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June 02, 2008

Anne Boleyn Gets The Chop On "The Tudors"

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Anne_boleyn If you didn’t cut history class when they covered Henry VIII in high school, you knew what was coming last night during the finale of “The Tudors.” Poor Anne Boleyn, Henry’s second wife, the woman he changed the history of England for, was executed on his order.

Yes she played a dangerous political game, yes she didn’t give him the son he craved, and yes she could be a petulant shrew, but in the end, who couldn’t feel sorry for the woman who’s husband’s double standards put her neck on the block?  Falsely accused of sleeping with more than one hundred men, Anne was railroaded good and proper.

Natalie Dormer who played Anne was at her very best this season and especially during this episode. After the trauma of watching her brother and falsely accused suitors get the chop last week, and suffering the rejection of her weaselly father this week, Anne went from horrified disbelief of her precipitous fall to a stoic resolve to accept her fate.

While Anne was getting her soul in order to meet her maker, Henry was recruiting wife number three, the seemingly pure and chaste Jane Seymour. And once that was done, Henry celebrated Anne’s execution with a truly gross meal of a swan meat pie, served in the stuffed swan itself.

During Anne’s last few scenes, Dormer played Anne’s fear and courage with a delicate balance, never turning her into a caricature. Even the constable who supervised her execution appeared moved by her predicament and sorry to see her go.

But go she did, and next season, “The Tudors” won’t be quite the same without her.

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