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November 17, 2008

"Desperate Housewives" Snap Recap: "City On Fire" (11/16/08)

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Desperate housewives band Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight at the Battle of the Bands, we're introducing, Wisteria Lane's mid-life crisis garage band....Blue Odyssey!

As our intrepid suburban Dad's launch into a rousing rendition of "Mustang Sally," fire breaks out.

All the wives are there and ---hey Julie, how you been?---it's destined to be a "who will live, who will die" situation before the night's over.

Mary Alice tells us the fire is discovered to be arson, and before the night is through someone will be arrested.

But first let's flashback to the day before.

Mrs. Hildebrand visits chez Solis to make nice after getting Carlos fired.  Gabby's not having it until Carlos tells her Mrs. H has put them in her five gazillion dollar will.  For that kind of money,Gabby decides Mrs. H can do all the hovering and grandma-ing she wants.   By the end of the night, Mrs. H has tried to get Gabby to send the Solis girls to the private school of her choice, and when Gabby says "no way, I don't care how many gazillions you leave us," Mrs. H swears to cut them out of her will.

College girl Julie returns home and bring with her a forty year old boyfriend, who's a three time loser in the marriage stakes and wants to make Julie number four.  Susan ain't going for that and does whatever she can to put the kibosh on it.  Her best line?  After Mid-Life Manny tells her he doesn't count his first marriage because it only lasted a few months, Susan asks him, "did someone throw rice?"  When he says, yes, she says, then it counts.  By the end of the night, in spite of Susan, Mid-Life Manny sort of pops the question and Julie says, hell no.  After the marvelous marriages she saw her mother plow through, she's never planning to marry anyone.

Bree is about to be interviewed by a hot shot reporter when Andrew finds out that the woman's known for her hatchet jobs.  In spite of Bree's best efforts to hide her past skeletons, Ms. Hot Shot gets all the Bree dirt there is to be had and plans to write to show that Bree's facade of perfection is a sham.  That is until Bree comes clean and admits that perfect cooking and housework are the way she copes with the worst life has to offer and she's trying to share that with other "imperfect" housewives.  By the end of the night, Ms. Hot Shot buys that explanation and rethinks the hatchet job.

The most harrowing plotline involves the Porter/Anne, aka "Mrs. Robinson" romance.  Preston, or is it Parker?  No, Parker was the one with the red hair.  Where the heck is Parker?  I miss cute little Parker.  He was so sweet.  Oh, well.

Preston squeals to Lynette about Porter's plans to spirit away with the pregnant Anne.  Lynette goes all Rambo-Mama and confronts Anne.  In the midst of the heated conversation, who shows up but Anne's abusive husband.  He overheard everything.  When he orders Lynette out, in spite of Anne's pleas not to go, Lynette leaves.  She gets as far as her car before she comes back to find Anne on the floor with Mr. Shilling pounding her to a pulp.  Lynette stops the beating and gets Anne to a hospital.  By the end of the episode, Porter shows up to the Battle of the Bands club, which is owned by Mr. Shilling, and takes a pop at him for putting Anne in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Dave's doomed doctor gets to Fairview.  He discovers Dave's involvement with the band, and his close proximity to Mike and proceeds to confront him at the club right before the competition begins.  We get a disturbing glimpse of Dave's dark side when, in response he chokes the life out of the good doctor and sets him and as a result, the club on fire.

The "who will live, and who will die" suspense gets kind of lame as Gabby saves Mrs. H, Tom saves Carlos, Mike runs back into the burning building to save Jackson, but doesn't know that Jackson already got out safely.

As a result Dave plays hero and not only gets everyone else out safely, by breaking a window and providing escape, he goes back into the inferno and saves an incapacitated Mike.  As he carries him out, he whispers in Mike's ear, "I'm not done with you yet."

Dun, dun, dunnnnnn.

Good episode, but it would have been better if someone, maybe Mrs. H had died and we got to see Carlos and Gabby inherit her gazillions.

Photo Courtesy and Copyright ABC


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