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April 27, 2008

"Desperate Housewives" Snap Recap: "In Buddy's Eyes" (4/20/08)

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Orson_and_breee This week"s "Desperate Housewives"  focused on Orson and guilt, guilt and Orson, and nudity, guilt and Orson.

Mike brings Orson to Camp Rehab to apologize for twisting his arm to write prescriptions for his pills.  He knows he could have gotten Orson's license pulled and he's sincerely sorry.  Orson is sincerely relieved  because he thought Mike dragged him there to say, "You're the scum bucket who ran me down like and dog in the street and left me to die.  Prepare to be incarcerated!"

But he didn't say that.

Though relieved, Orson's guilt is causing him to sleep walk naked all over Susan's house, mumbling about Mike and how he's sorry. Susan's the first to discover Orson au naturale on one of her barstools and the next morning she's cleaning off "butt prints" with industrial strength cleaner while she tries to make Bree and Orson believe that she didn't have a sex dream about Orson, but a real naked close encounter.

The annual muckety muck black tie event, The Founder's Ball is on tap and Queen Bree has always been the "She Who Must Be Obeyed" for that event.  That is until Kat Mayfair decides that this year, she should muscle in and "help."  Now that they're BFF, Bree reluctantly agrees. That is until Kat changes the flowers, insists on final food approval and worst of all, steals Bree's position as presenter of the big Founder's Ball Award.

Bree sees green over all this and finally snaps, feeding Kat a poisoned dip that leaves her retching on the bathroom floor, fancy gown, pumps and all.

Bree looks pretty foolish when it turns out Kat insisted on being presenter so she could give the Founder's Ball Award to her "good friend" Bree Hodge.  Kat figures out Bree tried to food poison her off the stage and tells her in a heartwarming moment of obsessed suburban madness that Kat understands more than anyone who Bree is.  They, of all people, should be BFF.

A blind Carlos is no fun for Gabby, especially since she has to now do her shopping at the local big box discount outlet.  She finds walking all over parking lots in high heels can be hard on the tootsies, so she gets a handicapped sticker and proceeds to pull her Aston Martin into handicapped spots all over town.  When a guy in a wheelchair calls her on it, she gets into a fight with him, eventually shoving him into oncoming parking lot traffic.

So next time, Gabby brings Carlos along as proof of her deserving handicapped status, and when he finds out she's just using him to get good parking, he's sorely disappointed.  Come on, Carlos.  You should have known.

Meanwhile at Chez Scavo or rather, restaurant Scavo, Lynette's "almost fling" from last season, Rick shows up and is opening his own Italian restaurant right on the corner.  That doesn't sit too well with Tom and in a fit of jealousy, he tosses a brick through Lover Boy's new restaurant window.  When Lynette calls him on it, Tom rightly tells her he has issues not because the guy made a pass at Lynette, but because Lynette gave Lover Boy the impression he could succeed.  You go, Tom.

By the end of the episode, Kat and Bree have called a kind of truce, Orson, in a sleepwalking stupor has confessed all to an astonished Julie, and Lover Boy's restaurant has burned to the ground.  When Lynette finds out this last news, she's fearful Tom is responsible. And if he's the man I'd like him to be, he will be.

Oh, and a photo from the Founder's Ball with Dylan and Kat is seen in the newspaper by some unseen man who circles Dylan's face with a big, red circle.

Photo Courtesy of ABC


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