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February 05, 2008

Super Online Videos For Super Tuesday

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Super Tuesday has finally arrived.  It's the day 22 states have presidential primaries and the votes cast will go a long way toward determining the eventual nominee of each party. 

In honor of Super Tuesday I've put together a list online video clips you just might want to take a peek at.  Either to help you make your decision or to help you justify to your friends and family why you've decided the way you have.

Some are serious, some are wacky and some are just mindless entertainment. And in the spirit of how the media and the politicians love to lump all voters into pre-programmed voting blocks I've decided to do the same.

Videos For Political Junkies With No Lives:

The beauty of the internet these days is you don't have to get up early on Sunday to see the Sunday morning talk shows.  Just go to You Decide 2008, for a Sunday morning roundup of the candidates.

If you want more Barack Obama, go to Barack TV and watch some of his over one hundred clips.  Hillary TV come in a close second with only ninety-seven clips.  I couldn't find a McCain TV on John McCain's website, but he has lots of pictures.

You can pretty much watch the Obama inspired "Yes We Can" video on just about any political blog, but The Political Voices of Women blog has quotes from will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas about why he was inspired to create it.

If you click on the You Choose '08 Channel at YouTube, you'll be able to upload your own political opinions and watch those of other voters around the country.

Videos For Angry Black Women:

We all know this political season is the season of the Angry Black Woman.  She's been understandably vocal this year regarding assumptions by media pundits about how she should vote or will vote.  Well she can embrace her anger by watching Democracy Now's video of a debate between suddenly relevant again Gloria Steinem and Melissa Harris-Lacewell an Associate Professor of Politics and African American Studies at Princeton University.   It was held a couple of weeks ago and the two ladies got into it about the whole "we should all vote for Hillary because we're women" issue.  Thanks to the Feminist Law Professor's blog for the link.

Valencia Roner of Why Black Women Are Angry posted this video on YouTube.  It's a commentary on the campaign and the issues she feels are important to black women.

Videos For The Bible Thumpers:

Let's hear an "Amen" for GodTube.  You can see John McCain's Rocky promo at GodTube.  Or Mike Huckabee talking in depth about his faith.

But GodTube isn't just for Republicans.  Barack and Hillary are both well represented. 

Videos For The Godless And Irreverent:

At  PoliticsTV.com you can take a look at "Hillary's Rock and Roll Past."

Or the HotlineTV segment speculating about a Clinton/Obama ticket.

Media Lizzy  gives us this video because remember, "It's all about ch-ch-change."

Courtesy of TechRepublican comes "Hillary Clinton:  America's Pilot," a parody of her Freefall

So, that's my roundup.  Happy watching, but if you're in a Super Tuesday state, don't forget to leave your computer long enough to go out and vote.  No matter what your political views, you have no excuse not to.  And if for some reason, you don't vote, just remember, I don't want to hear one complaint from your sorry self for the next four years.  Got that?

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