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March 15, 2009

"Damages" Recap: "You Got Your Prom Date Pregnant" (3/4/09)

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Close and Byrne

Ellen meets the FBI posse on the street.  She no longer thinks Patty had Pete killed 'cause Patty's so upset by his death.

But be warned, she says, because for Patty this is a call to war.  You're not just targeting her.  Now  she's targeting you.

At Hewes, Inc. Patty and Ellen are meeting with Tommy.  Patty just told him about the FBI's investigation.

Tommy's upset that Patty didn't tell him before.  He leaves in a huff.

Flash forward two months.

Tommy gets off the elevator at Hewes, Inc. and wants to see Patty.  A security guard stops him and reminds him he's no longer allowed in the building.  Tommy once again leaves in a huff but not before he says he's gonna sue Patty for wrongful termination.  And then, "Tell her I tried to warn her."

I wonder if this is a phony firing like the last time.  Somehow I don't think so.

Flash forward, I think, to Tommy going to the underground garage and getting the gun.   Outside, Ellen gets in his car and he passes the gun to her.  He says he hopes she knows what she's doing.

"I do."

Cut to Ellen holding the gun on Patty. 

Patty:  "It's not who you are."

Opening credits.

Kendrick and Mr. Slick are on the golf course discussing the need for a new energy secretary.  The previous one had a heart attack at his own wedding.  Kendrick and Mr. Slick want to be sure someone is chosen who is sympathetic to their needs.

Tommy comes into Patty's office and is still unhappy and angry.  He says they're going to need information about the investigation so he's going to make a call.

Tommy meets an attractive woman on the street.  "Last time I saw that face, you were eighteen and thought you got your prom date pregnant," the woman says.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to this week's episode title.

Turns out the woman is Tommy's sister.  She's an assistant US attorney and he wants her to find out what the FBI has on Patty.  She reluctantly agrees.

Mr. Slick is meeting with Cokey in one of those rich businessmen's clubs in Manhattan.  Cokey wants some nuts with his drink.  You know, the special wasabi kind.   Mr. Slick is like, yeah...I'll give you some nuts.  By the way, how's that coke addiction?  Been to any meetings lately?  And how about Coke Girl?  She stayin' clean?  'Cause you know we have a lot of money riding on your butt so no more late night coke busts, okay?

Cokey has the nerve to get highly offended and tells Mr. Slick if they can find someone as wonderful as he, they can hire that dude.  Otherwise, get off his case.  And you can keep your nuts.

Wes is playing pool in a club with Ellen and Katie.  Wes is a terrible pool player.  Katie sinks one.  They're laughing and drinking.  Wes evidently invited himself.  Ellen's fine with it.

Patty's at home looking in a mirror and getting dressed.  She's thinking, "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the greatest lawyer of all?"

What's His Name comes up behind her and kisses her.  They're having a dinner party soon and he thinks it might be good for her to have friends around.  When he asks if there's new information on Pete, Patty says she knows he was trying to protect her and as far as she's concerned, the Feds killed him. 

What's His Name suggests she drop the Evil Empire case but Patty refuses.  The whole thing, she says is about power protecting itself and she wants them to pay for what they did to Pete.

Ellen's sitting in Freckles' office.  Freckles called her in because she noticed Wes and Ellen are getting closer and she doesn't like it.  She spoke to Wes and they agreed that Wes and Ellen should come to different sessions.  The attraction Ellen and Wes are feeling, Freckles thinks is based on grief and it's dangerous.

Ellen's like, so is loneliness. 

Mr. Slick and What's His Name are having a meal together.  Mr. Slick wants advice from What's His Name about a replacement energy secretary.  Someone who looks squeaky and clean but is really down and dirty like the rest of them.  What's His Name suggests Patty's charity partner Sam Arsenault. 

Remember?  Coke head Lilly's Dad?  Heh.

What's His Name suggests Mr. Slick come to his and Patty's dinner party.  Sam will be there and Slick can look him over then.

Wes and Ellen are at the shooting range.  Ellen proves she's getting better when the paper target comes back with three shots in the head. 

Afterward, when they're out having coffee, Wes apologizes for asking her out.  He knows they shouldn't get involved.  So instead he's going to ask Katie out.  If that's all right with Ellen.

Ellen chuckles and gives Wes Katie's number.

In an alley Wes meets Fuzzy the Killer and tells him he's got a date with Katie.  Fuzzy assigns him another job as well.  Opening the truck of his car, he shows Wes the load of guns inside.  Fuzzy orders Wes to deliver them to Jersey. 

Wes is like, no way.

Fuzzy's like, way.

Wes is like, I said I'd watch Ellen but I'm done with this other crap.

Fuzzy cracks a sick little smile, "No, you're done when I say you're done."

Cokey is in his car listening to crappy techno disco when Coke Girl gets in with fresh coke.  He snorts up but she says she's getting clean for her kid.  Cokey wants to know if she's heard from Tommy.  Coke Girl says anytime he calls, she blows him off. 

Tommy and his sister are meeting in the large rotunda of what looks like a courthouse.  Sis warns Tommyhawk that if the info she gives him ever gets back to the source, she'll be disbarred.  Tommy swears she's safe with him. 

Okay.  The info?  There is no info!  Or rather, there's no FBI file on Patty.  Not even a classified file.  Nothing.  Zip.  Nada.

Tommy's like, but...but...    

Sis stops him. 

There. Is. No. Investigation.

"There's no file?"  Ellen asks Tommy in Patty's office.

Tommy tells Patty and Ellen what his sister said and wants to know if the guys who approached Ellen were really and truly FBI. 

Ellen's like, yeah, sure.  I saw their badges and everything.  Are you sure your sister can be trusted?

Tommy's like, yeah, sure.

Cut to Ellen with the maybe FBI posse.  Ellen's like, what the hell!?  Why isn't there a file?

Agent Glenn and Agent Mario play her for a few minutes saying they're not with the FBI.  They're with the IPF:  the Interplanetary Federation from "Men In Black." 

At Ellen's expression they both laugh.  They explain that because of Patty's contacts with the Feds, they didn't want to tip her off.  That's why there's no file.

I'm not sure I buy that--but, okay.

Outside the two Feds discuss Ellen.  Mario thinks she's smart, while Glenn doesn't like her.  And neither one of them is sure they can trust her intel. 

Coke Girl is prepping in a hotel room, obviously waiting for a client when there's a knock on the door.   Her client turns out to be...Patty.  Patty's there because Coke Girl stopped returning Tommy's phone calls.  Coke Girl starts to call her agency but Patty stops her by offering a carrot and a stick.  If Coke Girl helps Patty, she'll pay her school tuition and put in a good word with her family court judge.  Coke Girl is fighting for custody of her kid and she needs all the help she can get.

But, if Coke Girl doesn't help Patty, her family court judge will have to find out that Coke Girl is a hooker.

At Chez Patty, her dinner party is in full swing.  Mr. Slick is there and so is Sam Arsenault who knows he's being vetted.  People are drinking and talking about the economy and all around having a good time.  Interesting how Mr. Slick is the only black guy in the room.  Just sayin'.

At the dinner table, someone asks What's His Name if it's a good time to dive back into the stock market but What's His Name plays it cagey.  He and Patty also disagree about the regulation of Wall Street.  She feels there should be more, he feels there should be less.

Ellen and Katie are at Ellen's apartment.  Wes called Katie to ask her out and she wants Ellen's permission to go.  Ellen's kind of surprised, "You too?"  She gives her blessing.

Katie then asks how much Wes knows about David and Frobisher so she doesn't say too much about the situation.  Ellen's like, just don't say anything you shouldn't.

Back at Patty's dinner party, What's His Name asks Michael to bring down the keyboard so they can be entertained with a song from Sam.

Sam Arsenault is played by James Naughton, a veteran of several Broadway musicals so his vocal stylings are quite good.  Arsenault asks for requests and Mr. Slick calls out his "family's favorite," "Danny Boy."  Michael's like, you gotta be kidding me.

But he's not.  Michael starts to play.

"Oh Danny boy...the pipes, the pipes are calling....."

During the performance, Mr. Slick sits next to Patty.  She makes a comment about how "All these guys are to the manor born."

Then she asks Mr. Slick about himself.  He says something about his Dad soldering steel for 37 years.  Patty holds up her glass for him to clink.  Then they talk about Arsenault.  Slick asks for Patty's opinion and Patty does her best to tank Arsenault's energy secretary chances.  She explains that though he's terrific personally, "when you peel away the charm there's an entitled brat."

He thinks he's above the rules and will stab you in the back first chance he gets. 

"Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy...I love you so...."

At FBI headquarters, the posse is asking their superiors why there isn't a case file on Patty Hewes.  So they didn't know there was no file either.

The Honcho they're talking to says the file is on a need to know basis.  It can make or break Honcho's career so he orders them to get back out there and get something on Patty Hewes. 

Goodwin is talking to Kendrick and they're discussing the weather in Idaho.  Something about how if they do something and something else happens and it snows, the price of home heating will spike and they'll be rich, rich, rich!

Coke Girl is chatting with Tommy and Patty at Hewes, Inc. She describes how Cokey gets into an SUV, stays there for a couple of minutes and then gets out and they leave.  Patty thanks her for the info and says Coke Girl's family court judge is sympathetic to joint custody of her kid.

Chappy is in the Caddy again, punching in numbers.  He gets out.

Mr. Slick and What's His Name are talking about Arsenault.  How even though he can sing the heck out of "Danny Boy," Slick doesn't want him for energy secretary anymore.  He wants What's His Name instead.  After all, What's His Name is rich, so what else is left but unbridled power?  What's His Name promises to think about it.

Patty shows up at an FBI office.   Honcho is behind the desk and Patty says him, she holds the FBI responsible for Uncle Pete's death.  The bureau may be watching her, but she's watching them.  Honcho tries to slap her down by telling her to watch her tone, but Patty ain't having it.

"This is a corrupt investigation and when I prove it your career is over. This is war."  And Patty storms out.

The next thing we know Honcho is on the phone to another FBI big wig and asking what to do about Patty.

Katie and Wes are about to go on their date and Wes is pumping her for info.  He wants to know why she didn't ever go to therapy.  Katie says she never went to group therapy but she does see someone privately.  Then when Wes asks Katie about Frobisher and David's death, Katie tells him about the police connection and the security firm.  She then catches herself and clams up.

They start to talk about where they're going for dinner when Katie abruptly says she has no idea why Wes asked her out when it's obvious he wants to be with Ellen.

It's night time and Cokey is in the famous SUV, getting numbers out of the navigation system.  On a piece of paper it says "Idaho."  I'm thinkin' it has nothing to do with potatoes.

What Cokey doesn't know is that Tommyhawk is watching all of this and writing down the license plate of the SUV.

At Wes' apartment, Ellen shows up.  She found out Katie called off their date.  After a brief pause, Ellen throws herself at Wes and they start ripping each others clothes off.

The next day, Wes tells Fuzzy that Ellen knows about the security firm and that she thinks a cop killed David. 

"Anyone in particular?"  Fuzzy wants to know.

"Not that I know of." 

"Ellen is getting closer." 

"Ellen doesn't even know you exist."

Despite that, Fuzzy says, "Take her out.  Make it look like an accident.  If you do that, then you're done."

Wes doesn't look happy at all.

Ellen!  Ruuuunnnnnnnnnnn......!


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