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February 05, 2009

"Lost" Explodes With Answers

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Evangeline Lilly

"Lost" this season is giving us so many answers to plot questions I can't keep track of them all, but I'm going to touch on some highlights.

***Major Spoilers Ahead, Stop Now If You Haven't Watched Last Night's Episode***

Reveal:  The whole time popping business is a brilliant plot and not only explains a lot but also allows the producers and writers to go wherever and whenever they want.  That means we can see Shannon or Boone or Charlie again.  And by having Desmond as Daniel's constant, there's the possibility that Daniel will be able to communicate with the outside world through Desmond.

Questions This Reveal Brings Up:  Why do the Oceanic Six and Locke need to go back to save their fellow survivors?  What will their going back do?  Is Charlotte, who I can't stand, gonna die before she makes me nuts?  How long is it going to take Sawyer and Juliet to hook up just from the stress?

Questions This Reveal Answers:   Why Widmore is so obsessed with the island.  Why he thinks Ben stole it from him.  Why Richard went to see Locke as a kid. 

Daniel dae kim Reveal:  Jin is alive!  Thank the "Lost" Gods!  I was going to be very upset if Jin was really dead.  Even though I figured he was coming back sometime I had no idea that was him floating on that piece of wreckage.

Questions This Reveal Brings Up:  How's he going to deal with the popping in and out of time business without Daniel to explain what's going on?  How long is he going to be with Danielle and her crew before he gets zapped somewhere else?  Will Sun kill Ben before she finds out Jin is alive?

Questions This Reveal Answers:  Whether or not Jin was really dead.  Obviously he was within the island's zone when it was moved.

Reveal:  Last week we learned Charles Widmore was an Other.  And as a young hothead Other he was ready to chop off Juliet's hand just to prove a point.  

Questions This Reveal Brings Up:  Why did Widmore leave the island?  When did he leave the island?  How did he leave the island?

Questions This Reveal Answers:  Why couldn't Widmore or Ben kill each other?  Because of Other rules, they'd then have to be severely punished.  That's why Ben is going to go after Penny instead.

Reveal:  Daniel goes back in time to when the Dharma Stations were being built.

Questions This Reveal Brings Up:  How did he get there?  When does he go?

Questions This Reveal Answers:   Not many.

God I love this show!


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