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October 26, 2008

"Desperate Housewives" Snap Recap: "Back In Business" (10/19/08)

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James denton

Poor Mike Delfino.  Not only does his ditsy wife divorce him for a dumb reason, he now has to work like a dog and doesn't get to see his kid during those all important kid years.

As a result in those cute kid drawings that all kids make of their families, MJ draws Daddy Mike the size of a little bug, and Susan's boyfriend Jackson, the size of a painting warrior.

Daddy Mike tries to reverse that impression by buying MJ a bike, but then tells the kid he'll teach him to ride in a few days. Jackson steps into the breach and teaches him instead.  When Susan finds out she explains to MJ that when Daddy Mike comes over, MJ needs to take a header off the bike so Daddy Mike won't find out he already knows how to ride.  Under protest MJ does just that but ends up spraining his arm.

Did they shoot this stuff before or after Gale Harold got hurt?  If it was after and I was Harold, I might think about looking for work on another show.

In other Wisteria Lane news, Queen Bree Van de Camp holds a little tea party to hand out advance copies of her book to the other wives.  They're all green with envy in their own passive/aggressive ways, and show it to varying degrees. 

When Lynette checks out Bree's marketing campaign, she thinks she can do better and gives Bree a big presentation.  Bree hates Lynette's ideas and wants to keep her own and Lynette can't stand it.  She gets her nose even more out of joint when she discovers the mastermind behind Bree's campaign is one of her own former flunkies.

Orson meanwhile has been pretending to go off to work everyday, but was really fired weeks ago because of his prison record.  Bree eventually finds out and Orson tells her no one will hire him.  His bright idea?  He'd like to work for Bree and Kat's catering company...as a partner.  Kat reacts to that with the lack of enthusiasm you might expect and Bree wisely tells Orson no.

He in turn begins a pouting spree that includes sleeping in the spare bedroom, not coming to her Businesswoman of the Year award luncheon, and acting like an all around spoiled jerk.

Gabby and Carlos maneuver Juanita into a prime neighborhood afternoon play date so they can have some meaningful, adult play dates of their own.  That works fine until Juanita comes home early one day and wants to know why Daddy is "hurting" Mommy. 

After having all the facts of life explained to her, Juanita starts blabbing her new vocabulary to all the other kids in the play date---sperm!---and the play date Mommy bans Juanita for good.  Note to play date Mommy, it's better than the kids learning it on the street.

The Dave and Tom Garage Band is holding daily rehearsals in the Scavo garage.  However Dave keeps pushing for Tom to get Mike to join the band.  When Mike says he simply doesn't have the time, what with living half and hour away from Wisteria Lane and working night and day, Dave, through Edie, arranges for Mike to rent Mary Alice's old house.  Edie wanted to buy it as an investment property anyway, and Dave agrees as long as they rent it to Mike anonymously, and for a song...so to speak.

I gotta tell ya', Dave drives the creep quotient on Wisteria Lane right through the stratosphere.  Can't wait to see what his weirdo motives are.

How do all these plot strings resolve themselves into one nice, tidy ball?  Bree gives in to Orson's emotional blackmail and agrees to let him work for her, Lynette unconvincingly makes up with Bree after getting drunk at her luncheon and causing a nasty scene, Gabby and Carlos have to go back to middle of the sex and Mike and Susan agree that being divorced with a kid is hard.  Duh.


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