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January 11, 2009

"Desperate Housewives" Snap Recap: "Home is the Place" (1/4/09)

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Marcia cross1 Bree's got future in-law trouble and her name is Melina, played deliciously by Joanna Cassidy.  Melina comes to Fairview to visit and during her stay at the Hodge household puts dibs on Christmas and Thanksgiving with the boys and then works on having the boys move closer to her own cocktail waitress, beer-guzzling self.

Bree, understanding that drastic measures need to be taken, buys the Adams house, right on Wisteria Lane for the boys as a wedding present.  She announces this over a formal dinner party and before she's actually bought the house.

Meanwhile, the Scavos try to keep Porter's "on the lam" status on the down low, but Penny bursts that bubble when she calls out Preston right in front of lawyer Bob.  As a result Tom and Lynette have to tell Bob the truth and he's understandably pissed.  He gives them two days to get their wayward son back or he'll have to tell the judge himself that Porter's done a runner.

Lynette finds out Preston's been talking to Porter all along and that the reason Porter left was because Shilling threatened his life.  Lynette convinces Preston she'll protect Porter at all costs, but she needs Preston help to convince Porter to come home.  By the end of the episode Porter's about to be convinced when Grandma Scavo, who he's been staying with, hangs up the phone and tells him not to trust them.

What I find interesting is that neither Preston or the Scavos are worried that Shilling might take a shot at Preston thinking he is Porter.  After all the fact that Porter's gone is a secret so why doesn't anyone fear for Preston's life.  Huh?   HUH? 

Carlos is enjoying his restored sight, taking long walks in the park with the girls, smelling the roses, appreciating ladybugs and spiders.  When he also quits his job at the country club, Gabby decides it's time for him to take a lucrative job offer from an old colleague, even though Carlos wants a rewarding job working with the blind. 

Forget that helping out humanity crap, Gabby tells him, she wants him back on the corporate treadmill with 100 hour work weeks and perks up the butt.

To that end, Gabby invites his potential boss to dinner with his boozed up unhappy trophy wife.   The CEO tool brags about laying people off and the wife asks for a divorce right over dinner.  Gabby's not deterred and insists that after sacrificing for five years it's time for Carlos to get back to making the big bucks so she can afford more expensive pairs of gold shoes.

"Grow up and make real money and look after us like we've been looking after you for the past five years," is how she puts it.

So Carlos reluctantly accepts the job from the Soulless CEO Bradley.  Gabby's thrilled and gets her gold shoes.

One really funny scene is when the Soulless CEO shows up unexpectedly and Carlos asks Gabby to join him at the front door so he can ask her something about the garbage cans.  They proceed to discuss the tool and the trophy while gesturing outside toward phantom garbage cans.

Bob and Lee have a fight in front of their house which Susan witnesses.  As a result she and Lee go out clubbing at a gay bar and talk relationships.  Jackson wants Susan to move to another town where he was offered a job and she's thinking of doing it.  That is until she wakes up in bed with Lee the next morning and thinks they slept together.

A suspicious Bob comes to Susan when Lee doesn't come home and Susan admits Lee slept at her house and they were both drunk.  Bob is relieved Lee didn't sleep with another man because "When he's got a few drinks in him, he'll bang anything with a pulse and facial hair."

Even further alarmed, Susan goes to Lee and asks straight out if they slept together.  Lee's like, "Hello? Gay!  Listening to opera in a kimono."  Which is exactly what he was doing when Susan arrived.

She's understandably relieved and is ready to move in with Jackson but Lee suggests that  "moving on doesn't have to mean moving in."   When Susan admits she's scared of being alone, Lee offers to take her out when she's lonely.  A nice scene that ends in a hug.  They've come a long way since Lee thought she was a homo-phobe. 

McCluskey and Sis hang out at Crazy Dave's dead doc's office looking for info before Sis finally says it's time to hang it up and go home.

Speaking of Crazy Dave, Edie's starting to get some hints that her new hubby is actually, well...crazy.  He's strung out because he can't get a refill on his meds---he killed his doc after all---and looks like crap.  Then Edie finds him talking to his dead wife and daughter in the middle of the night.  When he doesn't have a satisfactory explanation for any of this and he admits to Edie he was married before, to the dead wife and kid he was talking to the night before, she understandably asks for a divorce.

A lot of understandable stuff happens in this episode.  Except of course why no one thinks that Preston's life might be in danger. 


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