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September 20, 2008

Ten Things I Kinda Love About Sitting In My Backyard

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After last week's very tough and very sad post about the loss of Daisy, I thought it was time for something nice and positive.

Ten things I kinda love while sitting in my backyard:

  1. Watching the oscillator water the garden.  It's the best free entertainment in town.  Oh wait, not free.  I forgot about the water bill.
  2. Listening to the oscillator water the garden.  It blocks out the sounds of the gardeners in the neighborhood and their humongous lawnmowers. 
  3. The smell of fresh cut grass and knowing how much I have to pay the gardener to cut it.
  4. The glass or two of chardonnay I can enjoy with my feet up and my mother not here asking if I've had too much to drink.
  5. The patch of blue sky I can glimpse through the thick branches of my massive silver maple while trying to forget that next season I'm going to have to pay a fortune to have that tree pruned.
  6. Looking up at the beauty of that same silver maple and wondering how much all those leaves are going to cost to clean up when they come down. 
  7. Knowing that as soon as I go inside, I'm going to blast the mosquitoes that have been biting me all afternoon to kingdom come with Raid Yard Guard.
  8. Knowing that my termite-ridden, falling down shed will become the winter home of the nasty little squirrels if I don't plug up every visible hole.
  9. The expression on the nasty little squirrels' faces when they figure out they can come right up to my chair without Daisy chasing them away.  Just you wait, you little bastards, there will be another dog here one day.
  10. The knowledge that as long as I keep my mortgage paid up, no one can take any of these joys away from  me.


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