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June 04, 2008

"Lost" Recap: "Something Nice From Home" (5/1/08)

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We start with the standard "Lost" closeup of Jack's eye opening.  Juliet's calling his name 'cause there's mutiny among the Losties.

Bernard and Rose, et al are trying to get the truth out of Daniel and Charlotte and Charlotte especially is stonewalling.  When she gets snippy with Bernard, Rose tells her, "Just watch your tone, Red."  Heh.

Jack makes peace, telling the Losties he knows Charlotte and Daniel are lying.  Jack doesn't look so good as he gives his pep talk about getting all of them off the island, and before we know it, he collapses.

Flash forward to Jack in a comfy bed somewhere and the phone is ringing.  He picks it up and someone is confirming a consult he has at eleven o'clock.  He gets out of bed and puts some lacy underwear in the hamper.  Jack, who knew?

As he goes in the kitchen he steps on a Millennium Falcon model on the floor.   He puts two wine glasses in the sink and makes coffee.  He checks out the paper, sees the Yankees have beaten the Red Sox in a series sweep and is disgusted.  Finally he goes in the bathroom where someone is in the shower.

When the shower shuts off he takes a towel and hands it to...Kate, as she steps out.  They're all lovey dovey and it's nice to see them happy for a change. 

Opening credits.

There's a solar system mobile over Aaron's bed and Jack is reading him a bedtime story.  Kate comes to the door and watches as he reads.  After Aaron's asleep, Jack turns off the light and follows Kate into the hall.  When Kate tells him he's a natural at reading stories to kids that aren't his own, Jack says his Dad used to read him that story. 

They get lovey dovey again, and Kate tells Jack she's glad he changed his mind about being with them.  They make out some more, all happy and sweet, and I can't help thinking, this can't last.

Flashback to Jack coming to on the island and the Losties standing over him concerned.  Juliet goes to get him some water.  When Kate helps him up she discovers he has a fever, but Jack makes light of it and says all he needs is rest.

Meanwhile Sawyer, Miles, Claire and Aaron are trekking through the jungle.  Sawyer speculates they can make it to the beach by the next day.

All of a sudden we start to hear sounds of the scene when Rousseau and Karl got shot.  Miles acts like he's hearing those sounds and gets weirded out, staring at a spot on the ground. 

"Who's Danielle and Karl?" He asks Sawyer. 

Claire and Sawyer are puzzled as Miles starts digging.  Then he finds them.  Karl and Rousseau buried in shallow graves.  Claire's understandably freaked and so am I.

When Sawyer wants to know if Miles' "buddies" killed Karl and Rousseau, Miles says, "They're not my buddies, man.  I didn't sign up for this."  Claire wants to get the heck out of there and the new and improved Sawyer reassures Claire and agrees.

Back at the beach Jack's popping pills and Nurse Juliet questions him about his illness.  Though he says he's got food poisoning, Juliet diagnoses his condition as appendicitis.  He's gonna have to have surgery and it ain't gonna be pretty. 

Juliet sends Sun and Jin to the Dharma medical facility so they can retrieve medical instruments she'll need. 

Daniel appeals to Juliet for him and Charlotte to go along, since Sun and Jin won't recognize all the instruments needed.  Sun points out the little detail that they can't trust Daniel and Charlotte and Charlotte's like, why should I go if you don't trust me.

Daniel then puts her in her place when he says, "You're very bad attitude is exactly why they don't trust us."  He then appeals to Juliet to allow them to help.

Juliet gives Jin a gun and says, "Either of them tries to run, shoot 'em in the leg."

Cut to Miles watching Claire and Aaron a little too closely.  Sawyer warns him off.

"Don't look at her, don't talk to her, don't mess with her."  And then he puts Miles under a twenty foot restraining order.  I love it.

At Lostie General Hospital, Rose and Bernard are cleaning off an operating table.  Rose wants to know why Jack got sick, because people don't get sick on the island.  "Here, they get better," she says.  The implication being Jack might have done something the island Gods are punishing him for.

Juliet is shaving Jack's side when he tells her he wants to be awake while Juliet does the surgery.  He wants Kate to hold a mirror so he'll be able to see.  Yo Jack, control freak, much? 

Flash forward to Jack escorting a patient to the lobby of his very chic medical building.  When she leaves, he watches fearfully as someone who looks like his Dad follows her out of the building.

A receptionist gives Jack a message from the Santa Rosa Hospital about a friend of his who's not taking his meds.  The friend is Hurley and Jack goes for a visit.

He and Hurley have a disturbing conversation in which Hurley learns that Kate and Jack are together again and Jack learns that Hurley's seeing and talking to Charlie on a regular basis.  It seems Charlie has a message for Jack:  Jack's not supposed to raise "him," and Hurley thinks that means Aaron.  Charlie also said that someone will be visiting Jack...soon.

Cut to the jungle and Charlotte, Daniel, Jin and Sun have arrived at the medical facility.  Daniel's all protective of Charlotte and Jin asks Sun in Korean if Charlotte knows Dan likes her.  Sun replies that a woman always knows. 

Once inside Sun shows Jin the sonogram machine where she first saw their baby.  She tells Jin in Korean that she doesn't think Daniel and Charlotte are going to help them get off the island.  Jin tells Sun not to worry.  He promises to get her and the baby off the island.  Charlotte's not far away as he says this and it almost looks like she understands what he said.  Hmmm.

Out In the jungle, Miles is still a little too focused on Claire and Aaron. There's a rustling in the trees and Frank comes running out of the jungle.  Sawyer doesn't recognize Frank but obviously Miles does.  Frank warns them to hide because Keamy's coming and if he sees them, he'll kill them. 

A minute after they take cover, here comes Keamy and the rest of his crew that survived Ben's smoke monster attack.  Things get tense when Aaron makes baby hiccup noises, but Frank distracts Keamy by saying they have to keep moving to the helicopter if they're to leave before nightfall.

Lostie General Hospital is all ready for Jack's surgery.  Kate's been recruited and she walks Jack over to his operating tent.  He starts to say, "If something happens to me..." but Kate tells him to "shut up."

Flash forward to Jack sitting outside Hurley's hospital and looking at the bench where Hurley said Charlie appears.  He drives home to Kate and wakes her up.  He's troubled and asks if she really thinks he's good at the being a father to Aaron.  When Kate reassures him, he asks her to marry him.  And being the prepared man he always is, he even takes out a decent looking ring.

It's right here, I just want to eat him right up.

Kate starts to cry and since she's no fool, says, "Yes." They hug and cry and it's so sweet.

Flashback to the beach.  It's night and Jin, Sun, Charlotte and Daniel return with the medical instruments.  As everyone else walks off, Jin's left alone with Charlotte and starts speaking to her in Korean. 

He tells her he knows she understands Korean.  At first Charlotte feigns ignorance, but changes her mind when Jin tells her he'll break Daniel's fingers one at a time if she doesn't stop lying.  Now, this is the Jin who worked for Daddy Paik.  Charlotte's never met David Paik's Jin, but she smartly decides not to cross him.  She asks him in Korean what he wants. 

Jin says as soon as the helicopter comes back to pick up Charlotte and Daniel, he wants a reserved seat for Sun.  Charlotte agrees.

In the operating room, Juliet is setting up and Bernard is assisting.  That Bernard's a pretty versatile guy.

They found some chloroform and Bernard offers Jack a hit. "Wouldn't you rather be dreaming about something nice back home?"

Jack says no, so Bernard gives him a shot to numb the area for the incision and then they set up Kate and the mirror.

As soon as Juliet starts cutting, Kate looks like she's going to be sick.  Juliet inserts a spreader into the incision and Jack starts moving because of the pain.  Things get more frantic as Juliet tries to work, an agonized Jack tries to watch and Kate tries not to cry.

Finally Juliet takes charge.  She kicks out Kate, orders Bernard to chloroform Jack and despite Jack's protests, that's what he does. 

Flash forward to Jack in his office late at night looking at X-rays.  He hears a beeping sound, follows it to the deserted lobby and discovers it's coming from a smoke alarm.  Jack climbs on a chair to turn it off and from a seat across the room Christian calls to him, "Jack?"

Stunned, Jack walks toward him.  Christian looks as creepy as always, leaning forward into the light for Jack to get a good look. 

"Jack?"  Someone behind him calls his name.  It's a woman and when Jack looks back across the lobby his father is gone.  Jack's freaked, big time.

The woman who called to Jack is a colleague, Doc Erica, and Jack puts the bite on her for a prescription for sleeping pills.  He explains he's been under a lot of stress what with the engagement and work.

Though she writes the prescription Doc Erica warns him that getting engaged was supposed to reduce stress, not create it and he should probably talk to someone.  In other words Jack, go ask Hurley for a recommendation.

When Jack gets home Kate's on the phone with someone she says is Noreen, another Mom from the park.  Kate goes upstairs and Jack takes out his newly filled prescription and washes a couple of pills down with a beer.

Flashback to the island and Claire, Sawyer, and Miles in the jungle.  They're sleeping.  Suddenly Claire wakes up and sees someone holding Aaron.

"Dad?" she asks.  Sure enough, there's Christian holding his grandson.

That's one ghost that gets around.

At Lostie General Hospital, Jack's surgery is over.  Bernard tells Kate everything went well and she can go see him.  When she does, she finds Juliet stitching his wound.  After some small talk and an apology for yelling at her, Juliet admits Jack kissed her a couple of days ago.  She admits however that he did it because he was trying to prove that he "doesn't love someone else."  Namely Kate. 

Kate thanks Juliet for that and for saving Jack's life.  After Kate leaves, Juliet tells a seemingly unconscious Jack, she knows he's awake.

Flash forward to Jack at Kate's house and Kate arriving home late.  Jack came home early and he's been at the beer bottles again.  When Jack questions Kate about where she was, her evasive answers make him angry.

Finally Kate admits, "I was doing something for him."

"For who?"

Turns out Kate was doing an errand for Sawyer.  Jack's jealous especially because she won't tell him what it was.

"He made his choice, he chose to stay.  I'm the one who came back.  I'm the one who's here.  I'm the one who saved you."

Between the visit to Hurley, the pills and now the news about Kate's errand for Sawyer, Jack's losing it.

Kate's crying when she yells at Jack that he has problems he needs to straighten out before she'll allow him to be around her son. 

"Your son? You're not even related to him!"  Aaron walks in right then and Kate goes over to pick him up.  Jack turns away and leaves.

Flashback to the jungle.  It's morning.  Sawyer wakes up and Miles is nonchalantly poking the fire.  When Sawyer asks where Claire is, Miles says, "She just walked off into the jungle." 

Sawyer's like, what the...?

Miles explains that in the middle of the night, Claire left with someone she called, "Dad."  Then being the weasel he is Miles says sarcastically, "I'd have followed them, but I have a restraining order."  He smiles. 

Sawyer's just about to do what I would have done, which is to pop Miles one right in the mouth when they hear a baby crying.

Sawyer calls for Claire and follows the crying sounds until he finds Aaron nestled in in some large leaves at the base of a tree.   Sawyer picks him up and calls for Claire helplessly.  She doesn't answer.



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