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February 06, 2009

For Valentine's Day: Five Great Movie Sex Scenes

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Couple kissing with hearts

Heart pounding passion, nude bodies in motion, roving hands and searching lips:  all elements of a good movie sex scene.  Toss in a decent plot and compelling emotions and that sex scene becomes great.  So in honor of Valentine's Day, here in alphabetical order are five great movie sex scenes.

Body Heat (1981) - William Hurt, Kathleen Turner:  "You're not too smart, are you?  I like that in a man."  That's what Matty Walker says to Ned Racine right after meeting him in this modern day film noir.  (Hurt is currently playing Daniel Purcell in my recap bait, "Damages.")

Matty's an unhappily married woman with murder on her mind and Ned is a shady lawyer on the prowl during a Florida heat wave.  Their verbal foreplay leads to a scene where Ned follows Matty to her palatial house to see her collection of wind chimes.  Their mutual attraction crackles in the warm hot wind, but Matty asks Ned to leave because she knows she's "weak."

Ned walks out to his car and then changes his mind.  Too late, he tries the front door but it's locked.  Standing just inside is Matty staring at him wearing her bright red skirt, matching red lipstick and open necked white blouse.  Like a man possessed, Ned moves around the side of the house, trying any way he can to get in.  When he gets to a pair of French doors, he grabs a patio chair and sends it crashing through the glass.  Matty flinches in shock and passionate expectation as Ned strides over and grabs her.  Before long, Matty's on her back and the red skirt is no barrier to Ned.  "Please Ned, do it," she begs.  And he does.

Brokeback Mountain (2005) - Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal:  This movie is known as the cowboy love story because it's about two men who meet while working for a sheep rancher. 

Jack and Ennis have sex for the first time in a tent on the mountain and man, is it something.  It's Jack who initiates the sexual encounter, and a resistant and startled Ennis soon succumbs.   It's startling because we're not used to seeing two men in a loving sex scene in the movies.  It's also startling because it's very hot and very sexy.  Just the sound of Jack unbuckling his pants is incredibly erotic and I have to admit all that denim, leather and cowboy sweat was enough to get me hot and bothered.  Ledger and Gyllenhaal  have great chemistry in the film and commit to the characters completely.   They make the sex and the love story believable and compelling. 

How Stella Got Her Groove Back (1998) - Angela Bassett, Taye Diggs:  Stella's an executive on vacation in Jamaica, Winston's 20 years her junior and trying to find himself.  They meet and soon their vacation fling turns to love.  Now can I tell just you, between the gorgeous scenery and the blinding beauty of Taye Diggs and Angela Bassett, this movie is erotic without any sex at all.  So when there is sex, look out.

After Stella and Winston have an argument, Winston is naked in the shower and Stella goes to him.  She opens the shower door and we're treated to a back view of Winston's strong, naked, muscular body.  Stella is wearing a short nightie but that doesn't stop her from getting under the shower and gently rubbing soap on Winston's back.  He breathes in the steam from the shower and Stella turns him toward her.  She tilts her head under the water before kissing him.  They embrace and their kissing becomes more fervent.  The scene ends with them in bed, their arms locked around each other.

The Big Easy (1987) - Dennis Quaid, Ellen Barkin:  Set down in New Orleans, or the Big Easy as it's called, this is the story of a southern cop, Remy and a northern assistant district attorney, Anne, sent to investigate a murder and police corruption.  In the process these two do a sweltering Zydeco dance of the heart that ends up in the bedroom one night. 

Remy is all southern charm with his "Cheres" and "Honeys" and Anne though reluctant at first becomes more than willing to be seduced.  What's great about this scene is we see almost no skin and it's the dialogue that fuels the passion.  While slow Zydeco plays in the background, Remy's smooth, predatory smile and whispered endearments have the two steaming up the windows in no time. 

They end up on the bed, he without his shirt and she still wearing her prim little pearls.  He guides her hand along his body but she protests, "I'm not very good at this."  She scrambles to the edge of the bed saying she's too nervous and can't relax. 

We get a closeup of Anne's face as Remy strokes her from behind. "Don't be embarrassed.  This is the Big Easy.  Folks have a certain way of doing things down here."  He continues stroking her and before long his hand is under her skirt. 

Anne gently says, "Stop that."

Remy says, "Stop that," he moves his hand, "Or that?" 

Anne gasps and Remy brings her back down to the bed.  She slips her hands under the waistband of his pants and...that's when his beeper goes off.   It seems investigating a triple murder will have to come before sex.  Anne says it's okay because she "never did have much luck with sex anyway." 

Remy promises that when he comes back, "You're luck's about to change, Chere." 

Pass the gumbo.

Unfaithful  (2002) -  Diane Lane, Richard Gere, Olivier Martinez:  This is the story of a suburban housewife, Connie who literally blows into her future lover, Paul on a New York street during a turbulent wind storm.  The two are immediately attracted and despite her efforts to resist Connie becomes more and more enticed by Paul's quiet charm.

There are quite a few sex scenes to choose from in this movie because this couple is unfaithful all over the place:  in a coffee shop, in his apartment hallway.  The couple's first sexual encounter however takes place inside Paul's apartment.  Paul and Connie begin dancing to the slow, sweet sounds of African music.   When the intense feelings become too much, Connie leaves only to return moments later for her coat.  Before she can leave again Paul feverishly kisses her. 

We next see Connie on a nearly empty commuter train going home and remembering her encounter with Paul.  We flashback to Paul and Connie in bed, her stomach quivering as he touches her.  He strokes his fingers up her thigh as Connie cringes in guilt and embarrassment.   Moving on top of her, Paul orders her to hit him.  Connie taps his face.  Paul insists she to do it again.  This time she slaps him, hard.  Suddenly the two are in a frenzy and can't do the deed fast enough.  We flash forward to Connie, intermittently laughing and crying on the train as she remembers it all. 

Honorable Mention 

When Harry Met Sally (1989) - Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan:  It's not actual sex, but it's so close it's become a cinematic classic.  When Harry's skeptical about how easy Sally says it is for women to fake an orgasm, Sally proves her point in the middle of a crowded deli, giving a bravura performance of a woman brought to the brink of shrieking ecstasy.  Harry's convinced and the scene ends when a fellow lunch patron tells her waiter, "I'll have what she's having."

Be sure to check in next Friday for my list of great movie love scenes.

I don't smoke, but can I have a cigarette now?

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