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October 12, 2008

"Desperate Housewives" Snap Recap: "We're So Happy You're So Happy" (10/5/08)

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Neighbors can either be a blessing or a curse.  We're pretty sure that Edie's new husband Dave is going to turn out to be the latter, but during this episode, he's pretending to be the former.  

We get another hint of Dave's darker side after he kidnaps McCluskey's cat Toby, in retaliation for an insult to Edie which McCluskey won't apologize for.  The offending comment?  That Edie's "breasts are a triumph of German engineering."

I liked it.  Heh.

Toby returns by the end of the episode, but only after McCluskey makes the required apology.  In retaliation, McCluskey decides to do a little digging into Dave's background.  You go, McCluskey.

Mike gets together with Susan's new beau, Jackson to check him out as stepfather material for MJ (whatever happened to Maynard?), and discovers he likes hanging with him.  Susan however turns against the budding friendship when she finds out they're chatting about her sexual preferences.  Like Mike's patented "lobe nibble."

Susan also admits to Mike that she doesn't want Jackson to see her "through Mike's eyes."  Mike's like, if he did, he'd see that I think you're a great gal.  A klutz, but a great gal.  Okay, I added that last part, but if he thinks so highly of her, why the hell are they divorced? 

Carlos has a job as a masseuse at the local country club, and Gabby goes nuts when she finds out they can't go to a fancy party there because Carlos is seen as "the help."  As Bree says, "he's already rubbed too many members."  Hee.

So Gabby decides they should crash the party by sneaking in through the servants' entrance.  Of course they're caught, and in a very funny scene, Gabby and Bree are standing in the kitchen doorway and every time the door opens, it shows Carlos seated at a table getting into more and more hot water with the staff trying to kick he and Gabby out. 

On their way home, Gabby rants about how she's lost eveything and they're treated like help and the world is coming to an end.  And Carlos is like, grow up, already!   He gets to hear a lot about those rich people when he's giving them their rubdowns and they're not nearly as happy as everyone thinks. "They are every bit as miserable as I was when I was chasing that stuff.  We have lost nothing that matters."

Meanwhile Porter Scavo has been hanging out on a My Space-like internet site and because Lynette can't stand not being involved in every aspect of her kids' lives she pretends to be a fifteen year old who has the hots for him so she can find out if he's using drugs or doing anything else she considers unacceptable.

When Porter starts sending Lynette sex poems and says he may be in love with her, Tom is appalled and tells Lynette she needs to break it off before Porter, "Kills me and blinds himself."  Great Oedipus reference.  Say what you want about Tom, the man knows his Greek tragedy.

When Lynette mistakenly signs one of her emails to Porter, "Love Mom," the jig is up and he freezes her out. She gives him a speech about how all of a sudden, she liked knowing about his life and how much she misses that internet relationship.  He sits in a sullen silence until she leaves and then says, "I do too."

Have I mentioned lately how much I can't stand Lynette and her sanctimonious, "I'm Empress Of The World" attitude?  Just thought I'd remind you.

At the Hodge household, or as Bree would have it, the Van de Camp household, Orson's in a snit because Bree's known in her professional publishing world as Mrs. Van de Camp.  When he wants to know why she doesn't use the name Hodge, Bree says it's because, "It has no music.  Hodge sounds like the sound a plunger makes."  Love ya' Queen Bree.

One night when Bree is doing a radio interview, Orson is listening while he eats take out Chinese food, and when asked if there's a Mr. Van de Camp, Bree's like, no he's six feet under.  Orson doesn't take kindly to his "on air death notice," and eventually forces Bree to cook him a promised pot roast at midnight, after she's come from that same country club party that Gabby and Carlos crashed.  He's a petulant jerk about it and though she does it, Bree's in no way happy about it.

What will happen next on Wisteria Lane?  Stay tuned.

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