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July 15, 2008

Daisy Tells BlogHer To Stuff It

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Daisy_sofa Daisy's not real happy about BlogHer '08. 

Or more to the point, the fact that I'm going.  You see Daisy's in her twilight doggie years and change of any kind in her routine is greeted with civil disobedience. 

Hunger strikes, sit-ins, candlelight vigils, she's done 'em all.

I've tried to explain to her the importance of this trip, but all I get for my trouble is maniacal barking and lasting views of her backside.

It doesn't help that I was away for three days last week on a trip with my mother and stepfather to Newport, Rhode Island.  Even though I enlisted my cousin as doggie sitter, Daisy was not amused.  When I got home, I'd finished unpacking the car, airing out the house, showering and changing before she even looked at me.

Then I told her about BlogHer and she had a doggie fit.  She was not impressed by my going to meet a bunch of women who sit around all day blogging while ignoring their families, friends and especially their long suffering canine companions.  She was quick to point out she doesn't go running off to Dogster Conferences at the drop of a doggie bone, leaving me alone to fend for myself.

Oh yeah, I thought, paying for Rena, her personal assistant, having my cousin stay over to sit with her, and then having no less than four other backups to take care of her every need...that's leaving her alone.

As you can see Daisy's a big believer in the power of the guilt trip.   But I'm not falling for it.  I'm going to BlogHer '08 tomorrow and Daisy will just have to deal.

And another thing...er, oh sorry...I gotta go, she's barking for me.  For those of you going to BlogHer, see you in a couple of days.


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