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April 20, 2008

Daisy: The Doggie Alarm Clock

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Daisy_a I haven't done an update on my girl Daisy lately and she's starting to resent it.  I can tell.  She gives me that look that says, "You haven't written about me in a while, have you?"

So here's a Daisy post, but she may wish I'd kept silent.  You see, Daisy's become the doggie version of a very reliable, yet unwelcome alarm clock.

Every morning, day in day out, weekend or weekday, she starts a torrent of barking at about 5AM and doesn't stop until I drag my sorry butt out of bed, turn off the house alarm, and let her out in the backyard.  Now, you have to understand, my real alarm clock is not set to go off until 6:30.  If I make the mistake of getting back into bed after our little morning ritual, I'm lucky if I open my eyes again before 10AM. 

If I don't go back to bed, I grab a bowl of Cheerios, turn on the wasteland that is morning TV and periodically shoot withering glances in Daisy's direction.

This has been going on for at least five months now, and though I've kind of gotten used to it, my love affair with sleep is seriously on the rocks.

One reason I'm so tolerant of Daisy's little ritual is because her 14, going on 15 year old bladder is not as reliable as it used to be.  And because of her kidney issues, I'm sure the majority of the time, she sincerely has to go out.  However, if after a night of blogging, I let her out at 3 AM, and she then does her doggie alarm clock routine at 5 AM, something's not Kosher in Denmark.

Nonetheless, there I am at the back door, watching as she does her thing, pining for the bed I left behind. 


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