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March 31, 2009

"Desperate Housewives" Snap Recap: "The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened" (1/18/09)

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Marcia cross This was the 100th episode of "Desperate Housewives" and Eli Scruggs (Beau Bridges), Wisteria Lane's handyman was the star.  Right before he's about to retire, Eli keels over on the job and dies from a heart attack.

What we discover throughout the rest of the episode is how much impact good ol' Eli had on the residents of Wisteria Lane through the years.  Especially the wives we've come to know so well.

Gabby:  Eli gave Gabby the good advice to try and get to know the ladies of the neighborhood.  He even suggested she host one of their weekly poker games.  Gabby does that but then uses the opportunity to insult Lynette, Susan, Bree and Mary Alice about their lives.  After Eli sets her straight, Gabby apologizes and is welcomed into the wives' inner circle.

Bree:  Turns out Bree began writing her good old fashioned cookbook all the way back when Rex was alive, but because of his patronizing attitude about it, she dumped the book in the garbage.  Good ol' Eli fished it out and after Rex dies gives it back to Bree with some valuable words of wisdom.  The rest is history.

Edie:  After not getting enough sex from her husband Umberto, Edie asks an embarrassed Eli what he thinks of her body.  When he tells her she'd be a favorite among his construction friends, she's reassured.  Later, when Edie divorces Umberto--a gay guy--Eli comforts her...in more ways than one. 

Lynette:  Before and after Penny is born, Lynette's in a tizzy because she's desperate to go back to work.  She lands a new job right after Penny is born and in her eagerness to stay on top of it, she leaves baby Penny in a hot car on the driveway.  Luckily Eli is right nearby and saves the baby.  Lynette sees the error of her workaholic ways and Penny lives to see another day.

Susan:  Right after Carl leaves her, Susan hires Eli to change the locks.  That's when she discovers Eli and several people in the neighborhood often saw Carl with his many women.  Later when she and Mike break up, Eli tells Susan how much he admires her for continuing to search for love.  He even calls her "heroic."

Mary Alice:  When Eli first comes to town, he gives his card to Mary Alice and lets her know he's available for all kinds of handyman work.  At first Mary Alice turns him down, but when she discovers how in need of work he is--he's got holes in his shoes--she comes up with a job for him fixing a broken vase.  Then right before Mary Alice kills herself, she sees Eli and gives him the vase he fixed for her.   He accepts the vase and leaves.

Afterward, Eli regrets not being able to see Mary Alice was in trouble.  So he made a vow to help people as much as he could.  And that's why, Edie, Lynette, Gabby, Susan and Bree got the benefit of his counsel and comfort.

A nice episode and well done.

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