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January 09, 2009

"Damages" Recap: "I Lied, Too" (1/7/09)

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Damages Glenn Close

"Damages" is back and so are Megan's "Damages" recaps.  A big woo hoo on both fronts.

We open to the sultry sounds of Ray Charles singing "Just for a thrillllll....you changed the sunshine to raaaaaaaaain...."

It's present day and Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne) is drinking a whiskey and talking to an unseen guest.  "What's the matter?  You shouldn't be scared."

She pauses and laughs,  "Actually I take that back.  You should be scared.  You should be terrified."  Pause. 

"It would be so much easier if you said the words."  Another pause.  "I can never remember the name of this song."  She takes a sip. 

"All I want you to do is tell the truth....but I know that can be hard for you, so...I brought something that I thought might help."

Ellen smoothly pulls out a gun.  "And who knows?  Maybe the truth will set you free."

"Just for a thrillllll...."

Flashback six months. 

We see the studio audience of "Live with Regis and Kelly" applauding and there are Regis and Kelly on the set.  Regis does an introduction

"And now here's one of our good friends just off a big courtroom win, please welcome back....Patty Hewes!" 

What the!?

And out she comes, Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) in all her evil, legal glory.

Regis asks Patty how much she made on the Frobisher case.  Millions?  Billions?  Patty's like Reg, I'll show you my bank account if you show me yours.

"So tell us about this Arthur Frobisher," Kelly asks. "Pretty wealthy guy huh?"

"Not any more." Patty smirks. 

Everyone laughs.  Patty chuckles, all charm and poise.

"Our plaintiffs were very well taken care of," she adds.

"So what are you gonna do with all that money?"

Patty's going to spend part of the money on a foundation she's starting with her friend Sam Arsenault to fight hunger in New York City.

Regis asks about taking another case and Patty says her hands are full with the foundation and it being her son's last year in high school.  You know, working mother and all.  Heh.

But she has "a fantastic team at the firm."

Kelly mentions seeing one of Patty's very capable employees backstage and Regis waves out a reluctant Ellen standing in the wings.  Ellen smiles and gives them a little wave.

"I can tell you I would be absolutely lost without her."  Patty applauds in Ellen's direction.

Cut to Ellen royally pissed off, walking down the street and getting in her FBI handlers' car.  Her handlers are Agent Randall Harrison (Mario Van Pebbles) and Agent Werner (Glenn Kessler).

"The woman's full of sh*t," Ellen says.  "A month ago she tried to kill me and now she's acting like my best friend." 

Agent Mario---I like that better than Agent Harrison---tells Ellen they've got a case they want Ellen to convince Patty to take.  Agent Glenn---ditto---explains it's a set-up and will be part of the plan to take Patty down. 

Ellen's more than eager.  When do we start, huh?  Huh?  HUH?

Agent Mario tells her to jump back in her skin and to take a chill pill.

Ellen's like: "That's easy for you to say, you just want to arrest Patty Hewes."

Agent Mario:  "And you don't?" 

Ellen:  "I want to destroy her."

Opening Credits.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the second season of one of the best TV shows of last season, the Emmy award winning "Damages."

It's been more than a year since we've had our Patty Hewes fix and man, did I miss her!  First of all, can we talk about her appearing on "Regis and Kelly?"  She must want the publicity pretty bad because it's certainly not to have her ego stroked.  She's got plenty of flunkies in her office to do that.

Second, Ellen, sweetie, I've never heard that Ray Charles song before but a wild guess told me the name of the song was "Just For A Thrill."  So if you can "never remember the name" of it, you've got some major memory issues.

Third, I want to point out how glad I am the producers didn't decide to water down the intricate flashing back and forth story telling.  It's part of what make "Damages" unique and I love it.

Fourth as I said in my "Damages" preview, because FBI Agent Werner is played by"Damages" co-creator/executive producer/writer Glenn Kessler, I still want to know:  "Does this guy also sweep the floors on the "Damages" set?  How many jobs does he need?" 

Now back to our show.

He's aliiiiive!  Arthur Frobisher is dragging himself through that field we last saw him in, bleeding profusely.  He looks up and sees a cabin.  All of a sudden a dog comes at him but lucky for him it's chained up and can't take a chunk out of his billionaire hide. 

Art struggles to make it to the door and who bursts out but Ellen in full duck hunting attire and holding a shotgun. 

Cut to Ellen at a group therapy session where the leader of the group is talking about how revenge fantasies are normal.  She asks Ellen if she's had any lately about the man she thinks killed her fiance.

Cut to Ellen pulling the trigger on Frobisher multiple times and finishing him off.

"Nothing comes to mind," Ellen tells the therapist.  Hee, hee.

Uncle Pete is in Patty's office telling her that Ellen's is in counseling three or four times a week.  Patty tells Pete he can stop watching her.  Uncle Pete's like, are you sure you can trust her?   Patty's like, that bit about me trying to murder her?  It's all in the past. 

Pete gets up to go when Patty calls after him.  On second thought, keep watching Ellen.  After all, "I'm concerned about her well being."  Uh huh.

As Pete goes out, in comes Tommyhawk (Tate Donovan), Patty's loyal flunky/partner wanting to know if Patty's ready to get back into the legal saddle and try a new case.  Looks like Patty's been sitting on her duff and Tom wants her to share the legal load.  He promises to bring her their top three cases and she can pick the one she likes.

Cut to Daniel Purcell (William Hurt) walking down an office hallway.  He breaks in on a corporate meeting led by...Goodwin (Brett Cullen) from "Lost!"  Hey Goodwin!

Purcell is unhappy and waves around a paper that he says isn't his work.  It's "horsesh*t" and he's not going to sign off on it.  Look FX, I've told you before, the sh*t words are not necessary.

Anyway, Goodwin tells Purcell to take a chill pill but that just pisses him off more and Purcell knocks everything off the conference table saying, "This ends today.  You hear me?"

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to this season's "Damages" legal mystery.

Meanwhile back at Hewes, Inc. Patty's in Ellen's office asking her about the IRS tax exempt status for the foundation she's creating.  She's eager to get the project started because she says, "With any luck we can start doing some good. 

"That's the general idea." Ellen says sarcastically under her breath. 

Patty snaps back, "What Ellen?"

Ellen, knowing she's caught. "Nothing...I think the foundation's great.  It'll leave an imprint for generations."

Patty says, "Nooooo."  She accuses Ellen of thinking she's just trying to use the foundation to ease her guilty conscience about Ray Fiske's suicide.  Ellen doesn't respond to that but says her own conscience is clear when it comes to Ray Fiske. 

Ellen and Patty get into a little staring contest and Ellen's the one who blinks.  Patty keeps staring with faux sympathy before asking how Ellen's doing.  Patty mentions her counseling and Ellen cuts her off saying she doesn't want to talk about it.  Patty offers her time off but Ellen says work is the best medicine for her.

Well what about Patty's investigator?  Has he been able to get any info about Frobisher and David's murder?  Ellen says she knows a construction crew found Frobisher in the field in critical condition.  Since then he's disappeared. 

And speak of the devil, there's old Art Frobisher (Ted Danson) now.  There's a child-like "I love you" watercolor on the wall and we pull out to see Frobisher in a hospital bed.  He's got a beard and his hair is very white, but otherwise it's the same old Art.  His attendant Rudy asks Art how he feels and Art says crappy.  Well, four surgeries in a month will do that to you.  Including one to get a new kidney. 

Frobisher says, "I'm parched."  For some reason I find it funny he would say "I'm parched" instead of "I'm thirsty," or "my mouth is dry," or "my tongue feels like it's been sunning in the Sahara desert." 

Rudy slips a couple of ice chips in his mouth and Frobisher thanks him for taking such good care of him.  Frobisher tells Rudy he can't possibly know who he is, but Rudy says of course he does.  He's that scum sucking billionaire who cheated his employees out of their pension funds and lived to tell the tale.

Actually, he doesn't say that, he really says of course he knows who he is, why does Art ask?

"Because I'm the most hated man in America," Frobisher says.  "And you're being nice to me..." His voice cracks as he fights back tears.  Rudy leaves.

See Art, I think it's a little egotistical to think you're the most hated man in America.  One of the most hated, definitely, but not the most hated.

After all Bernie Madoff has got you beat by at least a few billion dollars.  Bernie would be smart not to stroll around any open fields on his own.

Anyway, Patty's on the phone in her office when Ellen interrupts and tells her Sam Arsenault is backing out of Patty's Guilt Foundation and withdrawing his entire contribution. Patty looks stricken.

Cut to Patty walking with Arsenault (James Naughton) to his office.  He offers her a bourbon and when she accepts he chuckles and says, "Girls today could learn something from you Patty.  You know how to wear a skirt.  But you're one of the boys, always have been."

"Except for the va-gin-a," Patty says.  

See this is one reason I love Patty even as evil as she is.  She can play that sexual joking game so many men use to put down professional women, and beat them at it.  I. Love. That.  Just sayin'.

Arnie laughs.  (I can't be bothered writing out Arsenault...especially for a transient character.)

Patty gets down to business wanting an explanation why Arnie's pulling out of her Guilt Foundation.  He says the republicans are going to back him for governor but "the elephants" are no fans of Patty's and he can't afford to piss them off.

Patty insists she needs his dough and wants to know, "Why are you doing this?"

Arnie then goes into this story about some deal he was making in 1983 and how he got rid of all the lawyers and told his counterpart, Herb Weiss to come to his office so they could hash it out "mano a mano."  When Herb gets there, they do just that, except there's a "sizzling slice of ass from the temp services under the desk...taking dictation, if you get my drift."

Patty's like, yeah I get it.  Arnie chuckles and tells Patty to relax 'cause he married her.  Patty's like, "Janine?"  He looks puzzled, thinks and says, "No...no, it was the one before that."  Heh.

Back in the 80's, Arnie says they all did stuff like that.  He did it because he wanted to see if he could get away with it.  Charity will have to wait.  Sorry Patty.

See, this scene bothers me.  In response to Arnie's statement that he can't piss off the republicans, there was no reason for Patty to ask again, "Why are you doing this?"  He'd just told her why.  Better dialogue would have been for her to find out if that was the only reason why.  Or to try to convince him he'll never win an election.  The "Why are you doing this?" question appears to be an awkward set-up to get to the funny story he tells.  Just an observation.

Well, who now walks in but Arnie's daughter Lily. She and Daddy are going to lunch.  She's a high school senior and going to Yale in the fall.  Patty turns down an offer to join them.  Arnie apologizes to Patty again but says he always wanted to run off and join the circus.  Patty warns him, "There are a lot of clowns in the big top."

Later on back at Hewes, Inc, Uncle Pete comes into Patty's office with a hand delivered box that security's already x-rayed.  "It's clean," Pete he tells her.

Patty orders Pete to open it.  He does and pulls out a bunch of papers, some with charts and graphs.  Then a secretary buzzes and says there's a Daniel Purcell on the line for Patty.  When Pete wants to know when was the last time Patty spoke to him, she says at least ten years.

I gotta tell ya', I can't wait for the episode that explains this whole Patty/Uncle Pete relationship.  She trusts him more than anyone and he knows all her secrets.  I'd love to know how they met and how he came to work for her.  And why he's "Uncle Pete" instead of just "Pete."

Patty takes the call from Purcell and Daniel wants to know if the package arrived.  When Patty says it did, he asks her to keep it safe because she's the only one he can trust.  Purcell hangs up and we see he's at a payphone out on the street.  If Patty's the only one he can trust, he's got more problems than he thinks he does.

Ellen's meeting with her handlers and Agent Glenn gives her the paperwork to use to convince Patty to take the Bait Case.  It's an infant mortality case with potentially billions in damages and should be right up Patty's alley.  Ellen wants to know how the case will put Patty behind bars.  Huh?  HUH?   HUH????

Agent Glenn tells her to take a chill pill and to wait 'til Patty takes the bait before expecting anymore information. 

Ellen and Tommyhawk are pitching cases to Patty in her office.  The first one is about bad car tires made in China.  Patty looks distracted and Ellen notices her paying close attention to Purcell's box on her desk.  Tommyhawk notices Patty's distracted too and is like, yo, lady, are we just spinning our wheels here trying to get you to do your fair share of work around here?

Patty protests that she's listening and tells them to keep going. So Tommyhawk presents the case Ellen brought in and that he thinks is a "grand slam.  Infant mortality."  

He says "infant mortality" with such reverence, it's a little creepy.

Tommyhawk and Ellen push the benefits of the case, like taking on  HMOs, billions in damages, a great lead plaintiff and finally as an afterthought, people in need."  Patty agrees to look at the case and takes the folder from Tommy.  After he leaves, she tosses it on the desk, clearly pre-occupied.  Ellen's a little worried and asks Patty to at least take a look at it.  Patty's like, I've got other problems, like the Guilt Foundation and no money to launch it.  They, meaning she and Ellen have a lot of work to do. 

Now wait, how is Patty's Guilt Foundation part of Ellen's job?  Is that in her job description?

Ellen gestures toward the box on Patty's desk and asks what it is.  Patty's like, it's personal and none of your lame-ass, flunky business.

Ellen's like, all righty then.  She gets up and leaves.

We're in Ellen's group therapy session and Wes (Timothy Olyphant) is talking in great detail about kicking in the head of some drunk guy he obviously doesn't like very much.  Ellen and several others around the table are listening. 

Wes wonders how long it's going to take for the drunk guy's head to fly off his body, he's kicking him so hard, but then he wakes up.  Not the drunk guy, Wes. 

"That's very powerful, Wes," says the therapist.

Okay see, I hate this therapist.  What a lame TV therapist thing to say.  First of all she's a black woman with freckles across her nose and not that I have anything against black women---I am one after all---or women with freckles, it's just this particular woman and these particular freckles and the dumb "That's very powerful, Wes" dialogue, make me not like her at all.

Freckles asks Ellen if she's had any dreams but Ellen says that would be a little hard because she hasn't been sleeping.  Wes jumps in to defend Ellen:  Seeing how her fiance was killed a month ago, how the hell is she supposed to sleep?  Good point Wes.  Very powerful.

Cut to Patty having a bad dream on her sofa and son Michael watching her twist and turn.  Patty jolts awake after re-living Uncle Pete saying, "It's done!" and then remembering her freakout at the beach house.  Michael asks if she's all right.  Patty says she's fine.  Michael's like that's good 'cause Dad's gonna be in Dubai another week and I need at least one lucid parent around the house. 

The third scene in a row involving sleep is at the Purcell home.  Except this one doesn't involve dreams.  At least none that we know of.  Purcell and his wife Christine (Paige Turco) are asleep in bed when their daughter Erica wakes them up.  Someone's in the house downstairs.

Purcell goes to check and when he hears noises tells Christine and Erica to call the police. Purcell picks up a fireplace poker as he gets closer to the rustling noises downstairs.  He looks out his open back door and there's a guy in a hoodie standing in the backyard just staring back at him.  Purcell is stunned for a moment and then waves the poker, yelling at the guy to stay away from his family.  Christine comes running in and says the guy was in Purcell's office.  We cut to Purcell's office and it's been ransacked.  Christine wants to know what "they" were looking for.

Cut to Arnie on the phone with Patty asking if she heard about Lily.  Patty is holding a copy of the New York Post and on the front page is a headline that says, "Say It Ain't Snow."  With the headline is a picture of Lily being taken into custody by a cop.  The sub-heading reads, "Arsenault Heiress Nabbed For Cocaine Possession."

Arnie's whining about how it was only the first time Lily tried cocaine and how the cops only went after Lily because she's his daughter.  Patty's like all sympathetic and offering her help.  Arnie wants Patty to call her friend the district attorney and get him to drop the charges.  When Patty doesn't answer, Arnie says he knows Patty has him "by the short and curlies"---ha, ha, ha, ha, love that phrase and it's just the phrase he would use too---but he can't join the Guilt Foundation.

Patty interrupts and says she would never hold him hostage like that.  Their kids have known each other since time began.  She'll make the call because after all, they're like family.  And she says all of that with a straight face. 

That Patty's almost as good an actress as that Glenn Close.

At least she didn't kill a dog this time.

Uncle Pete goes to Ellen in her office and tells her Frobisher is at the River Edge Clinic.  She wants to know what room, but Uncle Pete says that won't help because he's got heavy security and only family members are allowed in.  Uncle Pete's like, I know you want to see him face to face, but "give it time, you'll get your shot to prosecute him."

Yeah see Pete, she doesn't want a shot at prosecuting him.  She justs wants a shot.

Cut to Frobisher and Rudy in Frobisher's room at the clinic.  Rudy wants to know if the guy who shot Frobisher was ever caught.  Frobisher says he kept the police out of it because he knew the guy.  However, the bullet changed his life.  Most people thought he was a real a-hole, his wife left, she took the kids, never wanted to see him again.  But now the night nurse said she called and wanted to see him, so maybe they can make a fresh start.  Rudy's just kind of agreeing with everything Frobisher says as he gets ready to shave him. 

As Rudy turns on the electric razor Frobisher breaks down saying he doesn't want his wife to see him like this.  He's pathetic and can't even eat solid food.  He's a shell of a man and doesn't deserve to live.  Well I said that last part, 'cause that's true. 

Rudy succeeds in calming him down and Frobisher suddenly says he doesn't want a shave.  In fact, you know those tubes they put in your nose, he knows he doesn't need them anymore but when his wife comes, how about putting a couple of those up his nose?

Ah, there's the pathetic, self-pitying, manipulative billionaire bastard we all know and love.  Good to have you back Art.

It's daylight and Purcell is taking out the garbage while his wife sits on the stoop.  She lets him know their new alarm system will be ready the next day.  Then she says Purcell has to make a decision.  "If that company is making people sick you have to stop them."  Purcell goes in the house and slams the door.

Ellen's in group and Freckles is telling her that "clinging to David's killer is a way for her to cling to David" and avoid grieving.  Freckles says the violence Ellen experienced could fill her with rage and that's not healthy.  As Freckles talks, Ellen sits stiffly with one fist clenched so tightly it's shaking.  Freckles then asks what Ellen thinks would make her feel better.

Ellen fights back tears and says, "seeing David," but since that' not gonna happen, she gets up and runs out.  Freckles call after her but Ellen keeps going.   

I'm with you Ellen.  Freckles' question was a dumb one and I'd have run out too.

Can I just say, Rose Byrne is doing a bang up job in this episode?  No histrionics, just really good acting.

It's evening and Patty's outside taking Casey for a walk.  Now you know Patty lives in an expensive building because as she walks out her doorman tells her the temperature and that it's a great evening for a walk.  In New York that costs at least an extra $2,000/month.

Anyway someone's following Patty down the street and it turns out to be...Purcell.  He needs to talk to her.  Cut to them in his car...where'd she put Casey?

Purcell needs Patty's help because he know stuff that could "bring down an industry," his life's being threatened, his family's not safe and he knows Patty knows people who could protect him. 

Patty's like, none of this is my problem, call the cops and get yourself a whistle.

Purcell says something about abiding by her wishes and not bothering her before and how he hates begging her for help now, but he's really, really desperate.

"I need you," he says.

"Too bad," Patty says.

Purcell points out that Patty owes him and Patty retorts she doesn't own him anything.

Ellen's alone at a bar knocking back whiskeys.  Wes shows up and says something about a couple more drinks and she can trade one 12-step program for another.  Ellen thinks he's trying to pick her up, but it turns out he followed her fifteen blocks to return the cellphone she left in the therapy session.

Wes then talks about his girlfriend and how she hated whiskey but how the guy who ran her over was soused on the stuff.  Ellen asks if Wes knows where the drunk is.  He says he's in Attica and will be out in two years, twelve days and four hours.  Or something to that effect.

Wes says he's figured out that for people like them, they either have to get to a place of forgiveness or revenge and he hasn't decided where he's going to end up yet.  He leaves a very sad looking Ellen sitting at the bar. 

Patty's in her office at her desk when she hears a gunshot.  She jumps and sees Ray Fiske (Zeljko Ivanek), Mr. Deep Fried Southern Charm himself, splattered up against her office wall right after he put the gun in his mouth. 

"I'm over here Patty," Ray drawls.  A frightened Patty turns slowly to see Fiske sitting on her office couch.  He tells her to "quit wallowing.  What's done is done."  Patty starts a freakout that's right up there with the one at the beach house.

Ellen happens to be looking through the blinds of her office and sees Patty coming unglued. 

Fiske chides Patty, telling her the Guilt Foundation and feeding hungry children won't help her.  If she wants to really clear her conscience, she's going to have to "start by telling the truth and confess to Ellen what you did to her."  All the while he's talking, Patty sees flashes of the blood on the wall and Fiske, dead, dead, dead on the floor.

Patty's rocking with sobs when Ellen walks in and asks if she's okay.  Patty quickly hides her faces and says she's fine, but she wants to talk to Ellen after the Guilt Foundation gala.  They'll go have drinks.  It's about the Frobisher case and the fact that she "didn't explain everything that happened."  After Ellen leaves Patty's hand shakes as she takes a drink.

I need to pause and congratulate Zeljko Ivanek for his Emmy win for playing Ray Fiske.  He totally deserved it.  Though I'm assuming we won't see much of him on "Damages" this season, I'm glad to know he's been working anyway.  He played a King of the Vamps role in HBO's "True Blood," and also guest starred on "House" as a man who takes the emergency room and House hostage in order to get his illness diagnosed. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Deep Fried Southern Charm.

Ellen goes straight to her FBI handlers and tells them she wants to wear a wire for the meeting with Patty after the gala.  She explains what Patty said and since Ellen knows her "guilt is eating at her," she thinks Patty might say something worth taping.  Agent Mario and Agent Glenn agree to let her do it.

It's daylight and Purcell is sitting by himself near some industrial complex looking out over what must be toxic water.  Goodwin shows up and asks Purcell if he's "ready to be reasonable."  Purcell justs looks at him and doesn't answer.

Patty's at her apartment with Daniel's box and gives it to Uncle Pete.  She wants it sent to her guy at Columbia.  A buzzer goes off and it's Arnie at the door.  Uncle Pete asks how the Guilt Foundation is coming along.  Patty's like, if I don't get Arnie's money there is no Guilt Foundation.

At the River Edge Clinic, Rudy is escorting someone into Frobisher's room saying their visit will be very good for him.  He's asleep but he'll be happy to see you when he wakes up, "Mrs. Frobisher."  We pan past Rudy as he leaves and see that "Mrs. Frobisher" is really Ellen.

She locks the door and watches as Frobisher sleeps.  She remembers flashes of her and dear, dead David:  when they were happy, when they were in love, when he was dead in the bathtub. 

Ah David, I miss you too.  You were a good, decent guy.

Ellen looks around Frobisher's room and you can just see she's imaging all the ways she could kill him.  Pills, something in the IV, a pillow over his face.  She hears Wes in her head talking about forgiveness and revenge.

The tension mounts as we zoom into Ellen's face.  The next thing we see is her hastily leaving Frobisher's room and Rudy coming by saying she can join Frobisher for lunch if she likes.  Ellen keeps walking and a puzzled Rudy goes into Frobisher's room.  He's still sleeping...or is he?  Rudy puts down the lunch and Frobisher gasps awake.  Nope, sleeping.

Frobisher asks, "Is she here yet?"

Arnie's chatting with Patty in her apartment.  Turns out "all Patty's best efforts" didn't work to help Lily and because of the bad publicity, the republicans dumped him.  Now he wants back in the Guilt Foundation.   He's embarrassed because he knows he's "standing with his pants down around his ankles." 

Man, he is into those below the waist metaphors, isn't he? 

Arnie continues, he needs the good publicity and he wants to feed hungry people too.

Patty's like, give me all the money you want but your name won't be on it because I gave away the naming rights.  Arnie's like, I need my name up there, "There's gotta be something I could do."

Cut to the Guilt Foundation gala and a sign proclaiming "An Evening To Benefit the Hewes/Arsenault Children's Hunger Initiative Guilt Foundation."  Hee, hee.

Before I continue, a funny blooper relating to the sign:  it says the gala is Saturday Evening---Doors Open 9:00 PM, but Patty told Ellen she wanted to meet her Friday after the gala.  I love catching stuff like that.

Anyway, Patty and Arnie are giving an interview and Patty's proclaiming how at the last minute Arnie decided to double his endowment. 

Cut to Michael at the gala a little later talking to Patty about how Arnie's daughter is being carted off to "juvy."  Patty's like, it's too bad about Lily.  Michael's like, "I told you she was a cokehead."  

Ladies and Gentlemen...Patty Hewes!

Patty makes a brief visit to Mommy-land by telling Michael if she ever catches him doing something like that, "God help him."  Michael's like, tried it already.  It ain't my thing.  He walks off.

In walk Ellen and Tommyhawk to congratulate Patty on the great success of the evening.  Tommyhawk is still pushing Patty to take a new case so Patty says she'll take Ellen's infant mortality case.  "Nice find Ellen.  It's a great case."

Who walks up then but Purcell and wife Christine.  He introduces Patty to Christine who then gets called away by someone else.  As Christine walks away, Patty says, "She's lovely," but she might as well have added, "for a skank that you dumped me for all those years ago."  I don't know if that's their history, but that's the way she says the line. 

Purcell apologizes for the other night and says he'll handle his situation on his own.  He wants Patty to send the box of papers to his home and then she'll never have to see him again.  Oh, I doubt that.

It's night and Ellen is on the street when Wes pops up behind her.  Rose Byrne gives a great reaction of someone who's been through what Ellen's been through and then is accosted by this strange guy from her group therapy sessions at night on the street.  It's a very New Yorker kind of reaction:  a mix of bravado while still putting as much distance as possible between you two.

Ellen demands if Wes is stalking her.  He says no, he was worried about her.  He then gives her a piece of paper with a name and a phone number with some cryptic instructions on how to get in touch with the man.  The guy's a gun dealer and Wes thinks Ellen needs him because she's scared.  Ellen gives Wes back the piece of paper and says the revenge thing is not for her.  She'll just have to learn to forgive.

Later on, Agent Mario and Agent Glenn give Ellen her BlackBerry/bug and tell her how to use it.  Agent Mario records the date and time and asks Ellen if she agrees to carry the bug on her person. She says, "Yes."

At a very expensive looking restaurant, Ellen pours wine and starts the Blackberry/bug. Patty shows up and apologizes for needing to interrupt.  She was talking to FOX News.  Plug, plug, plug.

Anyway, she's pleasantly surprised to see Ellen ordered another bottle of wine.  Ellen says she got a Chateau LaFitte, something or other...she just picked the most expensive one on the list. 

Patty then gets to the reason she asked Ellen to meet.  First she apologizes.  When Ellen wants to know for what, Patty says that Ray's suicide had a "profound affect" on her.  It pushed her "to a place" she'd never been."

"I became too emotional.  I was afraid of being exposed, of losing the case."

And that's why I tried to have you killed. 

No she doesn't say that. 

She says, "I'd lost control.  I had to leave the city."

And that's why I tried to have you killed.

No, not yet.

Flashback to Patty telling Ellen she can stay at her apartment while Patty's gone for the weekend.

Cut to present day and Ellen prompting Patty to tell her more.  Patty then tells Ellen about the baby she had that was stillborn and how she went to visit the cemetery where she was buried.  Her name was Julia.

We flashback to Patty at the headstone of Julia Hewes.

Cut to present day and Patty saying something about not having been to the cemetery in thirty years and while she was there Ellen was attacked in her apartment.  Patty says whoever broke in was looking for Patty and she wishes it had been her who was attacked instead of Ellen.

Flashback to Uncle Pete telling Patty, "It's done!"

Cut to Patty present day telling Ellen that if her daughter had lived, she'd have wanted her to be just like Ellen.

It's fascinating how Patty has the time to be this manipulative, run a law firm, start a Guilt Foundation and still maintain her Twitter tweeting.

Throughout this whole scene, you can tell Patty's trying to give Ellen just enough of the truth to keep from getting another bloody visit from Ray Fiske, while still not telling her the whole truth.  It's a masterful attempt and Ellen can barely believe it.

Later Ellen gets in the FBI-mobile.  She tells her handlers Patty didn't give her anything except more lies.

Meanwhile Patty's in the back of her own car, thinking she's cleared her conscience when her phone rings.

The next thing we know Patty arrives at a crime scene.  There are cops and yellow tape everywhere outside a residence.  Patty walks inside to find Purcell standing in the corner holding a bandage to his bloody head and his dear wife Christine, dead, dead, dead on the kitchen floor.  She's been strangled and she doesn't look well at all. 

Purcell turns to Patty, "Now will you help me?"

Ellen's with the FBI guys and they want to know what's going on with the infant mortality case.  Ellen tells them Patty made an appointment with the plaintiff.  She then wants to know how long it could take to crush Patty like a little bug under her shoe.  Agent Glenn says it could be two to three years before they have enough evidence. 

Flash forward six months.

Ellen's still drinking and talking to her unseen guest. 

"So it's just the two of us.  Face to face." She takes a drink. 

The song continues, "You made my heart stand still, well it was just for a thrilllllllll...."

Ellen smiles, "It seems like you're not going to tell me the truth after all.  That's okay."  She raises the gun, "I lied too." 

And then she shoots two shots into her guest. 

"Just for a thrilll...ah, ah, ahhhhh........."

Love it. 

"Damages" is back, baby.

To get you in the mood for next week's episode check out Ray Charles singing "Just For A Thrill" at a 1990 concert in Japan:

Photo Credit: Craig Blankenhorne / FX


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