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October 01, 2008

Sherri Shepherd Of "The View" Wants Bill Maher To Interview God

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Yesterday on "The View" Sherri Shepherd suggested comedian Bill Maher interview God.

Yeah, you heard me...God.  And the result was she came off looking like an idiot and Maher told her she needed to be carted off to Bellevue.

You see, Maher, who's very anti-religion, was there to plug his new movie documentary "Religulous"  I haven't seen it but it's Maher's critically humorous take on religion, kinda like Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" was his critically humorous take on 9/11.  Except in "Religulous," God takes on the George Bush role.

Here's the video:

If Sherri had asked the question as a joke, Maher would have probably laughed it off and come back with a zinger and they'd have moved on.  But she didn't.  She was totally serious when she asked him the question, so she opened herself up for being called an idiot on national TV.  How many times is this now?  Remember when  "she didn't know if the earth was flat?"  I defended her then, but she was still new on the show.  Then there was this incident.  Now I'm running out of defenses.

The thing is, she always gets into trouble when she talks about religion.  She should have known if she asked Maher a question like that he was going to slap her down, hard.  Hasn't she seen his show?

Sherri, if you don't want to continue to look like an idiot, here are two pieces of unsolicited advice:  don't talk about history 'cause your facts are always wrong.  Unfortunately the only history you know is from the Bible and believe me, there are other very legitimate historical texts out there. 

Don't talk about religion because you can't do it without trying to convert people.  Even Elisabeth knows how to emphasize that her beliefs are hers alone, and doesn't try to make people who don't believe as she does feel like they're going to hell.


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