice, wrong song choice, wrong song choice.....she's the only one who would have benefited the most by Simon not commenting on her performance.  But if America feels like he's picking on her, they may save her yet another week.

Overrated Even Without The Glasses:  Danny Gokey.  I can really live the rest of my life without hearing "Endless Love" ever again.  It's another one of those songs that was the best thing about the movie. And in this case that's not saying much because the movie was beyond awful.  Yes, even worse than "Robin Hood, Prince Of Thieves."  Gokey's rendition:  a big yawn.


Should Go Home:  Kris Allen.

Will Go Home:  Kris Allen.

Don't let me down America!


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