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December 16, 2008

"Desperate Housewives" Snap Recap: "A Vision's Just A Vision" (12/7/08)

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Teri Hatcher Lynette tries to patch up her fractured family by making the perfect family breakfast and requiring mandatory attendance.  The problem?  Porter's arrested right as the Scavos are passing around the orange juice. Bob of Bob and Lee is hired to represent him but may come to regret it for a variety of reasons. 

First, the night of the fire, Porter broke into Edie's house so he could steal her gun and use it to threaten Schiller.  Second, the nest egg money Tom thinks they can use to bail Porter out doesn't exist 'cause it was the payoff money Lynette gave Anne. Third, to bail Porter out Lynette puts up the restaurant.  Fourth, when they get to court for Porter's hearing Lynette and Tom figure out that Porter's done a runner and left identical twin Preston pretending to be Porter, to face the judge in court.  So far Bob only knows reasons one, two and three.

Meanwhile Lynette talks her way into Edie's house and past Crazy Dave so she can return Edie's gun.  In the process, she spots Crazy Dave doing his Crazy Dave thing, except this time he's talking to his dead wife and child.  Turns out Dave's grudge against Mike isn't about his brother that died in jail but about the car accident that broke up Mike and Susan.  That's the one that also killed Dave's wife and child.  Talking to their gravestones, Dave promises he'll be with them soon, but first Mike will have to lose what he did.

On a more upbeat note, Carlos's surgery is successful and he's gradually getting his sight back.  The problem?  As he recovers his sight he also discovers more and more things missing from the house.  While they were pinching pennies Gabby had to sell a bunch of stuff and that included Carlos's prized Lou Gherig baseball.  Before Carlos finds out Gabby goes to the buyer of the ball, a wealthy Italian who only speaks through a translator to beg him to sell back the ball.  The only way he'll sell Gabby the ball is if she does a dance for him on top of his conference table.  Gabby understandably refuses...that is until Carlos discovers the ball is gone and hits the roof. 

We don't see her do the dance, but Gabby comes home one day with a limp and the ball.  By then Carlos has discovered Gabby also had to sacrifice by selling all her nice clothes and jewels.  He feels guilty and leaves her a brand new dress in her closet. 

Little MJ has no problem with Katherine and Mike until he figures out Kat's presence means Susan and Mike won't get back together. That's when the little kid who plays MJ earns his paycheck.  He's such a good little actor, it's very funny when he starts sending threatening looks Kat's way.  That is when he isn't putting gunk in her hair or dropping bowling balls on her feet.  Finally Susan tells Mike that he and she have unfinished business in the romance department.  Mike gets scared, doesn't answer and leaves.

Orson's snoring problem has been cured by Dr. Alex and when Bree wants to leave a thank you card on the doctor's desk, she discovers the picture of Dr. Alex and Andrew and it's obvious they're a couple.  Bree confronts Andrew and he tells her Dr. Alex and he have been living together for six months.  Bree can't understand why Andrew didn't tell her especially since he "did better than I did" in the love department:  a doctor vs. a dentist.  Orson overhears and says indignantly, "that was a bit of a driveby."  Heh.

Bree decides to make up for her lack of interest in Andrew's love life by inviting he and Dr. Alex over for dinner.  Bree being Bree, she also invites Wisteria Lane's resident gays, Bob and Lee.  The problem?  Immediately on meeting Dr. Alex, Lee thinks he's seen him before.  All through dinner, Bob and Lee whisper about it and finally Bree gets them into the kitchen to find out what gives.

Bob and Lee admit they saw Dr. Alex in a an "adult film."  Bree needs to clarify that they don't mean a movie that has complex plots.  No, they mean gay porn.  It was a movie called "Rear Deployment."

Okay, I can just hear the writers cackling around the "Desperate Housewives" writer's table trying to come up with that one.  Hee hee. 

Unfortunately for Bree, Dr. Alex has announced over dinner that he and Andrew are planning to get married.  I guess the news about Prop 8 hasn't reached Wisteria Lane yet. 

Bree's appalled so she rents a copy of  "Rear Deployment" so she can confront Andrew and let him know what kind of man he's marrying.  Turns out Andrew already knows.  Dr. Alex admitted he did the movie when he was young and stupid and totally regrets it now.  Andrew is touched however by the way Bree interfered in his life just they way she would have if he had been straight.  That's a backhanded compliment if I ever heard one, but Bree will take whatever she can get.

Get ready for a wedding like nothing Wisteria Lane has ever seen.


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