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November 08, 2008

"Desperate Housewives" Snap Recap: "Mirror, Mirror" (10/26/08)

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Marcia Cross Five years have passed since Little Ben was born, MJ was born, Orson went to jail, The Tornado hit and Katherine Mayfair moved to Wisteria Lane. 

On the night of Karen McCluskey's 70th birthday party---which was Dave's idea, by the way---in flashbacks we find out more about what happened during those five lost years.

Tom Scavo nearly died after doing his own electrical work at Ye Olde Scavo Pizza Shoppe, and that's what led him to buy the red sports car and to try even harder to bust out of the tight little marital box Lynette's determined to keep him in.

As Mike and Susan were about to sign their divorce papers, Susan wanted to winge out, but Mike was like, it's too late sister, and signed on the dotted line.  As a result Susan immediately hopped into bed with Jackson the painter.  They started off being a "no strings" fling, but by the time of McCluskey's party, Jackson wants to move in and Susan freaks.

Gabby went to the doctor twice and twice discovered she was pregnant.  "Little miracles," as Carlos called them.  After the second "little miracle," Gabby insisted Carlos get a vasectomy.  It's not until the night of McCluskey's party and another "little miracle" scare, that Carlos admits he never got the vasectomy.  

"Little miracle" number three is averted at the end of the episode when Gabby comes out of the bathroom screaming "Hall-le-damn-lulia, I got my period!"

On their way over to McCluskey's party, Orson tells Bree he wants to inform Kat about his new position as partner in Bree's growing empire.  Bree disagrees and wants to hold off.  In fact, she tells Orson she's not sure he should be part of the company after all.

We flashback to a classic Queen Bree scene, where she's throwing Orson a goodbye champagne brunch before he goes off to jail.  Hee.

It's later we discover Kat's the one who saved Bree from sinking back into alcohol after Orson was gone and Danielle returned to take Little Ben.  Just as Bree was about to destroy her new catering business and drown herself in a bottle, Kat moved in and kept her on the straight and narrow.  Back in the present, Bree fires Orson before walking into the party and Orson retaliates by announcing he wants a divorce.

It's not until later, after Bree explains how much she relied on Kat while he was in jail, that Orson comes up with a compromise.  He agrees to work for Kat and Bree and later, only when Kat thinks he's ready, he'll eventually become a partner.

Edie's creepy new husband Dave knows that McCluskey's been checking up on him, so he breaks into her house, moves things around and makes it look like she's going batty.  In response, McCluskey shows up to her own party swinging a baseball bat meant for Dave.  She clobbers her cake instead and only really succeeds in getting herself carted off to a hospital for observation.

Creepy Dave says a creepy goodbye to McCluskey in the ambulance and apologizes for what he did.  A still fiesty McCluskey tells him she's knows he's up to something. 

That "something," Mary Alice tells us, involves getting revenge on the man who "ruined his life."


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