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October 06, 2008

"The View" Heats Up Over Palin "Terrorist" Accusations

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ViewNote to Elisabeth Hasselbeck:  You're credibility would increase significantly if you would not spout the Republican party line no matter how stupid.  Or as Whoopi Goldberg told you today, stuff that's "crap."

It's true, I've defended you in the past from unfounded attacks, but honey, like Sherri Shepherd, you're making it harder and harder for me to treat you fairly.

Here's the background.  Over the weekend the McCain campaign hit a new low with attacks by running mate Sarah Palin trying to link Barack Obama with a "terrorist."  Obama didn't hesitate to respond.

Look people, I knew things were headed in this direction and it's only a matter of time before Reverend Wright makes a return appearance, but to try to link Barack Obama to William Ayers, a Weather Underground member forty years ago, and a guy who's paid for his crimes, is just pathetic.

On "The View" today, the Gabby Girls sans Joy Behar, rehashed the Vice Presidential debate, the "SNL" parody of the debate and then got into Palin's charges against Obama.  Elisabeth continued the attack that Palin started over the weekend, saying how Obama hasn't "come clean" about his associations.  Barbara Walters mentioned that the Obama campaign has now brought up John McCain's involvement in the Keating Five which occurred eighteen years ago.

Now, let me remind you, Palin is the same person who last week during the debate kept telling Joe Biden, in between winks to the camera, that his references to George Bush's administration were irrelevant because the last eight years were in the past.  Last time I looked, the last forty years were in the past as well.  But I digress. Back to "The View."

Babs correctly pointed out the following:

Let's discuss the economy for Heaven sakes, let's discuss healthcare, let's discuss insurance for kids, let's not drag up just to discredit people on either side.  There are much more important issues.

Whoopi Goldberg made the point that if we're going to link people, we're going to have to link everyone who ever came into contact with William Ayers and if you gave all of Congress that same litmus test, everyone in Congress would come up short.  She added:

Barack Obama is not the terrorist.  Let's make sure that we're clear that Barack Obama is not the terrorist, so linking him to people...we can link all of these guys to people.

Then about McCain:

The man is losing.  The man is losing and he's pulling out garbage that didn't work for Clinton and it's not gonna work for him.

In response to Elisabeth talking about Barack Obama trying to hide "all his radical connections" I lost it.  Whoopi nearly did as well and as they went to break she told Elisabeth, "It's crap."

This is racial guys.  Face it, this is racial.  The Gwen Ifill business was racial---she's black, so she must be supporting Obama. This whole William Ayers thing is racial.  Soon the Repblicans will be linking Obama to every black criminal that was ever in a US jail, 'cause they're black and he's black so he must be a criminal, Muslim, terrorist too.

Between all this junk and the continued ambition of the McCain campaign to be the ticket of uneducated beer guzzlers, I'm pretty pissed off.  This Newsweek article covers the Republican ticket's efforts to play stupid, something Sarah Palin is proving perfect for.  They ask the following question:  "Do we want leaders who are everyday folks, or do we want leaders who understand everyday folks?"

Even devoted Republicans doubt whether the Sarah Six-Pack case is the best one to make. After the vice presidential debate, a senior figure in the party, who asked not to be named because he was telling the truth, told me that Palin should talk less about being "just-folks" and more about being governor of a large state.

People, I want someone in the White House who's smart, who's educated, who's been out of the country more than once, who doesn't portray every college graduate as an elitist, who doesn't portray someone who worked hard and graduated from an Ivy League school, as an elitist, who doesn't appear to be encouraging high school dropouts with fourth grade reading levels to run for president, and who doesn't play into the racial stereotypes that are being inflamed by this campaign.

I'm college educated, I don't have kids who play soccer or hockey, I've traveled around the world and had a passport since I was fifteen, I hold a mortgage, I pay my bills and taxes, I work several jobs for a living and I read several papers a day...which I can name. 

So I'll tell you what, call me an elitist all you want.  I want an elitist like me in the White House.  That ain't John McCain and it sure as hell ain't Sarah Palin.


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