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February 18, 2009

"Damages" Recap: "I Agree, It Wasn't Funny" (2/4/09)

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Rose Byrne

Patty gets suspicious of Ellen this week and because of that, things are starting to cook.

We open with Patty and Ellen at a ritzy spa.  All decked out in cushy white robes and relaxing on plush recliners, these two women of the law look like any pair of girlfriends out for a spa day.

But we know better.

Ellen thanks Patty for the spa invite and says she's been worried about her, what with Danny's betrayal and all.  Patty's like, Danny who?

Not believing Patty's nonchalance, Ellen says Patty must be angry.

Patty then goes into one of the great Patty monologues of the whole series.  She tells Ellen how she chooses a case. 

"It starts with a seed of anger.  I can feel it in my hands and my chest.  And that seed has to be nurtured and cultivated until it grows into a full blown rage." She grins broadly.  "Then I know that I can't turn back.  I have no choice but to take the case because the rage doesn't abate ..."

"Until someone's punished," Ellen finishes Patty's thought.

Patty asks, "Do you feel that too?"

"I've begun to, recently." 

A spa lady serves them drinks.

Patty tells Ellen that although Danny betrayed her, he's a minor cog in the machinery of the Evil Empire and she's going after them.  If Danny gets his little cog-ass crushed in the process, so be it.

Speaking of the cog, Danny's coming out of his townhouse with a real estate agent.  He's put the house up for sale and doesn't care what price the agent gets for it, he just wants it gone.

The agent says something about it not being a seller's market.  What she doesn't say is that the market prospects get worse when the crime scene cleaners are still trying to get a murdered woman's blood out of the kitchen floor.

Danny doesn't care, he just wants it sold.

We flashback five weeks to the conversation Danny and Christine had on the stoop. The one where she says if the Evil Empire is making people sick, Danny's got to stop them. 

Next we're in Danny's car after the gala and Danny tells Christine he's not gonna say anything.  He made a deal and the Evil Empire is going to leave them alone.

Cut to Danny and Christine arguing in the kitchen after the gala.  Christine says if Danny doesn't stop the Evil Empire, she will.

Flash forward to Danny walking down the steps of the townhouse.

Opening Credits.

Kendrick is on a TV talk show touting a merger between the Evil Empire and some other company.  It's gonna be great for him, great for the companies, and great for life as we know it.

Patty, Ellen and Tommyhawk are watching Kendrick's performance in Patty's office.  They're speculating that the merger must be the reason Kendrick was so desperate to hide the aerosite contamination.  Ellen makes the point that without Danny they don't have much on Kendrick.  And Tommyhawk adds that if the merger goes through, the Evil Empire will have twice the resources to fight any lawsuit.

The consensus?  They have to stop the merger.  Patty sends Tommy off to get background info on the Evil Empire's legal history.  Just as Tommy's about to leave he asks Patty if she's invited Ellen.  Ellen's like, invited Ellen where?

It seems Patty's throwing Tommy a ten year anniversary party at her apartment.  That's right, it's been ten years since Tommyhawk sold his soul to the Hewes devil.

Patty tells Ellen she knows she hasn't been back to the apartment since the attempt on her life and she would totally understand if Ellen didn't want to come.  It's a "friendly invite," not a work commitment. 

"Whatever you decide," Patty says as she touches Ellen lightly on the shoulder and then leaves. 

Douglas Shiff of the Energy Commission is in a meeting with Kendrick and asking about the ramifications of the Evil Empire's merger.  The camera pulls out and we see that Danny is there as well.  When Shiff asks him about the testing he did and the report he put together, Danny declares the Evil Empire to be safe and wonderful.

The merger won't present any harm to the environment in any way, shape or form.  No risks, no death, no fish with three eyes, no people with festering skin...nothing.   Nothing.  At. All.

At her apartment, Ellen's meeting with her FBI posse.  She's telling them about the party and how she has no interest whatsoever in going back to Patty's apartment.  Agent Glenn and Agent Mario leave the decision up to her, but if she does go, they want her to take her buggy BlackBerry.

Back at the Energy Commission, Patty is meeting with Shiff and badmouthing the Evil Empire.  All Patty's info is news to Shiff.  She goes on to explain how she's out to sink Kendrick's merger but that she'll get nowhere in West Virginia because Kendrick has the whole state hierarchy in his pocket.  Shiff and the Energy Commission are the only ones who can help stop Kendrick.

Shiff says he needs to make a decision in two weeks and if Patty wants his help, she's going to need to show him proof.  Patty tells Shiff if he stalls the merger, two weeks is all the time she'll need.

In a penthouse office with a gorgeous New York City view, Kendrick is meeting with Chappy.  By the way, I had no idea Chappy was played by "Saturday Night Live" comic Darrell Hammond until Shaz told me in a comment.   Thank you Shaz.

Who knew Hammond could play it straight?  And creepy. 

Anyway, Kendrick is sick of Shiff's stalling and wants to know if Chappy found any dirt on him.  Chappy says he's as clean as a whistle.  "He has no extracurriculars, he's spotless." 

Then with a psycho gleam in his eye he says, "I could get creative." 

Kendrick's like, no don't.  He sends Chappy on his way but tells him to keep in touch.

We cut to some kind of cushy men's club.  Someone's being roasted by a second rate comic and the boozed up, all male audience is enjoying the show.  The show gets even better when we see Kendrick dressed in drag!  It seems he was voted club president and this is the club's way of welcoming him into the fold.

Kendrick's one ugly woman, decked out in a blue sequined dress and a black and white feather boa.  To complete the ensemble, he's got on a rat's nest wig and is smoking a cigar.

The comic:  "You wear a skirt better than any president we've had since your grandfather  But of course he turned out to be a fag!"

Ha, ha, ha, ha...

In the audience, there's only one guy who's not laughing.  He's a slick looking black guy in a dark pinstriped suit.

The comic makes a joke about Claire Maddox and how he'd love to nail her, but it would be like "tossing a hot dog down a hallway."

Ha, ha, ha, ha...

Kendrick laughs along with everyone else, still puffing on his cigar.

The comic continues his shtick with stuff about West Virginia and people marrying their cousins when he gets to the finale joke:  Why do birds fly over West Virginia upside down?  Because there's nothing there worth shitting on!

Ha, ha, ha, ha...

Show over.

Cut to the men's room and the comic is at a urinal.  Kendrick comes in, still in drag.  The comic tells Kendrick he was warned to tone down his act, but what the hell, it's tradition.  Nothing personal mind you.  And by the way, you're a terrific sport...

He can't finish the statement because Kendrick kidney punches him, and man, even I felt it.  Kendrick gets in a couple more shots 'til the comic is flat on the floor in pain.

In walks Mr. Slick from the audience.  He looks down at the comic and then up at Kendrick.

"I agree.  It wasn't funny."

Now that was funny!

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to this week's episode title.

Kendrick tells Mr. Slick, Patty leaked info to the Energy Commission and it's threatening the merger.  Mr. Slick asks how he can help.

I guess that scene was meant to tell us that Kendrick is a guy you don't want to play around with.  I still kind of found it weird.

Cut to Ellen in an elevator and the doors open right into Patty's apartment.  Ellen turns on her buggy BlackBerry as we hear the same elevator bell that was part of the soundtrack of the opening sequence of the "Damages" pilot.  Ding...ding...ding...

In the apartment there's latin/island music playing and What's His Name hands her a glass of champagne as he greets her in the living room.  Ellen takes a sip and looks around.  Tommy is there with his pregnant wife Deb.  We haven't seen her since "A Regular Earl Anthony."

Tommy re-introduces Deb to Ellen and they chat about the impending baby and ten years with Patty.  Ellen congratulates them and tells Tom, "It's amazing you survived." 

Not the impending baby, but Patty.

Tommy kisses the little wife and says it's because of Deb.  That and because he's real good at doing Patty's flunky work. 

Though, I really should take that back.  Tommy hasn't acted like a flunky once this season so maybe it's time I cut him some slack.  We'll see.

As she puts her New York cocktail party skills to good use, Ellen is clearly uncomfortable.  She talks a little too brightly and appears to be forcing cordiality in a situation which is obviously awful for her.   As Tommy asks a passing waiter for another drink, Ellen starts to get flashbacks of when she was attacked. 

This time however we see the guy's face as he prowls around the apartment and then as he and Ellen struggle. 

At the party Ellen gets jumpy when a couple come over to greet Tommy.  Corey's locked out on the patio barking and that flashes Ellen back to the other time when Corey was locked out on the patio barking as Ellen fought for her life.  We see flashes off the knife and hear Ellen screaming.

Ellen takes another sip of champagne and strolls around the room.  Uncle Pete comes up to her and says he's been told by Patty to organize the speeches.  He wants Ellen to make one.  "Nothing fancy, just say a few words after dinner."  

Ellen looks panicked and starts to stammer that she hasn't prepared anything when Uncle Pete is like, gotcha!  "You know Patty hates speeches." 

Ha, ha, ha...

Pete walks away chuckling.  Ellen watches him go, looking like she wants to take a page out of Kendrick's book and ram her champagne glass through his Adam's apple.

There's a very modern pink stool/table in front of a sofa when Ellen spots it she remembers crashing over stool when she was fighting her attacker.  As the two of them land on the floor Ellen gets up all bloody and the knife is sticking out of her attacker's chest.

Just then Patty walks up and welcomes Ellen back to the scene of the crime.   She's wearing a very pretty white blouse with a mandarin collar and tiny black buttons down the front.  Patty asks if Ellen's okay and Ellen says she's fine.  They toast, drink, and smile at each other.

Cut to Ellen firing a gun at a shooting range.  She's with Wes.  He retrieves the target and they discover Ellen didn't hit it once.  Wes jokes that the guy on the target at least looks terrified.  Ellen however is determined:  "I'm not leaving until I cap this asshole."  Heh.

When Ellen and Wes are leaving he asks her why she wants to learn to shoot.  Ellen confides to him about being attacked the night poor, dear David was murdered.  Wes asks if Frobisher's people went after her and she says she's doesn't know.  What she does know is that she doesn't want to feel that vulnerable again.  She thanks him for the lesson and says she'll meet him again next week. 

She leaves and Wes immediately gets on his cellphone.  He tells the person on the other end, "Suddenly she wants to learn how to use a gun.  I don't know if you're safe."

Flash forward to the tracking shot down the hallway to Ellen's apartment door.  It's five months later.  Ellen opens the door and there's Wes.  She says something about telling him he couldn't be at her apartment today.  He says he had to see her.  She's like, is everything okay?  Yep, everything's fine...and he grabs her and kisses her.

Flashback to Patty's husband, What's His Name talking business with some business-types on the street as they leave a building.  Mr. Slick, whose real name is Dave Powell, is sitting in a car and What's His Name strolls over.  Mr. Slick has recently joined the private sector and after What's His Name verbally back slaps him, Mr. Slick gets down to business.  He warns What's His Name that there's something he should know about Patty.

Back at Chez Hewes, Patty comes home and Corey nips at her heels in greeting.  What's His Name also greets her and tells her about Mr. Slick's visit.  Evidently Slick said that a lot of people in the business world want to take Patty down.  Patty's like, tell me something I don't know.

Yeah, but Mr. Slick said, now they've started pulling in Washington favors to help.  Patty asks if that means she's under investigation.  What's His Name doesn't know but suggests she keep her nose clean.  Patty takes a healthy swig from her wine glass.

The next day, Patty's meeting with Uncle Pete and he's telling her she has nothing to worry about.  He doesn't leave loose ends and he's never left her vulnerable.  "From day one, you've been insulated." 

Patty still looks worried.  She says she's concerned about loose ends that go back to the old firm.   Uncle Pete's declares the only one that can hurt Patty is Ellen Parsons.  After all she brought in that poisonous infant mortality case.  Patty hasn't forgotten.

Pete then tells Patty to ask herself why Ellen would come back to work after all she went though.  It doesn't make any sense.

Uh oh.

Patty goes to see Ellen in her office.  She asks her questions about the infant mortality case.  What was Agent Monique's name?  How did Ellen find her?  Who was the referral from the grief counseling group?

Ellen plays it cool but gives Patty her rehearsed answers.  She says she can't give the name of the referral from the grief counseling group because the woman insisted on privacy.

Patty looks all concerned.  She's just afraid that someone was trying to set Ellen up, because something about that case just never felt right.  By the way, it was lovely having you over the other night and I hope you had a good time. 

Ellen's like, yeah, sure Patty, I had a fabulous time returning to the scene where I almost came to a bloody end.  Other than that, wonderful party. 

Patty gives that shark-like smile of hers and says she's glad.

Cut to Uncle Pete getting in an elevator and he's on his cellphone.  He tells someone that Patty's getting nervous and it's about Ellen.  They need to take action.

Double, uh oh.

Ellen meets her FBI posse on the street and tells them nothing useful happened at Tommy's party.  Agent Glenn's cellphone rings.  He looks at the number and ignores it.  You just know one of these calls from the soon to be ex-wife is going to be a big deal at some point.  Either that or the ex-wife to be is going to be revealed as someone we already know.  Just sayin'.

Also I'm lovin' Ellen's outfit in this scene.  It's a sleeveless black dress accompanied by a beautiful black leather handbag.  I found out from the very nice people at the "Damages" press office that the bag is the Marc Jacobs Roxanne Bowler and can be found at Barneys New York.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I think I've found March's Handbag Of The Month!

Anyway, Ellen tells them that Patty's getting paranoid.  Agent Mario suggests they all take a walk.  They do, but look out, because they're being followed by a guy in an ugly straw hat and striped t-shirt.

Back at Chez Hewes, What's His Name is leaving for London.  Patty asks him to read over the Evil Empire's financial report while he's away.  She wants his take on it.  They kiss and he's outta there.

At the office, Patty's holding a meeting in the conference room and bolstering the troops.  They have less than a week to get their stuff together so they can stop that merger.

Ellen is sitting on Patty's left and reaches into her bag while Patty's talking so she can check her cellphone.  It's Agent Glenn calling, but Ellen shuts off the phone and leaves it in her bag.  When Patty finishes her speech, she gets up to leave and then barks, "Ellen!  In my office."

Ellen hustles after her.  As soon as they're in her office, Patty orders Ellen to shut the door.  She's pissed off because Ellen dared to check her cellphone while Patty was talking.  Ellen apologizes but Patty won't be appeased.

"What do you have in your life that's more important than work?  Patty demands. 

Hee, hee.

Ellen says there is nothing more important than the world of Patty Hewes and Hewes, Inc. 

Patty:  Who called? 

Ellen:  I was late for a meeting. 

Patty:  With who? 

Ellen:  Counseling. 

Patty:  I thought you stopped going. 

Ellen:  To group.  I'm going to individual twice a week during lunch.

Patty:  You're excused, then.  Leave!

Spanish inquisition over.

What's His Name is lying on a bed in his London hotel room reading the Evil Empire's financial statement.  A woman in sexy lingerie comes sauntering out of the bathroom rubbing lotion on her hands.  What's His Name is saying that the financial report doesn't make any sense.  His American chippy on the side asks if he wants her to look at it.

So she's sexy and business savvy.  If she's a hooker, he must be paying top dollar.

"Tell me if you see what I see?" 

"Is this for Patty?"

"It's for a case," he says.  "It's these numbers..."

The chippy takes the report from him and tosses it aside.  She takes off his glasses and kisses him.  I guess she'll look at the numbers later.

Okay, I've made an executive decision.  Since they've given What's His Name at least two separate scenes without Patty in them, I'll start calling him by his real name, Patty's Husband.

No, no, no...just kidding!  I'll call him Phil.

Back in New York, Michael's in the kitchen when Patty strolls in, half asleep, in her pajamas.  She doesn't seem to know what time it is, where Phil is, or what the heck is going on. 

Michael sets her straight:  Phil's in London, will return on Saturday.

Patty still doesn't look like she remembers, but we mercifully move on to the meat of the scene.  When Phil gets back he's meeting Michael in Amherst to look at colleges. 

Patty asks how the applications are going and if Michael showed his essay to Phil.  Since Michael wrote about Danny being his long lost Daddy, no he didn't show it to Phil.

Patty then lays down the edict that Michael can never see Danny again.  Michael's like, yeah, right.  You hide him from me all my life, then pop him out like the cork of a champagne bottle and everything is sunshine and roses.  Now that he's screwed you over, you want me to forget he exists.

"He betrayed you Mom.  You're human.  Get over it."

Short and to the point.

We're in Shiff's office.  He's on the phone with Patty telling her she has nothing to worry about, the merger is dead.

Ellen's on her cellphone on the street and asking her FBI posse to meet me at the hotel.   Straw Hat Guy is following a few feet behind her. 

Mr. Slick shows up at Shiff's office.  He's got a joke.  Why do birds fly upside down over the state of West Virginia?

Shiff's like, do they? 

That's what I would have said!

Mr. Slick says, "Now you runied it."  Heh.

Shiff asks what Mr. Slick is doing there.  Mr. Slick says he's there to talk about Shiff's career.

When Ellen gets to the hotel she tells Agent Glenn and Agent Mario that she's being followed.  She's seen Straw Hat Guy twice in two days and it wasn't a coincidence.  They want her to write up a description.  

Can I just thank the writers for knowing that any woman who's lived in New York more than six months would definitely know if she's being followed?  Thank you writers for not making Ellen dumb. 

Ellen then gives her posse the other bad news:  Patty may be on to her because she's asking about the infant mortality case.  Agent Mario and Agent Glenn don't like that at all.  Ellen doesn't care, she wants more time to work on Patty.

Straw Hat Guy is sitting in the driver's seat of a car on the street.  Someone gets in and its...Wes!  Straw Hat Guy takes out pictures of Ellen with the FBI posse and tells Wes his girl gets around.  He suggests Ellen's meeting a couple of lawyers, but Wes correctly pegs them as Feds.

Patty storms into Shiff's office wanting to know why he did a one eighty and authorized the merger?  Shiff says it's because Mr. Slick told him too.  No, no...that's not what he really says.  He says Patty couldn't give him proof of fraudulent activity.   Patty's like, you know that report is a phony.  Shiff sympathizes but says without evidence, his hands are tied.  Literally.  By Mr. Slick.

Cut to Kendrick and Purcell on the roof of a building overlooking a view of the city.  We can see the top of the Chrysler building in the distance.  Kendrick tells Danny the merger is going though and he's all happy and jolly about it.  He aIso sees big things for Danny and wants him to come and officially work for the Evil Empire.  

Danny says he doesn't care about his own future, but he does care about his daughter's.  He also reminds Kendrick that he promised to clean up the mess in West Virginia and stop using aerosite.  Kendrick smiles and says he will.

Oh, I believe that, don't you?

Danny declines the offer to work for the Evil Empire, but somehow it appears that Kendrick ain't gonna let him off the hook.  He mentions what happened to Danny's wife and how now, he and Danny have a partnership.

Uncle Pete comes into Patty's office and he's got info on Monique Bryant, aka Agent Monique.  Pete checked into her background and she was indeed 48 years old and lost a baby.  All the hospital records checked out.

Patty's like, so Ellen's in the clear.

Well, not quite.  Agent Monique was black.  The woman in the hospital and in the picture Pete shows Patty is clearly a white woman.

See, now if this is the best background cover story the FBI posse could come up with, they seriously need to get their asses back to Quantico.

Uncle Pete goes on an anti-Ellen rant.  She's a liability, I've always said so, you can't trust her...blah, blah, blah...

Patty's phone buzzes.  She picks up the phone and listens, then glances over at Pete.

Cut to Patty and Ellen.  Patty wants to know what was so important.  Ellen says she knows Patty doesn't trust her and she wants to come clean.  Ellen tells Patty she was approached by the FBI the previous night and they want her to help bring down Patty. 

Agent Glenn and Agent Mario are listening to the conversation from one of those tricked out FBI listening vans.  Glenn's like, this isn't the plan we agreed to.   Agent Mario holds up a finger signaling for him to listen and see how it plays out.

Back with Ellen and Patty, Ellen tells Patty the FBI wanted to use her as an informant.  Patty asks what they had as leverage.  Ellen tells her the Feds have pictures of her leaving Hewes, Inc. the night of Ray Fiske's suicide.  And remember, they never told the police that Ellen was there that night. 

But Ellen, noble, loyal to Patty, Ellen told them to "go screw themselves." 

"That was ballsy," Patty says.

Ellen's like, she knew whatever they had on her wouldn't stick.  She's also now certain the infant mortality case was a setup to catch Patty paying off a client.  In fact, the Feds might approach any of Patty's associates.  Who else in the office is vulnerable?

You can tell Patty's gauging Ellen's sincerity in this scene but Ellen's doing a good job of convincing her. Ellen finishes by telling Patty if they take her down, they take Ellen down too, so they're in this together.

Agent Glenn says to Agent Mario that Ellen just sold them out.

When Ellen meets up with her FBI posse she sets them straight.  She decided to tell Patty so she could gain her trust.  Agent Glenn thinks that was stupid, but Ellen knows she did the right thing.  If the FBI wants Patty, Ellen's still the only game in town. 

Uncle Pete drives a van into a big garage at night.  A guy named Patrick is moving boxes from the trunk of a car to the van.  Pete asks how Patrick's mother is and Patrick says he hasn't seen her all month.  I'm thinking Patrick, Uncle Pete and Mother are all related.

Uncle Pete then tells Patrick he has to go on vacation because of the heat on Patty.  Patrick asks if it's because of "that girl we went after?"

Flashback to Pete letting Patrick into Patty's apartment, Ellen being attacked, and then running out of the apartment.

We then get a closeup of who we now see is Patrick lying on the living room floor with the knife sticking out of his chest.  There's a beat and then...his chest rises as he takes in a breath.

Dun, dun, dunnnnnnn....

Cut to Uncle Pete giving a recuperating Patrick an envelope with money in it.  Patrick is lying in a bed and Uncle Pete tells him, "My boss can never know about you."

Oh now, what does that mean?  Could it really be that Patty didn't try to have Ellen killed?

Flash forward to Uncle Pete once again giving Patrick an envelope with money in it.  Pete tells him the money should be good for seven or eight months but he's gotta leave tonight. 

We cut to Danny's townhouse and it's got a "Sold" sign on it.  I guess the housing market in New York is still thriving.

As he stands in front of the house we flashback to him and Christine in the car after the gala where Danny tells her the Evil Empire's going to leave them alone.  Cut to Danny and Christine arguing in the kitchen a little later and her saying if he didn't do something, she would.  In fact she'll call the police.  Danny tells her she can't.  He won't let her do that.  Christine says, she'll call the EPA.

Cut to Danny at a phone of the street.  He's got blood on his forehead and is telling someone, "we're in trouble."

Next we're in Danny's car and Chappy gets in.  Chappy asks if Danny wants his help and Danny says he does.  Chappy then gets the house number from Danny and finds out his daughter isn't expected back until morning.  Chappy takes Danny's house keys and tells him to park the car.  "In 20 minutes, this'll all be over."

Flash forward to Danny in front of the townhouse and then walking away.

Phil and Patty are walking Corey down the street, just a normal, ordinary, well-off New York, power couple.  Phil is saying that the Evil Empire's financial records showed that Kendrick paid too much for the company he got in the merger.  It seems he's consolidating power because he sure didn't get any money out of the merger.  Phil suggests Patty find out what Kendrick really wanted out of the merger.

Changing the subject, Patty tells Phil he was right and the Feds are after her.  Switching gears, Phil tells Patty to forget about the Evil Empire because Kendrick is too well connected and could do her serious damage.  He wants her to promise him.

Wearing those same freaky glasses, Patty doesn't say anything.  She just smiles and continues walking.

It's night time and we cut to what looks like the dead body of a woman at the bottom of a brownstone stairwell.  Someone's kneeling next to the body and at the top of the stairs we hear someone call to "Detective Metzer?"

The guy kneeling next to the body gets up and we see it's...Fuzzy the Killer!  The bastard that bashed in David's head with the Statue of Liberty bookend. 


Okay, I'm done.  I just had to do that for dear, dead David.

Anyway, what are the first word's out of this slimy killer's mouth?  "You got my cheeseburger?"  He walks up the steps and takes the bag from someone, worried that he didn't get any ketchup.

He goes under the yellow police tape and starts walking up the block to where Wes is waiting.  Ah, now it all becomes clear.  Wes gives him the pictures of Ellen and the FBI posse and tells him it's worse than he thought because he suspects Ellen's meeting with the FBI.  Wes asks Fuzzy what he wants him to do.

Flash forward five months later.  There's an open duffel bag on the bed in Wes' apartment.  He opens up the gun cabinet with all the Frobisher articles, and starts stuffing the guns into the bag. 

Cut to him in a waiting room somewhere on his cellphone canceling a flight.  The duffel is on the seat next to him. 

We pull out and discover he's in the lobby of Ellen's apartment building.  He calls to her as she walks in and they smile at each other.  He gives her some story about how they're working on his apartment and he needs a place to stay.  Can he crash with her?   For a night?  Or two?  Or three?

Ellen's like, down boy.  Let's just see how the first night goes.

The "Damages" funky drums start playing and we cut to a car parked on the street in broad daylight.  Suddenly we hear a gunshot and the windshield on the car seems to crack from inside.  Wes then gets out of the driver's seat and walks down the street.

For whatever reason, it appears that Wes was trying to make it look like someone was shot in the car, but no one actually was.  We'll have to wait and see exactly what's going on.


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