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October 08, 2008

Fall's Returning TV Shows: What's Cool, What's Crappy

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Tv Ah fall! When the weather gets colder, the leaves turn pretty colors and the DVR overheats from taping so many of the Fall TV shows. A couple of weeks ago I told you what returning shows I was waiting for like a kid on Christmas morning, and now that I've seen a few, I'm here to report back on What's Cool and What's Crappy

"Grey's Anatomy"

Kevinmckidda What's Cool: The two hour season premiere had everything a Grey's fan could have wanted: medical drama, romantic angst, and new stud blood to flutter the heart of any woman who's ever imagined herself rescued by a man in uniform. Mer and Der are still together, Izzy and George are still apart---thank you Shonda!---Izzy and Alex are somewhere in between, the Chief is on a rampage to make the hospital number one, and Christina's temperature was raised by the aforementioned man in uniform, Major Owen Hunt played by Kevin McKidd, previously of HBO's "Rome" and NBC's "The Journeyman."

Appropriately dubbed Major McBadass because he performed a tracheotomy with a pen at the scene of a car accident, Major Hunt appears destined to butt heads with McDreamy and have women swooning all over the hospital. He can poke my trachea with a pen anytime.

What's Crappy: George. I still can't stand him. Christina, I still can't stand her. Not enough Miranda Bailey, I love her. The new sorta romance between Callie and Dr. Hahn. It's not clicking with me.

"Ugly Betty"

What's Cool: Betty herself is still wonderful and adorable, but blast it, give her some material. Okay so she didn't go away with Henry or Gio. Give me something else. And I don't mean her working for Daniel's new reject Playboy-like magazine.

What's Crappy: Just about everything. Except for Wilhelmina, Marc and Amanda, no one's funny. Please, bring back Yoga. She and Claire Meade on the lam in the Hamptons was some of the funniest stuff I saw on TV all last year. Now Claire Meade is just a dud. Give her something to do.

Daniel's petit fils, or to translate, his lame French son that he never knew about, who the heck cares? Please, bring back Daniel the womanizer. At least he was entertaining.

Alexis has worn out her trannie welcome, and Hilda has lost that street smart, Queens girl edge I loved so much. Especially now they've made her stupid, sleeping with a married man. Nah uh, Hilda wouldn't play that. At least not the Hilda I used to know.

Yo, Salma! Love ya' sweetie, but you need to ride in and help pull this show together. Or else I'm gonna have to start switching over to "Survivor."


What's Cool: Jimmy Smits as Miguel Prado, an assistant district attorney who becomes Dexter's new best friend when Dexter helps catch the killer of his younger brother. What Prado doesn't know is that Dexter was his brother's actual killer. Michael C. Hall is still fabulous as Dexter and the return of Jimmy Smits to television is always something to celebrate.

What's Crappy: This may sound like splitting hairs, but I can't watch the show open. It's at least two minutes long, grosser than a nose full of snot and makes me want to toss my cookies every time I watch it---which isn't often. The only one worse is the Bloody, Backwoods, Bayou opening for "True Blood." Watch that epic starring the dead rats and then have a meal, I dare you.

Oh, and Dexter's sister is still a whiney, roaring pain.


What's Cool: Last season's first class, three hankie finale has been backed up by this season's first class opening episodes. House is as mean and ornery as ever and his estrangement from Wilson makes him even more so, if that was possible. His new bro-mance with the private eye he hired to check up on Wilson is a hoot and a half and newcomer Michael Weston plays off Hugh Laurie like they were made for each other.

What's Crappy: Not much. I love this show and unlike many who didn't like last year's influx of new House recruits, I thought the producers made a smart move by changing up the cast. At its core, "House" is a formula show with a magnificently talented star, but if they didn't make an effort to freshen things up every now and then, the show would suffer for it. Congrats to the producers for taking some risks.

"Desperate Housewives"

What's Cool: Bree Van De Camp as the new Martha Stewart and Katherine Mayfair as her exasperated and overworked partner in their catering business. Edie Britt's creepy new husband and trying to figure out why he insisted he and his bride return to Wisteria Lane.

What's Crappy: Gabby and Carlos, and Mike and Susan. Mike and Susan got divorced because she's pissed he doesn't feel more guilty about a car accident they were in that killed two people. Susan, come on. What more do you want from the poor guy?

Meanwhile Carlos and Gabby now have two little girls, and Gabby's all of a sudden turned into Carol Burnett's washerwoman. Gabby as a domestic frump is totally out of character and not believable at all.

"Dancing with the Stars"

What's Cool: How well the show holds up as harmless, good old fashioned entertainment. This season's standouts include Maurice Greene, Warren Sapp, Susan Lucci and crazy as a loon, 82 year old Cloris Leachman.

What's Crappy: Or rather who. Rocco DiSpirito, Lance Bass, and Cody Linley. Also, all the injuries. Poor Misty May-Treanor's having surgery this week after rupturing her achilles tendon in rehearsal last Friday.

This after Jeff Ross's thumb in the eye injury a couple of weeks ago. He's long gone, but think about it, Misty May-Treanor got through Olympic training with no problem. But training for "Dancing with the Stars?" She comes up with a popped ankle. Don't let anybody ever tell you dancers ain't tough.

Poor Misty. Good luck to her.

One final note on a new show, this week's episode of "True Blood" was a game changing doozy. If you haven't caught this HBO vamp-fest, now's the time to give it a try.

What returning shows are you enjoying this fall? Don't be shy, let fly.

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