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November 30, 2008

10 Cool Things I Did Over Thanksgiving Weekend

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Lucky Chengs I had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and just to keep you up to date, here are ten cool things I did:

  1. Catered Thanksgiving Dinner:  It's become a tradition in my house that Thanksgiving dinner is catered.  I clean the house, I buy the wine, I make cornbread, stir-fry cabbage and then I pick up the food.  It's always hot and beautifully packed, right down to the carved turkey, and I have a ball enjoying my company instead of sweating over the shopping and the cooking.  It costs less than if I did it myself and everyone goes home happy.
  2. Felt No Guilt About Catering Thanksgiving Dinner:  I spoke to a woman the day after Thanksgiving who said she would feel guilty if she didn't cook dinner.  I chuckled and said, "There is no such thing as guilt when I can have a good time."
  3. Enjoyed Thanksgiving Dinner:  The best way I've learned to cope with my nutty family?   Realize that as crazy as they can be, at least they're mine. 
  4. Slept, slept, and slept some more:  I woke up Friday at 10AM, put the dishes in the dishwasher, sat with a cup of coffee for two hours and then took a three hour nap.  Woke up just in time to heat up leftovers for company.  This morning slept to 1PM.  Ahhhhh.
  5. Had Leftovers with Cara and Lucy: Cara, Lucy and I had a girl's night of dinner, games and Charlie Brown TV specials.  We played Sorry, Jr. Scrabble and Mancala and five year old Cara won all three.  I'd never played Mancala before and once I figured out the strategy it was quite addictive.  Perfect for an evening in front of the fireplace.  When Milos and his Dad arrived, we made paper airplanes---Lucy had to remind me how to make them---and flew them around my livingroom.
  6. Hung Out with Drag Queens:  For a friend's birthday a group of us went to the cabaret/dinner drag queen club in New York called Lucky Chengs.  It was beyond a hoot and a half watching the luscious ladies (and yes, that's a man in the picture above) perform their risque show while we chowed down on Asian pu pu platters.  The costumes were straight out of a Vegas showgirl's closet, some of the commentary by Ms. F**kin' Bitch would make a standup comic blush, and the crowd was packed with birthday girls, bachelorettes and brides-to-be.  Alex competed in the amateur lap dance competition---he was the lap dancer for a seated woman---and since he dances kinda like Kermit the Frog, that was a sight to see.  As you'll notice I haven't published the pictures here because I now have him under my total control.....ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, Haaaaaa.....!
  7. Hung Out with Apes:  Watched some of Fox Movie Channel's "Planet of the Apes" weekend marathon.  The original movie may not look like much to modern audiences, but like "Star Wars" it was a groundbreaking film.  And the last scene is still one of the best movie payoffs ever.
  8. Thought About Things To Be Thankful For:  With all the horrible things happening in the world, like the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, I took time to remember that no matter how much I might complain, I really have very little to complain about.
  9. Wished For Better Times To Come:  Watched the media coverage of the attacks in Mumbai and thought about journalistic standards and what is right and wrong to broadcast during such a tense situation.  I decided to be as optimistic as I can in spite of all the terrible news.
  10. Volunteered For A Good Cause:  I began volunteering once a week at my local Petco, taking care of the cats up for adoption.  There were only two cats this week, Honey and Louie, and Louie has a bit of a temper, but I felt very good about making a small contribution to a good cause.

I hope you guys enjoyed your turkey---or your to-furkey---something Mrs. Kim would serve to all you vegetarians---and that your weekend was healthy, happy and drama-free.


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