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March 07, 2009

TV Quick Hits: "The Bachelor," "BSG," "Ugly Betty," "Lost," & "American Idol"

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Bachelor It's been one crazy week on TV what with "The Bachelor" dumping his "true love" for his other "true love," "24's" hostage taking at the White House of all places, and "American Idol's" Tatiana hysterics. 

Here's my take on some of the action this week and be warned...there are spoilers aplenty:

The Bachelor: 

Am I the only one in the country who thinks it's time to break-up with "The Bachelor?"  At the beginning of the season all I heard was women sighing all over the place, "Oh Jason, he's a single Dad!"  As if somehow that was going to make him better husband material than the other "princes" they've had on that show.

Well a few weeks and some dead roses later, Jason Mesnick ditched his fiancee, his "one true love" Melissa, for his other "really one true love," Molly.

That all happened on Monday and since then Jason's replaced Bernie Madoff as the most hated man in America.  The producers of "The Bachelor" have been accused of fixing the results, there were not so secret angry emails back and forth between Jason and Melissa, and the whole country was in an uproar.  So much so that Jason's had to start his own national apology tour.

People, can I just tell you, take a page out of former fan, Kelly Ripa's book and stop watching that blasted show.  There's never going to be another Trista and Ryan, there will be no happy endings, and "The Bachelor?"  He's just not that into you...or Melissa.

American idol American Idol: 

Continuing on the reality TV front, y'all know I'm a fair weather "Idol" watcher meaning I almost never write about "American Idol" until the final 12 are chosen.  Well this week that milestone came to pass.  Thursday night, the judges made their wild card choices.  That meant adding the very worthy Jasmine, Matt and Megan.  

Jasmine was especially moving with her rendition of Christina Aguilera's "Reflection." That kid's got potential

Then came the big surprise, Simon announced that this year there was going to be a final 13!  And the 13th contestant was...Anoop, this year's answer to Sanjaya.  Now if I were as crude as say, Dr. Gregory House, I would say that "American Idol" had picked their own "Slumdog Millionaire." But I'm not, am I?

And like on "The Bachelor" the emotional train wreck was the entertaining part.  Namely, Tatiana del Toro. You know, the "thank you, thank you, I love you, I love you," girl. The judges finally puts her and us out of our collective miseries and dumped her. 

Next week, Megan's "Idol Chit Chat" returns.

Let the singing begin!


Jack Bauer's always kicking butt on "24" but this year the show itself is kicking butt as well.  There's the welcome resurrection of Tony Almeida, there's the marvelous Cherry Jones as a steely-eyed President Allison Taylor, there's a very hot Bill Buchanan in full field mode, there's an emotional counterpoint to Bauer, FBI agent Renee Walker and then there's the irreplaceable Chloe O'Brian.

The first villain Ike Dubaku played very well by Hakeem Kae-Kazim died last week and has been replaced by Benjamin Juma.   Juma invaded the White House and took hostages while looking for President Taylor.  Jack is locked with Taylor in a panic room and only agrees to come out when Juma takes the President's daughter hostage.

No I gotta say, once reason Dubaku was so great was because, one minute, he could order the chopping off of the First Gentlemen's finger, and in the next minute he could convincingly seduce his little American girlfriend to come away with him.

My one complaint? I do think the invasion of the White House could have been a bit more exciting.  I always go back to that great scene in the movie "Air Force One" where the terrorists are trying to capture the President and the secret service agents are trying to get him off the plane.  Amazing stuff.  Though the action scenes on "24" are usually quite good, they could have used a little bit of that kind of filmmaking during Juma's invasion of the White House. 

Battlestar Galactica: 

Starbuck is dead!  I mean, she's alive...but she's really, really dead!  Are you as confused as I am? 

That's okay 'cause I don't care.  I love this show!  And there are only two more episodes left.  Waaaaaa!

Last week the Boomer who plugged Adama in the chest came back in full force.  First doing a Cylon version of a mindmeld with the Chief, showing him the happy life they would have had if only she hadn't been a psycho, murdering machine.   Then when he helps her escape, she clobbers Athena, has hot, sweaty sex with Helo, then as a kicker, kidnaps Hera.

Meanwhile the Galactica is literally falling apart at the seams and Sam's brain is controlling the ship.  Laura Roslin is on her deathbed...again...and makes a very funny crack to Adama about how both of his women are dying and he needs to accept it.

Adama cracks up at the thought of having to evacuate the Galactica, but by the end of the episode, he and Tigh toast to the old gal and accept the fact they're going to have to abandon ship.

Two heartbreaking scenes:  Helo begging Adama to let him go search for Hera, and Adama's meltdown after the funeral for all the crew members lost working to repair the ship.

Ugly Betty: 

No, I haven't given up on this show yet.  And a good thing too because, this week's show was the funniest of the entire season.  Betty and the family are facing eviction from their house if they can't raise $10,000 to buy it. 

Who knew they didn't own it already? 

Anyway, Danny and company are still reeling from Connor's embezzlement and are going to plead their case for bailout money to a Congressional panel that's in NY to dole out the dough.  Scenes that had me rolling on the floor:

  • Daniel and Wilhelmina taking a crowded bus to the hearings so they can prove how much they need the money.  Willy tries to pay the fare with a credit card and then orders a fellow passenger out of her personal space.
  • Daniel and Willy being refused the money because when NY tabloids splash pictures of them drinking expensive wine at a restaurant.
  • Ignacio competing on an Iron Chef-like cooking show to get the $10,000.  It's like a cooking version of a shootout in "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly," complete with dramatic music, fierce stare downs and quick draw hand mixers.
  • Amanda and Mark whenever they're together.
  • And how sweet was it when Betty's new very rich boyfriend tried to give her a check for $10,000...until he botched it by making her sound like a charity case.

My one piece of advice to the show runners, bring back Yoga!


This week's "Lost" episode provided almost more shocks than my system could stand.  After last week's disclosures about Locke's time back on the mainland and Ben brutally murdering him, this week gave us a window onto the survivors left behind.

After Locke turned the "wheel of fortune" the time shifting for Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Jin, and Daniel ended.  The problem was, it ended while they were stuck in the 70's, right in the heart of Dharma country.

Sawyer, being the fabulous con man he is, talks his way right into the Dharma compound and the tiny group of Oceanic 815 survivors end up staying there for three years!   It's only then that a call from Jin brings Sawyer to an isolated spot near the water where Jin, Jack, Kate and Hurley get out of that infamous Volkswagon van and reunite with their lost comrades.

Can I just say how fabulous Josh Holloway and Terry O'Quinn have been this season?  From the moment when Sawyer saw Kate delivering Claire's baby, to the scenes where he morphed into Sawyer the con artist, ready with a back story when necessary, Holloway's been magnificent. 

So too has O'Quinn.  Especially during the scene when Ben is trying to convince Locke not to kill himself and Locke is determined to do it.

But questions, questions!   What about the other plane survivors in the present?  And Lapidus and Sun?  And Bernard and Rose?  Where's Daniel?  How does Sawyer become head of security?

I can't wait for the answers.


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