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February 14, 2008

Michael Emerson Of "Lost" On "The View"

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Captureb_2 What better way to celebrate a day of love, than to interview someone who does evil so well?

Michael Emerson, "Lost's" scary/crazy Benjamin Linus joined the Gabby Girls, sans Whoopi Goldberg, this morning on "The View."  Whoopi was out sick and I'm sure she was disappointed because she's a big "Lost" fan.

As long as there's evil in the world, Michael Emerson will never have to worry about a shortage of work.  He plays evil like Julie Andrews plays saintly.  It must be in his blood.  No offense, Michael.

I found him fascinating because I don't think I've ever seen an interview with him.  I remember first seeing him when he played the serial killer William Hinks on "The Practice."  He won an Emmy for that role and God, did he deserve it!  I never watched "The Practice" much, but his character was so riveting, while being horribly evil, I watched every one of his episodes.

Anyway, back to "The View," they showed a clip before bringing him out but I don't know what was in it, because I have a policy to not watch clips or previews of "Lost."  The first thing Barbara Walters said to him is that he didn't so much look creepy as "schnookie."  She had a point.  In his little brown jacket and Clay Aiken, "American Idol" era hairstyle, he looked about as harmless as insurance salesman.

Except when you got a closeup of the eyes.

Sherri then asked one of her very unconvincing questions.  I say unconvincing because it's very hard for her to ask a question and make it sound like it's not programmed for her.  She needs to figure out how to convey that she actually watches the shows and characters she's asking about.  Even if she doesn't.

Anyway, she asked him about his "creepy death stare," and whether he would do it for them.  Michael obliged by reciting, "I care so much about you, and I don't know what I'll do when you're gone," and as he got to the last few words, his voice slowed ever so much, and every muscle in his face seemed to freeze, except the ones it took to say the words.  And there he was.  Hi Ben, how ya doin'?

Joy thought it was very Hannibal Lecter.  No Joy, it was Benjamin Linus.

I then turned down the sound because Babs said something about a rumor of a plot point and I didn't want to hear it.  I jumped back in when Joy asked what he was getting his wife for Valentine's Day.  He said he's going to replace a family heirloom engagement ring with a replica that's not falling apart.  All I could picture was his wife walking around wearing a ring that has gold flecks peeling off it.

Michael's married to actress Carrie Preston who played his Mom, Emily on "Lost" during one of the flashbacks when he was a kid. That must have been interesting/weird, but he called it  "such an unusual and warm feeling to go on set and see your loved one."

Joy asked what would happen if he had to kill his wife on the show.  Too late, Joy.

He said with a laugh, "I would do that, and I would feel very tenderly about it."

He then told a couple of "close encounters with fans" stories.  First about a couple from New Zealand that he kept running into in Hawaii and how the woman hated him so much, she kept yelling at him that he made her stop watching the show.

The other was my favorite.  How he was on the subway in New York trying to look inconspicuous, in a car with one of our patented NY subway preacher ladies, when someone yelled out, "That's him!  That's that guy from TV, that scary guy."  Everybody starts staring at him including the preacher lady.

"So now I'm the subject of her sermon," he said.

His next role is a movie with his wife called, "Ready? Okay!" and he plays a gay man...who's also a serial killer.  No, no.  Just kidding.

He swears, it's "sweet."  We'll see about that.  All in all, a fun interview.

Don't forget, "Lost" tonight, the full recap by Monday.

Photo by Lisa Rose


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