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October 26, 2008

"Desperate Housewives" Snap Recap: "Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else" (10/12/08)

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Teri Hatcher It was inevitable that as soon as there was an overweight kid on this show, said overweight kid was going to turn out to be a bully.  Tonight's said overweight kid/bully is Juanita Solis. 

Note to Hollywood writers: overweight kids are almost never the bullies.  They are the bullied.

With that rant out of the way, on to this week's episode which happens to be all about bullies.

Bully Number 1:  I'm not starting with the most obvious, Juanita. I'm starting with the most subtle, Bree Van de Camp.  After three years of haggling, Bree and Orson have convinced Danielle to bring new hubby---does he even have a name?---and Little Ben for a visit.  No sooner do they get there than Bree decides she must correct all the mistakes Danielle is making raising Little Ben.  First and foremost, raising him vegetarian.  To fix the problem, Bree feeds him two hot dogs which he promptly throws up right in the middle of one of Bree's elegant dinner parties. 

In a gut wrenchingly funny scene, the sickened guests, McCluskey, Kat Mayfair, Edie and Dave, help inspect the vomit for signs of meat.  Ewwww.

When Danielle confirms Little Ben's regurgitated lunch does indeed contain bits of Hebrew National's best, she packs up the family and they depart.

Bully Number 2:  Edie's new husband Dave is also a subtle bully.  After Lynette does her usual, emasculation of Tom when he dares to want to keep a few of his midlife crisis mementos, like the climbing boots he was going to use when he climbed Everest, or the bass guitar he was going to play when he jammed with Bon Jovi, or even his beloved ab-tightener, the Abtastic, Dave comes along and convinces Tom to keep the bass and start up a garage band with him.  Of course Dave has an ulterior motive, to get Mike Delfino involved in the band as well, but we still don't understand why.

When Lynette arranges for Tom's bass to "accidentally" get destroyed, Dave goes out and buys him a new one.  Handing it over to Lynette, Dave implies with just a tad of menace, that wives who don't let their middle-aged husbands have a little fun, find themselves competing with other women who will.  He then invites Lynette to give the bass to Tom as a gift from her, which by the end of the episode, she does.

Bully Number 3: Karen McCluskey.  Speaking of Dave, McCluskey and Kat Mayfair have made it their business to find out about Edie's mysterious husband.  Kat and McCluskey take Edie to lunch to pump her for info, but McCluskey's less than subtle questioning gets Edie suspicious.  After challenging Dave about some hidden facts of his past in public, Dave plays the guilt trip card, saying he's embarrassed he didn't go to college and doesn't like to talk about such a difficult time of his life. 

A guilt- ridden Edie then confesses that all the questions were started by McCluskey and she should have never listened to her in the first place.  Dave then says something about how old women like that start to get senile, thinking everyone's after them, breaking into their house and stealing their things.  Look out McCluskey.

Finally, Bully Number 4:  Juanita Solis.  She picks on Susan and Mike's kid MJ and though Mike and Jackson consider teaching him to fight----Jackson even suggests teaching him capoeira---they draw the line at teaching him to hit a girl.  That leaves it up to Susan to get in little Juanita's face.  This in turn brings on the wrath of Gabby and the next thing you know, she and Susan are rolling around in the grass like some suburban version of female mud wrestling.

They make up by the end of the episode when Gabby admits to Susan she was glad Juanita was at least a bully instead of a victim.  Susan reassures her that no kid of Gabby's would ever be a victim and they toast to motherhood over a bottle of wine.

Not the best of episodes, but the vomit dinner party was worth the price of a ticket.

A little sidebar about capoeira, Milos and Cara and their parents take lessons and they have a ball with it.

Lastly, best wishes to Gale Harold who plays Susan's boyfriend Jackson.  He was severely injured in a motorcycle accident a couple of weeks ago and though still hospitalized is expected to make a full recovery.

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