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January 22, 2008

Farewell My Little Canon

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Img_1630 Megan's Minute lost a significant contributor over the Christmas holiday.  In fact it was so disturbing, it's only now I've been able to bring myself to write about it.

Sniff, sniff.

This contributor captured the beauty of Longwood Gardens.  It roamed the back alleys of the 2007 US Open to document the qualifying rounds.  It was there on opening night when I saw Serena Williams play in person for the first time.  It took every picture of every Handbag Of The Month.  It helped make my beloved Daisy a star.

It contributed thousands of words, but never touched a keyboard.

It was my Canon SD630.

Oh God!  Sniffffff.

The picture you see here of the pretty woman in the lovely blue dress was the last one taken by my little Canon.  You see, it all happened while Kay and I were taking a Christmas house tour late last December.  It was a brisk winter night, the carolers were singing and tour guides were dressed in festive Dickensian costumes.

We had just entered this little house all decorated and glowing with Christmas cheer when we heard music.  It was a performance by the children of the house.  A girl of about eleven played the piano and the young man who must have been her brother accompanied her on the violin.  I had just taken the picture of the lady in blue and was juggling my Canon, my gloves and my handbag.  Suddenly the music stopped.  The children had completed their piece.  They were so adorable, I raised my hands to applaud their performance and the unthinkable happened.  Like in slow motion, I watched as my Canon slipped out of my grasp and crashed to the planks of the hard wood floor.

As Kay gasped, I cried out, "Noooooooooo!"

Adorable children forgotten, I immediately fell to the floor and cradled my little Canon in my upraised palms.  At first glance it looked undamaged, and then...I saw the lens.  The lens that was usually so straight and true was now tilted at a grotesque angle.  I tried desperately to save it.  I gently prodded and pushed and coaxed the lens back into the camera's battered body, hoping that would resuscitate it to its normal function.  But no, it was a camera in critical condition.

You see my Canon SD630 Digital Elph was my very first digital still camera.  I bought it last February primarily as a way to upload photos for Megan's Minute.  It had a 3 inch LCD screen, a 3.0x optical zoom, a top ISO of 800 and because it was only 6 megapixels, I got it at a bargain price of $239 on Amazon.  As soon as it was delivered and I saw its sleek little body, handled it's smooth, slim frame and shot those first few photos, I was in love.

That's why first thing the next morning I contacted my local camera repairman and asked how much a repair for the damage of my little Canon might cost.  I had already made a tough decision.  If the repair was less than $100, I would do everything humanly possible to save my camera.  However, if the repair was $101 or more, I would have to let it go.

After consulting at length with my camera repairman, he informed me that a repair of the kind of damage I was describing would cost upwards of $150-$200.  My heart sank.  It was too much.   As hard as it was, I made the decision to let go.

Sniff, sniff.

Looking forward to the future, I went on Amazon and searched for the most recent version of my little Canon SD630.  It was the Canon SD750, the 7 megapixel version.  At first I didn't want it.  Nothing could replace my SD630 so why not start fresh?  Choose something totally different.   A Nikon Coolpix or maybe an Olympus Stylus.  But after comparing spec to spec, I kept coming back to the SD750.  Forcing myself to be brave, I ordered the camera. 

I packed my little SD630 in its box and placed it on a shelf and out of my heart.  When the SD750 arrived I hardened my heart against it.  It would never be as good as my SD630.  But then after several days, something miraculous happened.  As I got to know my new camera, I came to appreciate its increased ISO (1600), it's improved menu function, and its responsive handling

All my photos for my Christmas windows post were taken with the SD750.  And I had to admit, they were beautiful.  As good, if not better than my SD630 could have taken.

Now a month later, I'm happy again.  I use my SD750---wrist strap always attached---with confidence, and yes, now I can say it...love.  But every so often, when I glance at the lady in the blue dress, I remember my first digital love.  Sniff.

Farewell, my little Canon.


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