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February 14, 2009

Sometimes Out Of Death Comes Life: Happy Birthday Megan's Minute!

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Sometimes out of death comes life. 

A month before I started Megan's Minute, a good friend of mine, I'll call him CR, had a stroke and died.  He was 59 years old.

He was a brilliant, funny, often infuriating man who lived and breathed, photography, film and literature.  He was proudly anti-social, unapologetically liberal and would have been as astounded as anyone to see that a black man was now President of the United States.

CR was also an incredible writer, but when he died, his novel was unpublished and his screenplays unmade.  Only those of us who knew him well knew what a wonderfully entertaining and imaginative writer he was.

The last time I saw CR was months before he died.  My last contact with him was exchanged emails the Christmas before he died saying how we had to get together soon.

After hearing of his death, I was devastated that the "get together" would never happen.  And mixed in with the grief of his loss was the thought that no one else would ever read his work.

Why am I telling you this?

It's simple.  I've always believed myself to be a writer.  I've written stories, screenplays, and portions of novels, but never had the courage or the commitment to jump in feet first and find out if I had what it took to make a living as a writer.

After CR died, I discovered I desperately needed for someone to read my work.  Even if it was only five people whose names I never knew.

I'd already been considering blogging thanks to my friend Island Girl.  And after CR died, that was the push I needed to get me past the fear of my work not being good enough, or perfect enough, or whatever.

I chose Valentine's Day 2007 for my first post because it was a Valentine to myself.  A commitment to myself, my work and what I hoped would be a new future.

So at 11:55PM--it took me until the end of the day to summon my courage--I clicked "post" and  my first Megan's Minute post went live.

That post was about how Valentine's Day became more fun when my surrogate daughter Cara was born.  It's also her birthday today and she's turning into a little old lady of six.

Happy Birthday Cara!

But it wasn't until my second post that I described as best I could what I was attempting to accomplish with my humble little blog.

Since then, what an eye-opener all of this has been!

I've told people that when I started Megan's Minute, all I really knew about blogging was how to spell the word "blog."

More than 102,000 hits and 515 posts later, I'm proud to say I know a heck of a lot more than that.

I'm now the Television Contributing Editor for BlogHer, posting over there at least one a week. I was blogging for a blog called Video Runway for a year, but the time pressures became too much and I had to give that one up.

I've been to two BlogHer conferences, the big one last year in San Francisco and a smaller one last year in Boston.  The result was meeting some incredibly talented women bloggers and connecting with women who are just getting into blogging.

I'm now on Twitter and loving that.  I'm also on Facebook but still can't figure out how to make it work for me.  Give me some time.

I now read a bunch of blogs, some of which you can find in my blogroll in my sidebar---do check them out, they're worth it.

I started this blog saying I wasn't going to limit myself in any way.  My day job was limiting enough so this was going to be my fun.  In fact whenever blogging no longer felt like fun, I knew I needed to make adjustments and I did. 

I discovered that because I have opinions about everything, but I work in the media, I gravitated toward writing about television, movies, politics, racial and women's issues and anything else that got me fired up.

Handbag Of The Month has been lots of fun, though as I'm sure you've noticed I can't always get to it every month.  I've written about my surrogate kids Cara and Milos, and of course my beloved Daisy. Tennis is never far off my radar and my TV recaps have been a source of great fun.  Who knew when I started doing "Damages" recaps that they would become such a hit?

I've gotten people angry, I've made some mistakes, but I've always tried to write honestly and with integrity.  When I've made mistakes, I've corrected them, and when I've angered people, I've tried to deal with them with respect and courtesy.

This blog reflects who I am and the words I always come back to when thinking about it are pride and satisfaction.

I'm incredibly proud of what I've been able to accomplish with Megan's Minute and it gives me enormous satisfaction to know that a few more than five people have read it.

I'm working hard to become a better writer and hence a better blogger and I'm going to be asking you guys to give me some feedback in the next few weeks about what you think I can do to make Megan's Minute better and more valuable for you.

In the meantime I thank all of you who've taken the time to read what I post and often to comment.  You'll never know how valuable your support has been and how much I appreciate it.

So Happy Birthday Megan's Minute!

And yeah...Happy Valentine's Day!


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