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December 02, 2008

"Desperate Housewives" Snap Recap: "Me and My Town" (11/30/08)

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Dana delany This week's episode deals with the repercussions of the nightclub fire.  The Fairview police are hot on the trail of who dun it, and though they can't identify the dead body yet, they do know the fire was arson.

Porter Scavo comes under the hot lights so to speak, since the police uncover his threat against Mr. Shilling, aka Anne's abusive husband.

When questioned, Lynette lies to the police about hearing Porter say he would kill Mr. Schilling.  "Hero" Dave, aka The Arsonist, goes around actually looking like he might feel guilty that seven people died in the club...that is until he gets over it long enough to throw Porter under the bus to the cops.  However Porter swears he didn't set the fire and Lynette is prepared to go to jail herself before letting her baby be slapped in irons. After paying off Anne to leave town and getting her to admit she's not really pregnant, Lynette baldly lies to Porter about it, right after giving him this long speech about how honesty is the best policy.

That's just so Lynette.  Have I mentioned lately I can't stand her?  I think it's been a couple of weeks.  So here it is:  I can't stand her.

Carlos might get his sight back because doctors saw a bone fragment they missed after The Tornado.  An operation could fix it.  Now Gabby's worried because Carlos will see how frumpy she's gotten.  Uh Gabby, you know he has been touching you all this time.  Don't you think he can feel the new curves?

Gabby spends the next few days exercising and trying to regain her figure, that is until Carlos figures out something's up and forces her to tell him the problem.  In response he tells her this really sweet story about why he asked her to marry him---how it was because she slobbered over some ribs while they were dating and then laughed liltingly afterward.  Gabby appropriately melts and all is right in the Solis household.

Who knew Gabby and Carlos would become the stable family on Wisteria Lane?  Gabby's turned into a loving mother, Carlos is a doting father, they got no money but he has a good job, and they're actually loving to each other.  That is when she's not trying to trick him because he can't see. 

Well, you can't have everything.

Orson comes back from the hospital with a terrible snore because of a broken nose from the fire.  Bree describes the sound like "a terrified elephant summoning his herd."  Heh.

She wants him to get surgery to fix it, but he's like, "no way."  It isn't until Orson drugs Bree to get himself back in the marital bed and she finds out about it that she gains the upper hand and makes him go under the knife.  On a side note, Orson's knife wielding doctor turns out to be Andrew's new love interest.

Mike is still in the hospital recovering and grateful that "Hero" Dave saved his life, but that doesn't stop him from getting in trouble with Susan.  That's because she finds out about Mike and Kat via her dislike of macadamia nuts and the cookies Kat bakes them in.  She's predictably immature about it, storming off to confront Bree for knowing all along and not telling.  Pissed off due to lack of sleep Bree tells Susan what I've been telling her for weeks:  you stupid idiot, you divorced Mike over a traffic accident and now you still want to keep him under your thumb?  Not happening sister.  If you want him, tell him.  If you don't, cut him loose.

He may be a only plumber but he won't be on the market for long.


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