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November 14, 2008

"Desperate Housewives" Snap Recap: "What More Do I Need?" (11/09/08)

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Lily Tomlin and Kathryn Joosten

After seeing Tom in what she thought was a compromising situation, Lynette is stunned to find out that Porter is the one sleeping with Anne Shilling, aka, Porter's best friend's mother, aka Mrs. Robinson.

Lynette manhandles Anne in the ladies room and warns her off.  That becomes a problem however when Anne tells Porter that she's pregnant with his child.

By the end of the episode, Lynette thinks she reconciled with Porter, but the truth is he's planning to run away with the pregnant Anne.

McCluskey and sister Roberta are hot on the trail of Dave's cellphone calls courtesy of Roberta's job at the cellphone company.  They figure out that Dave has a specialist for the criminally insane calling him every month to check up on him.  When they make a clumsy call to Dave's doctor, they tip him off that Dave's in Fairview and the shocked Doc books the first flight out.

Lily Tomlin and Kathryn Joosten are a hoot as the sleuthing sisters and hopefully Marc Cherry will keep them paired up for a while.

Susan and Jackson are starting over so as far as she's concerned that means no sex until date four. Jackson doesn't like that but goes along anyway.  The no sex thing forces him to break through his artist's block and when Susan is ready to do the nasty, Jackson instead wants more time to finish his latest canvas: a beautiful portrait of Susan.

Mrs. Hildebrand is rolling out the red carpet for the Solis family.  Gabby's lapping up the lobster dinners, margaritas at the pool, and free babysitting and Mrs. H is loving the company.  Carlos is the only one with reservations.  Gabby doesn't  agree with him until Mrs. H. takes to climbing into bed with them to watch movies and eat popcorn and has the girls calling her "Grandma."

After the two of them have it out, and Gabby tosses Mrs. H out of their lives, Mrs. H calls Carlos' boss and gets him fired.

Bree gets a four halo review from a Christian magazine and she and Orson celebrate by making out in the company test kitchen.  A flunky that Bree and Orson fired threatens to blackmail them with the resulting XXX video if they don't pay him $2,000.  Bree's understandably worried about her squeaky clean image in the publishing world.  She sics Andrew on the guy and he gets the tape back.  Thing is, the stars of the video aren't Orson and Bree after all, but Kat and Mike.  

Who didn't see that coming?

Bree gives the tape to Kat and warns her things could get sticky if Susan finds out about the relationship.

Meanwhile, criminally insane Dave announces that the mid-life crisis garage band is going to play at the Battle of the Bands at a local club in a week.  He gets pissy when Mike won't spend extra time with him to write a new song for the contest, but he covers quickly.  By the end of the episode, we're all wondering when Dave is going to make his move against Mike and whether Mike will survive the experience.


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