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March 11, 2009

"Damages" Recap: "New York Sucks" (2/18/09)

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Anastasia and Rose It's night time at Hewes, Inc. and Ellen Parsons is working late.  No one's around and the offices are dark except...as Ellen's coming down the stairs carrying law books she notices a light in her office.  She watches closely as the light goes off and Uncle Pete comes out.

Out in the hall is a rack of dry cleaning which Uncle Pete then wheels away. 

Flashback to the day Tommyhawk introduced Ellen to Uncle Pete.  He was pushing a rack of drying cleaning then as well.

Ellen goes in her office and looks around carefully.  The light on her computer is just going off and her monitor is warm.  Uncle Pete must have been using Ellen's computer to check his Facebook page.

In a meeting with her FBI posse, Ellen discusses the potential of flipping Uncle Pete.  Agents Mario and Glenn did a background check on him and found he's had run-ins with the law all his life.  Petty larceny, burglary, you name a "falling off the truck" kind of operation and he ran it.

Finally he got caught for running numbers.  Patty represented him, got his sentence reduced and Uncle Pete's been clean ever since.

That's as far as the FBI posse knows, but we know better.

Agent Mario says, "If Pete knows where Patty's skeletons are buried, we'll find them."

Opening Credits.

Patty's meeting with Frobisher and telling him she's arranged a press conference to announce him as the lead plaintiff in the Evil Empire lawsuit.  Frobisher hands over some sheets of paper.  They contain glowing phrases about himself that he wants Patty to say when she introduces him.

Good old Art.

Patty can barely keep from grinning as she reads.  "Isn't this laying it on a bit thick?"

Frobisher doesn't care.  He wants his reputation back and he's going to need Patty's help to get it.  Patty's like, okay, but you're gonna need more than a few kind words from the woman who prosecuted you as the root of all evil just a few months ago.

With the petulant look of a two year old, Frobisher says he knows how these things work and he's determined.  Since he left the hospital he's been seeking spiritual guidance and he has "clarity," now.  He knows he's made mistakes but Walter Kendrick is ten times worse than he is.  Kendrick strip mines right through kiddie playgrounds, while Art is a builder. 

Patty's like, sure I'll drop a few choice compliments at the press conference but you're going to have to hand over your books so I don't end up with my ass hanging out in court.

"I have nothing to hide," says Frobisher.


This scene is funny because Patty looks almost bored listening to Frobisher spout off about how much better he is than Kendrick, and Frobisher is so earnest it's hysterical.  After all, even though he stole his employees hard earned pension funds and ordered a guy to be killed, he's a man of integrity.


Into this happy scene walks an unsuspecting Ellen.  At the sight of Frobisher chatting comfortably with Patty, she's stunned. 

Patty smoothly re-introduces Frobisher to Ellen and then tells Ellen Art's the lead plaintiff for the Evil Empire lawsuit.  Ellen looks like she's going to be sick.

I'm feelin' ya' there, Ellen.

Cut to a big, black car parked on the street at night.  Inside are a blonde and her honey doing coke.  Some kind of screechy, noise is coming from the radio, purporting to be music.  The evening's going along just fine until a cop shines a flashlight into the car and then a badge.

The next day we're at the zoo and Kendrick is playing granddad to one of the most obnoxious TV kids I've seen in a long time.  It seems perfectly appropriate that she would be Kendrick's grandkid.

Kendrick is reading to Allison about the wonderful world of sea lions.  How they can read minds, build igloos and live for thousands of years on no food.  After ever sea lion fact, Allison's response is, "So."  And then when Kendrick tells her that sea lions have lived in New York longer than people, little Allison says, "Seals are stupid."

I think I've met this kid at the mall.

Kendrick corrects her, he was talking about sea lions.  Then he tries again, talking about how his grandfather came to New York from Scotland because it was a land of opportunities to rape and pillage the environment for profit.

Little Allison's response?  "I hate coming to New York."


"New York sucks!"

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to this week's episode title.

This generational bonding moment is interrupted by a phone call from Mr. Slick.  Evidently the coke head in the car was Kendrick's trader.  He and the hooker got busted.

Cut to Mr. Slick sitting with Kendrick on a park bench sometime later.  Slick says the trade didn't go through so Kendrick wants to cut the coke head loose.  Slick says not to be so hasty.  He had the coke head's charge taken care of but the hooker needs a lawyer they can trust.

Kendrick still wants to dump Cokey but Mr. Slick reminds Kendrick he's a man that likes to take risks.  If he wasn't, he'd still be in Appalachia "ruling over the toothless masses."

Man, the proud people of West Virginia are taking a real beating from these guys, in more ways than one.

Cut to a pastoral retreat.  There's green grass, rippling ponds and soft breezes.  Frobisher's there looking like Gandhi, in a white tunic and slacks.  With him is his spiritual adviser.  

"If you want to change your world, change yourself," says Frobisher's Guru Master.  "You need to be more self centered."

"I'm pretty selfish as it is."

Ha, ha, ha, ha!  I had to pick myself up off the floor after that one.

The Guru Master doesn't bat an eye and corrects Frobisher, "Not selfish, focused on oneself."

Ellen and Patty are in Patty's office and Ellen's pissed about Frobisher.  Patty's talking to Ellen as if she were little Allison, explaining that sometimes in the big legal world, we can't choose who are scumbag clients will be.  

But Ellen's like, uh remember David?  My poor, dead fiance who was brutally murdered on Frobisher's orders? 

Patty continues using her patronizing tone and says that if they keep Frobisher close, they may be able to get the information Ellen needs about David's murder. 

Ellen backs down slightly...but only slightly.  "You should have asked me first."

"But I didn't."

Ellen walks out.

Uncle Pete is at home mixing a nice warm Metamucil for his wife.  She's a sickly gal and sitting in the living room with her oxygen tank and her TV game shows. 

Meanwhile two young guys get out of a van and walk up to Pete's house.  One of them's bitching about working for Pete but the other's saying how Pete's like a grandfather to him.

When Pete's about to leave with the two guys, his wife asks him to stop at Keyfood on the way home and pick up some fresh fruit.

Pete must live in Queens.

Once outside Pete tells the two guys he'll have another shipment for them next week.  Down a nearby alley, the FBI posse is watching.  Agent Mario has the names of the two guys, Timothy and Michael, and Agent Glenn says they've got Pete sewn up.

Wes and Ellen are on the street scrutinizing one of her paper gun targets.  Her shooting's getting better and she and Wes joke around about how it's his fault if she sucks.  Ellen then asks Wes how he knows so much about guns.  Wes says his Dad was a "violent dude" who taught him about guns at a young age.

Wes tries pumping Ellen for information by asking about Frobisher.  Ellen refuses to talk about it and when she tries to turn the conversation back to Wes' background, he challenges her, basically asking what the heck they're doing together.

He wants to sleep with her, she knows he wants to sleep with her, and neither one of them will talk about how he wants to sleep with her.  Does Ellen want to sleep with him?  Ellen's not sure. 

He doesn't really say that of course, but that's the gist of the conversation.

Wes is like, well when you are sure, let me know.  In the meantime, we'll just stay non-sleeping together, platonic friends.  Same time next week.

Later, Katie and Ellen are sitting on the stoop of a brownstone talking about Elliot, the dead crooked cop.  Except they don't know he's dead.  Katie has a newspaper with Elliot's picture and a headline that says he's missing.  They're both pretty sure Elliot found out about Katie's internal affairs complaint, so he did a runner.

Katie's all apologetic, saying how she should have listened to Ellen and she's the best almost sister-in-law she's ever had.  Ellen doesn't blame Katie but basically says, next time bitch just keep your mouth shut and stick with the program. 

What Ellen has found out was that Elliot worked for a security firm that Frobisher used called Calder Protective Services. 

Back at Swamiland, Frobisher is communing with nature, sitting in the lotus position when Fuzzy the Killer shows up.  Frobisher wasn't expecting him, demanding how Fuzzy found him. 

Fuzzy doesn't bother answering but gets straight to giving orders.  He tells Frobisher he's going to pull out of the Evil Empire lawsuit and he's going to cut all ties to Patty Hewes.  See, Katie Connor's back and that means they're both in deep doo.

Frobisher's like, nah uh.  He's moved on, found peace, serenity, God, white tunics and he's not going down that short road paved to hell again.

Fuzzy's like, look, you started this whole thing and no matter what Master Guru is sayin', you're gonna have to finish it.

With a flourish of his white tunic, Frobisher rejects Fuzzy and everything he stands for, and walks away into the pastures of heaven.  Fuzzy doesn't like that at all.

In one of New York's many courthouses, Claire Maddox is defending Cokey's girlfriend on drug charges.  Claire looks like she'd rather be anywhere else but does what she's there to do and gets Coke Girl's charges reduced to probation.  In the back of the courtroom, Tommyhawk watches the proceedings with great interest.

Cut to Claire meeting Kendrick.  He's bitching about what to do with his grandkids in New York for a week.  Claire's answer?  Take 'em to a movie, that'll shut 'em up.  And by the way, why was I using my Ivy League law skills getting a two bit hooker off on a drug charge?  Kendrick doesn't tell her why but thanks her for her help. 

While she's got him in her debt, Claire presses the need for the Evil Empire's stock price to climb.  Kendrick tells Claire not to worry because he's expecting an influx of capital and once he gets it, all will be well.

Then it's night time and Kendrick's car pulls over to Chappy who's waiting on the street.  Kendrick gives Chappy a piece of paper with numbers on it.  Chappy asks what happened and Kendrick tells him the trader screwed up and they have to try again. 

Tommy tells Patty about Claire defending Coke Girl and they both wonder why someone of Claire's stature would take a case so beneath her.  Tommy correctly speculates that it was because of the second person in the car when Coke Girl got arrested.  That person's name was removed from the police report.  Patty orders Tommy to find Coke Girl and find out what she knows.

Cut to Chappy in the fancy Caddy.  He puts the numbers from the piece of paper in the navigation system and then gets out of the car.

The next morning, Cokey gets in the same car and writes down the numbers Chappy entered the night before.  Then he too gets out of the car. 

At Patty and Frobisher's press conference Patty is reciting some choice words from Art's script.  "Arthur Frobisher is a great American.  I've gotten to know him.  He is by nature a builder and an inspiring human being." 

As Patty says he's a builder, Frobisher lip syncs the words.  Hee, hee. 

Patty finishes her speech with, "Arthur Frobisher is my friend and my partner in this great cause."

Oh, how times have changed.

Frobisher then climbs up on his high horse and calls Kendrick a greedy CEO whose won't be satisfied until the Earth is a vast, toxic wasteland.  And the man in the white tunic, Arthur Frobisher is the man who will hold Kendrick accountable.

After checking into several escort services, Tommyhawk ends up with one Gabriella in a hotel room.  He's not interested in her many charms but in her potential for information.  He wants to know about Susie, aka Coke Girl and her repeat clients.  With a little more financial incentive, Gabriella says that Coke Girl's steady client is one Finn Garrity, aka Cokey.  He's supposed to be some kind of financial genius.

Tommy thanks Gabriella for the info and is about to leave when she offers him more than information for his money.  Tommy just stares.

Let me just go on record as saying I'm going to be very disappointed if I find out Tommyhawk took Gabriella up on her offer.   Don't let Deb and me down Tommy!

Over at Hewes, Inc, Patty's called Ellen into her office.  They're at the discovery phase of the lawsuit and Patty wants Ellen to assist Tommy.  Just then Uncle Pete comes in and offers them both some homemade Polish pastry.  It was made by Pete's wife of almost sixty years, Stefania. 

Patty tells Ellen she'll never taste anything better than Stefania's pastry. 


Pete leaves and Patty chows down.  Ellen asks if Uncle Pete is really Patty's Uncle Pete.  Patty responds that Pete is her mother's brother and "the most loyal man I'll ever know."

Timothy and Michael are at one of the many isolated New York spots where shady deals are done.  They're meeting two other guys and trying to sell a shipment of knockoff DVDs.  Once Timothy and Michael agree to seven grand for the shipment, the other two guys pull out guns and badges and announce they're Feds.

Cut to Agent Mario and Agent Glenn watching as Michael goes into a barber shop and hands Uncle Pete his cut of the money.  When Pete leaves, Ellen's FBI posse catches up and takes him into custody. 

At the precinct the Feds lay it out for him.  If Pete doesn't give them Patty Hewes he'll go to jail and his wife will die alone, watching her games shows.  Uncle Pete refuses.

The FBI posse tries convincing him, saying Patty doesn't care about him and would let him rot if it were up to her.  Uncle Pete tells them to go to hell because he would be out on the street if it weren't for Patty. 

That's fine and good, Agent Glenn says, but you're gonna have to screw somebody.  "Give us Patty or abandon your dying wife."

What they want him to do is tell Patty he needs cash to pay off the cops.  Pete says he's got a better plan.  He's got evidence against Patty and he can take the Feds to it right now.  The evidence is in a storage locker and he has to go home to get the key.  But first he has to stop and get some strawberries for Stefania. 

Patty's in her office chatting with Tommy.  She wants to know if he had fun with his hooker.  Tommy swears that all they did was talk and he was home by ten o'clock.

I hope you're not lying to me Tommyhawk.

Tommy then gives Patty the info on Cokey.  He's a commodities trader, supposedly brilliant and definitely a big time head case.  He also trades exclusively in the energy market.

Speak of the devil, there's Cokey now.  He's having his mid-morning snort and watching financial tickers on a computer.  He's doing a countdown as Coke Girl watches from the bed.  At the end of his countdown, Cokey makes a trade.  As he undresses, Coke Girl asks what all the computer stuff is about and Cokey says it's all about money and nothing that your stupid little brain would ever understand.  Then he tells her to face the wall 'cause he wants to do it doggie syle.

What a slug.

Mr. Slick calls Kendrick and says the trade went through.  Kendrick is pleased.  He's still with those obnoxious grandkids and asks them who wants ice cream. 

Patty and Ellen are at Hewes, Inc.  Patty tells Ellen about the security service Frobisher kept on retainer and that the missing/dead cop, Elliot worked for it.  Ellen's grateful for the info and understands she wouldn't have gotten it if Patty hadn't taken on Frobisher as a client. 

Cut to Wes getting in a car with Fuzzy the Killer.  He gives Wes files on Agent Mario and Agent Glenn, and says they're FBI.  Wes says since Ellen's a lawyer there are any number of reasons she could have been meeting with the Feds. 

Fuzzy asks about Ellen's sudden interest in learning how to shoot.  Wes, who's being surprisingly protective of Ellen says she wants to learn to shoot because she's scared. 

When Fuzzy asks what Ellen knows about Elliot, the missing/dead cop, Wes says he can't get her to talk about it.  After all he can't be too pushy because Ellen ain't no dummy.  She'll see through that right away.  He's gonna have to back off a little and let her come to him.  

Fuzzy's like, if Ellen's not talking, they'll have to try and get the info from someone else.  Namely Katie Connor.

And there's Katie Connor now.  She and Ellen are at a bar/lounge having drinks when who should they spot but Wes!  What's he doing there?

Ellen calls him over and the three of them chat like old friends.  Katie's talking about how she broke up with boyfriend Mark, when Ellen gets a call from Agent Glenn.  Ellen moves away from the table and Agent Glenn tells her they arrested Pete and Patty's going down.  Ellen thanks him for the heads up and watches Katie and Wes from across the room.

At Pete's house, Stefania gets her strawberries, Pete gets the keys for the storage unit and the FBI posse gets introduced as clients of Patty's.  After Pete gives Stefania her pills, he jokes with her about not smoking while he's gone and they're off.

Pete and the posse drive up to a storage unit and he opens it up.  Gesturing to a trunk on a shelf, Pete says that's where the evidence against Patty is stored. 

We cut to Stefania watching TV and having trouble breathing.  She uses her inhaler but still isn't getting relief.  She gets up and goes in the bathroom.  There's a note on the mirror.

At the storage unit the posse takes down the trunk and open it.  It's empty. 

Stefania sees pill bottles on the bathroom floor and they're empty. 

Cut to Pete collapsing and gagging in the storage unit. 

Then Stefania on the bathroom floor crying, the open note in her hand.  It says, "I'm sorry. Pete."

Definitely the most loyal man Patty's ever met.


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