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January 21, 2009

"Desperate Housewives" Snap Recap: "Connect! Connect!" (1/11/09)

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Desperatehousewivestv35Poor Crazy Dave Williams is on his way to a motel when Mike suggests he stay at his house while he and Edie figure things out.  Dave sees this as a way of keeping an eye on the guy who's responsible for the death of his wife and daughter. 

Meanwhile Kat comes to Mike and wants his opinion about Dylan's request for Kat to move to Maryland.  Mike is insultingly noncommittal because he says he doesn't want to come between a mother and daughter.  By the end of the episode though he realizes he loves Kat and wants her to stay. 

He leaves her roses and a card that says "don't go."  Crazy Dave, seeing all this, appears to change is target from Susan to Kat now that Kat is Mike's new one and only.

Susan and Edie get trapped overnight in the basement of one of Edie's houses.  It doesn't take long for them to go at each other especially considering Edie's pissed Susan stole her thunder with the wives when Edie announced she'd thrown Crazy Dave out. Susan chose the same opportunity to announce she was moving to be with Jackson.

So Edie convinces Susan she can't be without a man by cataloging every boyfriend she ever had.  Susan convinces Edie she's a cynical slut who can't believe in anything but male dispose-ability.  In a weak moment, Edie confides in Susan about how her father left she and her mother when she was sixteen for another woman and her daughter. 

He also took Edie's favorite collection of horses and gave them to the new daughter because Edie was "too old" for them.   Susan tries to be all sympathetic but Edie swears she'll kill her if Susan ever spills the story.

At the Solis household Carlos is back on the corporate treadmill and that means Gabby has to discipline her unruly kids.  They practically laugh in her face when she tries so she resorts to asking a stranger with a booming voice to scare them into doing what she wants.

Carlos is appalled by that and helps Gabby out by laying down the law.

Lynette discovers Porter's with Grannie (Polly Bergen) at her nursing home when one of Grannie's neighbors comes to complain about Grannie's visitor.  By the time Lynette gets there, Grannie's warned Porter and he's gone. 

Grannie and Lynette have a fight because Lynette's pissed Grannie let Porter stay with her and Grannie's still pissed because Lynnette stuck her in the nursing home.

So Lynette has the brilliant idea to pretend she's in a car accident.  Grannie and Porter rush to the hospital only to find out Lynette is fine. 

When they finally get Porter to court, Lawyer Bob gets the arson charges dismissed.  Lynette makes peace with Grannie and even promises to visit if Grannie stops being a pill.  Grannie tells Lynette that probably won't happen 'cause she's a bitter old woman but Lynette agrees to visit anyway.

Bree butts heads with Andrew's intended, Dr. Alex when he accuses her of emasculating Orson by her Queen Bree-like manner.  He requests she do her emasculating out of his hearing.  Bree doesn't like that at all and suggests he be more grateful since she's buying he and Andrew a house. 

Dr. Alex, realizing that the house comes with very long, thick strings attached refuses it.  Coming to her senses after she figures out Andrew's not happy with her either, Bree makes peace with Dr. Alex, admitting she's become a bit of a tyrant since running her own business.  She says she doesn't like it much and she wants him to help keep her in line.  Dr. Alex is more than happy to do it and all is right again on Wisteria Lane.


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