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October 07, 2008

"Desperate Housewives" Snap Recap: "You're Gonna Love Tomorrow" (9/28/08)

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DesperateGet out your best mixing bowl, your prettiest apron, and your company placemats 'cause the women of Wisteria Lane are back!

As we remember from last season's finale, we've jumped five years into the future and things have changed significantly for our denizens of domesticated bliss.

Let's start with the Queen of Domesticity, Mrs. Bree Van De Camp Hodge (Marcia Cross).  Queen Bree has moved her mania to the next logical level by becoming the chef du jour of the Martha Stewart set.  She's a well known cook and domestic goddess and Andrew is her cleaned up sidekick.  She still has a catering business with Katherine Mayfair (Dana Delany) but that relationship's suffering due to Bree's outside commitments and her penchant for stealing Kat's recipes for her book.

Little Ben is gone, having been snatched away from Queen Bree by her ungrateful daughter who's now married and able to take care of him.  That's one reason Bree's cooking as fast as she can.

At the Scavo household, things are exactly as you would expect.  That gruesome twosome, the terrible twins, Porter and Preston have turned into terrible teens who set up illegal gambling dens in the Scavo bistro and have frequent brushes with the law.  Tom's (Doug Savant) kind of impressed with the "cool factor" of his wayward offspring until Lynette decides to crack the whip---about fifteen years too late if you ask me---and forces him to back her in the discipline department.

Edie (Nicollette Sheridan) has returned to Wisteria Lane with a brand new husband.  This time he's not someone she stole from some other woman, but someone she picked up from a mental institution.  She however doesn't know that yet.  She just thinks he's an incredibly intense motivational speaker who has eyes only for her.  Played by Neal McDonough, he of the pretty yet creepy eyes, Dave Williams, has a hidden agenda and after bribing an old man out of Edie's rented house, we also know he's a man who gets what he wants.

In the two weakest flash forward storylines we have Susan (Teri Hatcher) and Mike (James Denton) divorced because they had a deadly car accident and Susan blames Mike for not feeling as bad as she does about it.  Sorry Marc Cherry, this one doesn't pass the stinker test.  Susan has a new boyfriend Jackson who she refuses to introduce to her friends.

And Gabrielle (Eva Longoria Parker) she of the Chanel suits and Prada shoes, has unrealistically transformed into a Latina version of a hausfrau complete with two little girls and a still blind Carlos (Ricardo Antonio Chavira) rattling around the house.  One little girl is overweight which drives the former stick thin Gabby totally off the deep end, attempting all kinds of ridiculous tricks---running behind the car Gabby?---to get her to lose weight.

The most ridiculous part of the Gabby storyline is that she would go over to Edie's house with the other wives to say "Hello," and not even drag a comb through her hair.  She may be a mother, she may be tired, but she's still Gabby and Gabby wouldn't be caught dead looking like that.

Overall, a decent episode with lots of promise for the new season.


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