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May 30, 2008

The "Lost" Finale: An End To A Fabulous Season

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JackThough last night's "Lost" season finale didn't eject me out of my chair like last year's did, it was still a very good ending to what has been a spectacular season for the show.

Stop now if you haven't seen the show because there are***spoilers***a plenty coming up.

This isn't a recap---I know, I know, I owe you guys, counting last night's two episodes, five hours worth of recaps.  They're like my own Sword of Damocles, but if it takes another lifetime, I will get them done.  This is just a short post with some thoughts.

But back to last night, it was an episode that answered several questions, tied together several plot threads and gave Keamy the end he deserved, even though it meant the end of some of the Losties.

We had to know, after seeing all those explosives on the Mystery Freighter that it would eventually blow up, but who knew the fate of the Mystery Freighter would be so closely tied to the fate of Keamy?  Michael finally got his wish to cross over to the Great Beyond, but unfortunately Jin went with him.  Or did he?  Is it be possible he jumped into the water and swam far enough away not to get blown into a million pieces?  I hope so.

And if they don't nominate Yunjin Kim for an Emmy this year, I'm gonna be really pissed.  What an incredible job she's done this season.  Matthew Fox and Josh Holloway as well.

My friend and I had a bet about who was in the coffin and I won.  Even though they faked me out at the beginning of the episode with that "Jeremy Bentham" pseudonym.  Mr. Locke, I presume?

Ben got his vengeance against Keamy, but as soon as I start to hate him a little less, in answer to Locke's fear that Keamy's death was going to kill the Losties on the Mystery Freighter, Ben says, "So?"



Other Finale Observations: 

  • I loved that Ben moved the island using a frozen Wonder Wheel.
  • I loved that we got a continuation of the scene between Kate and Jack at the airport in last season's finale.
  • I loved how heroic Sawyer has been all season long and especially last night, trying to save everyone on the helicopter by jumping out.
  • I loved that we got to see Walt, even if he does look about eighteen years old.  That's okay, we suspend so much other reality for this show, we can do that for Walt.
  • I loved that Juliet's still stuck on the island.  Couldn't happen to a better person.
  • I loved that the Fearless Foursome, minus Frank, are stuck there as well.  Hee.  Good times.
  • I loved that the Losties on the island think the Oceanic Six are dead...blown up with the Mystery Freighter.  It's a great plot point.
  • I loved that Sun is going to join up with Widmore to go after Ben---I'm pretty sure that's who else she blames for Jin's death.
  • And I really, really loved that Desmond and Penny are finally together---for now.

Recaps are pending.

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